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    Monday, September 1st, 2014
    7:30 pm
    30 Years in Fandom
    My first SF convention was the 1984 Worldcon, L.A.con II, which was thirty years ago this Labor Day Weekend that ended today.

    A bit of cloud-shouting, I thinkCollapse )

    In any event, there is no Worldcon this weekend because it was three weeks ago. Instead of riding a long-haul bus from Anaheim to Marysville in preparation for going straight to my first day of college, I instead have been sitting around the living room of my home in Fernley trying to rest due to the lurgi had appears to have been the not-so-lovely parting gift from the 2014 Worldcon. I still wouldn't have missed Worldcon for anything.

    Current Mood: sick
    Sunday, August 31st, 2014
    9:05 pm
    Bonus Trip to Yuba City
    This morning, Lisa decided she was (barely) up to us making an extra trip to Yuba City to take advantage of the long weekend and try to maybe finalize the storage locker.

    Almost, but Not Quite, FinishedCollapse )

    We gave the storage locker place the required 30 days' notice, so we plan to come back one more time in late September with the minivan's seat pulled to do the final load. I anticipate forfeiting any deposit I might have put down twenty years ago in lieu of us cleaning the accumulated decades of dust and cobwebs from the locker. It's given me good service, but I'm happy to almost be shut of it.

    After a very hot, tiring day in the sun, we stumbled into a restaurant in Yuba City for dinner (which we ate slowly to maximize time in the air conditioning), then drove home to Fernley. That's a pretty full day. Tomorrow is a holiday that I usually spend at Worldcon. I'm thinking of spending it sleeping this year.

    Current Mood: relieved
    Saturday, August 30th, 2014
    8:35 pm
    Bonus Trains
    Just as I was getting ready to head to the store for some groceries, I heard a train coming and realized that it was the Union Pacific business train that Lisa and I had seen parked in Sparks on our way home. I yelled for Lisa to come quickly and pulled out my camera.

    The Business TrainCollapse )

    Lisa stayed home as I headed out for groceries. I impulsively decided to see if I could get out ahead of the Business Train and take a video of it.

    Quick Trip to HazenCollapse )

    Having captured this train on video, I returned to Fernley and got the groceries, then went home. I said, "I made a side trip."

    "To Hazen?" Lisa asked.


    "Good! That's where I told you to go."

    "I didn't hear you."

    "That's because I told you after you left."

    Good thing we were both on the same wavelength.

    Current Mood: accomplished
    6:22 pm
    Home, With Trains
    We stuffed more boxes into the Astro this morning, then went by my sister's house. Because we don't want to infect her, we stood on the sidewalk, my mother came out to meet us, and we gingerly handed her our presents while she gave me mine for my birthday. We exchanged virtual hugs and I promised we'd come down again soon when we weren't potentially disease-inducing. Then we headed for home, making a minimum (for us) of rest stops.

    Trains to Greet UsCollapse )

    We unpacked the boxes into the garage (Lisa will sort that out later; she's good at this.) and got our luggage into the house. We got the house and the travel trailer turned back on and brought back to life. I'm about to go get a few groceries to last us tonight and maybe a little longer.

    We've enjoyed all of the traveling we've done in the past two months, but it is very much good to be home.

    Current Mood: tired
    10:11 am
    Good Timing
    Based on past experience with how long my electric razor holds charge, I charged it the night before we left for London and left the charger behind in my van. This morning, the final morning we are on the road, while I was shaving, the low-battery-charge-me-now light came on.

    Considering that when we checked my bag coming back from the UK, it was 100 g short of the 23 kg weight limit, I'm feeling slightly smug about having planned as well as I did. Of course, had the battery run down early, I could have bought a blade razor and dealt with the resultant carnage on my you'd-be-surprised-how-sensitive-it-is skin as best I could, so it wasn't a huge risk, but still.

    Also, this trip showed the value of that piece of luggage Lisa bought me last year for my birthday. We had considered at the time the next-largest-size piece, but it's clear that we can't go any larger than what we did get because I'd simply overload it.

    In a few minutes, after I have some coffee, we're checking out of the hotel and heading out into the 30°C heat to pick some boxes out of my locker, then embark on the final lap home and an end to our long Summer of Convention Travel by planes, trains, and automobiles.

    Current Mood: smug
    Friday, August 29th, 2014
    7:10 pm
    Last Night on the Road
    I got away from Day Jobbe early enough to get out of our hotel before even the extended check-out we'd obtained. We had a couple of errands — I ordered a new hat to replace the one I've been wearing since Aussiecon, and the USPS in Sunnyvale said they didn't have it even though the shipper insisted they did, and I had to go pry it loose with a tracking number; then we had some electronics to buy at Fry's — then headed out of the Bay Area. Aside from a horrid stretch of I-80 between Fairfield and Vacaville, traffic wasn't too bad, and we made it to the hotel in Yuba City by 4 PM. This is our final hotel night on this trip. Tomorrow we go to the storage locker and pick up more boxes, then stop briefly by my sister's house to drop off gifts. Because Lisa and I are both sick, we probably won't even go inside, but instead hand the gifts to my nephew to carry inside. My sister's health is sufficiently fragile that we do not want to infect her with my cold.

    It's been a very interesting and exciting summer, but we're tired and both not feeling well. We want to go home and spend some time doing not a lot.

    Current Mood: sick
    Thursday, August 28th, 2014
    7:52 am
    The Only Reason I'm Not Looking Forward to Being Home
    The forecast low temperatures for the next week in Fernley are the high temperatures we had in London during most of our stay. And I liked it that way.

    Current Mood: working
    Wednesday, August 27th, 2014
    6:36 pm
    Birthday Boy
    I was asleep almost before my head hit the pillow yesterday, and I slept about eleven hours. It wasn't enough, but it did make me feel a bit more human. Lisa and I celebrated my 48th birthday by doing very little and laying about our hotel room here in the Bay Area, ordering in pizza for dinner, and otherwise resting. We've had about all the excitement we can stand for a while.

    Tomorrow it's back to work. Maybe sometime in the next few days I can find the time to process the photos I took in the past couple of days. However, today I prioritized digging through almost three weeks' backlog of mail and messages. I'm still not done, but I'm a lot closer than yesterday.

    Current Mood: fatigued
    Tuesday, August 26th, 2014
    7:49 pm
    Back to California
    We were up at 5 AM and the bus eventually found Terminal 2. Check-in and Terrorization was as painless as the process could generally be expected to be. Our flight was boarding our group as we walked up to the gate, so we walked right onto the plane. We'd previously paid for Economy Plus seats, and the third seat didn't fill; indeed, the entire cabin was less than half full. So this really was one of the most comfortable long-distance flights I've ever had.

    Photos I've taken but not had time to process include flying over the coast of southern Greenland (every other time it's been dark or there have been solid clouds) and of Black Rock City (our flight path was just north of Burning Man, and this year's event was easily visible from 40,000 feet).

    We arrived at SFO early, but three other international flights arrived about the same time, so it took a long time to clear Immigration. Because I answered honestly about the food question (I bought tea and toffee as gifts in duty free), they re-inspected our bags.)

    Unfortunately, we missed the BART-to-Caltrain connection by a couple of minutes and thus had to sit around nearly 30 minutes for the next train. When we got to Mountain View, we took a taxi over to my office where my van was parked. We thought we were home free until I tried to start the van and found the batteries were dead. We'd left an accessory running and it ran the battery down. So that was another hour wasted waiting for AAA to come jump-start it, plus more time driving around to be relatively certain the battery was back up to speed, and to grab some take-out food to bring to the hotel.

    We are checked in for the rest of this week. I took tomorrow off for recovery. I have the do not disturb sign on the door and have not set an alarm. I am going to sleep the sleep of the exhausted and sick (I have some sort of cold) tonight.

    Current Mood: exhausted
    Monday, August 25th, 2014
    10:11 pm
    Last Day: Didcot Railway Centre
    Today's big adventure was a trip to the Didcot Railway Centre, focusing on the history of the Great Western Railway. We checked out of our hotel in Southwark, made our way to Paddington, bought a couple of day returns to Didcot, and found that the next fast train was less than ten minutes from departure. Having been tipped off about Weekend First upgrades, we boarded one of the first class coaches and when the train manager came through to check tickets, paid him £5 each for the upgrade, which also included a newspaper and a cup of tea.

    We had a fine time at the Didcot Centre, despite the rain that was heavy at times. In fact, it's only time I needed my jacket this whole trip. We did get a little bit damp. Our main regret was that we couldn't stay longer than we did, on account of needing to get back to London to get out to the airport.

    Trains and Buses to and from London and HeathrowCollapse )

    I took lots of photos at Didcot. I have not processed any of them and won't do so tonight because I must get some dinner and then to sleep, because by my reckoning, we need to be on a 6:30 bus from this hotel to be at the terminal three hours before our flight. It's just as well that our room rate doesn't include breakfast; we'd be tempted to stay long enough to eat it. As it is, if we get through the check-in/terrorization process sufficiently early, we should be able to get breakfast airside.

    But now I need sleep. I expected to be in bed long before now before doing the Heathrow Shuffle.

    Current Mood: stressed
    Sunday, August 24th, 2014
    11:29 pm
    More Museums, Less Rushing About
    Our adventures with the London Pass were driven by a desire to make the most of the various admission charges folded into the Pass. Today, however, with the LP expired, we went to a couple of the very important and free museums, at a slightly more sedate pace: The British Museum and the Science Museum.

    For Culture!Collapse )

    Suitably acculturated, we allowed ourselves to be lured into the restaurant across from the museum that must surely thrive on people like us. After a meal of fish and chips and tea, we had enough energy to head down to the Science Museum.

    For Science! (And Trains!)Collapse )

    We decided to take the advice of the signs in the pedestrian subway that recommends that people use other stations returning at the end of the day in order to avoid crowds at South Kensington.

    Railway ArchitectureCollapse )

    Tomorrow's planned adventure is a trip out to the Didcot Railway Centre, which normally wouldn't be open on a non-weekend, but because of the Bank Holiday Monday, is running special events. Then the less fun stuff: getting outselves out to Heathrow for our final night in the UK at a near-the-airport hotel.

    Current Mood: tired
    9:48 pm
    Popular Ratification ("2+1")
    As I've mentioned, a revised version of the Popular Ratification proposal got past the WSFS Business Meeting. It is not the same version that I posted and that is on the Loncon 3 web site. The WSFS BM voted on Saturday to adopt a substitute version that made the following principle changes:
    • Two WSFS BMs still have to pass changes, with the passed and accepted proposal being submitted to the members of the third year's Worldcon for ratification

    • The proposal no longer acts upon itself; if ratified by the 2015 WSFS BM, it does not have to pass its own PR process the following year. Because anything first passed by 2015 would be under the old rules, the first time there could possibly be a ratification election is 2018 (passed 2016, accepted 2017, submitted for ratification 2018).

    • The 2022 WSFS BM must re-ratify Popular Ratification, and if they do not do so, the popular-vote process ends that year; anything passed in 2021 and accepted in 2022 by the BM would be ratified without reference to the members of the 2023 Worldcon, and there would be no future popular ratification elections

    From the questions I've been fielding, there clearly have been many people who don't understand all of these permutations, and I understand that. However, I'm still on vacation in London and will be through tomorrow. (I fly home on Tuesday, unless a volcano interferes.) I therefore do not have enough time to do a full-blown entry with the full revised text of the proposal here, and I do not know when next year's Worldcon will have a copy of the Business Passed On with the final version of the proposal to review.

    I do have the MS Word file with the final text of the document. (That's because I was the one taking the notes for the special committee that drafted it, and I have what I submitted to the Secretary.) Sometime after I get home and get some rest, I will post the version that passed the business meeting and go into yet more detail about what each section means.

    OTOH, based on the questions that were asked at the Preliminary Business Meeting at Loncon, I'm sort of wondering why I should bother, because clearly there were a lot of people who didn't actually read either the text of the proposal or any of the explanatory material. When we were considering the proposal in quasi-committee of the whole (a process I'll explain if anyone asks), I answered many of the questions by simply reading back the proposal or the commentary, where the exact same question was asked and answered.

    Current Mood: confused
    Saturday, August 23rd, 2014
    11:59 pm
    Tube to the Train
    No more Death March to London Pass today, as the pass is now expired; however, we still had one more pair of Zone 1-6 Travelcards, and we made full use of it traveling out to Epping at the far end of the Central Line, where we rode the Epping-Ongar Railway, a heritage railway running on the route of the former London Underground branch to Ongar from Epping.

    After breakfast, we walked to London Bridge station, going into the Borough Market and getting another couple of scoops of ice cream from The Greedy Goat that we'd discovered yesterday after our visit to the Old Operating Theatre. Lisa says they make the best ice cream she's ever tasted.

    Riding the RailsCollapse )

    Lisa and I walked into Chipping Ongar's High Street, described as "a stone's throw" from the station. This description is a bit optimistic; worse, Lisa is not walking well, after the huge amount of walking we've done the past few days. She's limping badly, to the point where I feared that I was going to need to get her a wheelchair. Adding insult to injury, all of the places that seemed to be serving food we might have wanted to eat closed at 15:00. We ended up getting bread and lunchmeat from a grocery store and making sandwiches on the ride back to North Weald.

    The Return TripCollapse )

    Lisa had the idea that we could make better use of our Travelcards and explore parts of the network over which we'd never ridden.

    A Detour through the OvergroundCollapse )

    We didn't actually mean to get off at Baker Street, but since we were there anyway and were on an unlimited-use Travelcard, we left the station for a short time.

    Of Course You Know Where We WentCollapse )

    We returned to the hotel via the Bakerloo and Jubilee lines. Lisa somehow managed to make it back to the hotel despite her painful feet. We did cut back a little bit over yesterday: only about 17,500 steps thanks to spending lots of the day riding trains. We mostly had fun, and we didn't work as hard as we did trying to bolt down an all-you-can-eat menu of museums and attractions the previous three days.

    Tomorrow is our last fully free tourism day because Monday we move out to Heathrow to anticipate the trip back to the USA.

    Current Mood: tired
    Friday, August 22nd, 2014
    11:59 pm
    Squeezing the London Pass
    Still no energy for a full-blown trip report. If you want photos of those things I did photograph, look at my London Flickr Album and read the captions.

    Friday's List is On The WaterCollapse )

    There was a partial Tube workers strike today, shutting down service on the Central and Waterloo & City lines. I haven't found out yet whether it was a one-day strike or continuous. If the latter, we'll have to cancel our plan to go to the Epping-Ongar heritage railway; our plan was to make something of that Travel card and ride the Central out to Epping and then the heritage bus service to the steam railway and spend part of the day out there. I'll know more in the morning.

    Current Mood: tired
    Thursday, August 21st, 2014
    11:59 pm
    High Speed Trip Summary
    As in my previous entry, the 12-hour-plus tourism days we're keeping makes it impossible for me to write in-depth trip reports. If you want photos of those things I did photograph, look at my London Flickr Album and read the captions.

    Thursday's List is Full of StepsCollapse )

    In retrospect, we really should not have bought the Travelcards. They are a waste of money for the places we wanted to go. Better to stick to Oyster for when we actually want to use the Tube or other transit.

    My pedometer registered more than 42,000 steps when I reset it tonight. Even if you assume I just forgot to reset it last night, that's still a lot of walking!

    Current Mood: footsore
    Wednesday, August 20th, 2014
    11:59 pm
    Trip Report Catchup
    The hours we're keeping mean that I simply can't keep writing the details I've been writing and still get enough rest to keep going. So I'm just going to list the places we saw on Wednesday. If you want photos of those things I did photograph, look at my London Flickr Album and read the captions.

    Bullet List of AttractionsCollapse )

    We ended up out so late that we missed dinner, and eventually managed to get stuff from a grocery store and have a late dinner in the hotel room.

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    Tuesday, August 19th, 2014
    11:00 pm
    From Docklands to Westminster
    [Still backdating entries because I'm behind on account of spending lots of time doing and not a lot of time writing.]

    On Tuesday morning, we hauled our laundry over to the little coin laundry we'd found about 400 m north of the ExCel. Another Loncon member was doing her laundry there, too. This was routine enough, and thanks to a 2 PM check-out from the Crowne Plaza Docklands, we did not have to rush to get it done.

    Our destination was the Intercontinental Westminster. I had a coupon from IHG for one night in any of their hotels. As with last year's stay in the Venetian, we wanted to use that coupon on the best in the chain if possible; however, I don't like doing single nights during a trip like this, so I also used points to get us two nights there. (I did not have enough points to make our entire stay in the swanky Intercontinental.) Checking routes, it turned out that the best no-stairs route between hotels was to take the Emirates Air Line cable car over to Greenwich and change to the Jubilee Line there. That means we needed to use the EAL as actual transit, not just an amusement-park ride.

    Up and Over and UnderCollapse )

    On the way out of the EAL station, we waved goodbye to our friends and followed the signs to the Jubilee Line station, where there were actual lifts to carry us and our heavy luggage down to the Tube.

    On to WestminsterCollapse )

    Traveling off-peak as we did, the trains were not crowded, but there were definitely crowds at Westminster station across from the the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. I'd neglected to look for exactly where our hotel was, and there was some confusion as we worked it out. There is in fact a Tube station much closer to the hotel (St. James Park is across the street from it), but Westminster is the closest accessible station. We found our way to the hotel and checked in.

    Sculpture of the WSFS Business Meeting?Collapse )

    Hotel Too Swank for its Own GoodCollapse )

    Although by central London standards, the IC Westminister room is big (and it's an upgrade from a standard room), I found the Docklands Crowne Plaza more comfortable and useful overall. I'm still glad we stayed here for the experience, and it's one unlikely to be repeated: next month the hotel rebrands as a high-end Hilton.

    Hey, Some Actual TourismCollapse )

    When we got over to the far side of the Thames, who should we happen to encounter but the same group of our friends who had preceded us over the EAR? We left them looking for somewhere to each and checked out the amusement center there, because our London Pass apparently includes some tokens to use there.

    Bear Drives the BusCollapse )

    We crossed back over the Thames and walked over to Westminster Palace (Parliament).

    Wow, we're in LondonCollapse )

    Then it was time to try and find our hotel again.

    Finding Our Way through WestminsterCollapse )

    Many more photos are in my Flickr Album. I continue to run at least a day behind posting, becuase writing this up properly seems to take a couple of hours, and those are hours I really should be sleeping. I hope I'm this tired when I get on the flight back to the USA next Tuesday.

    Current Mood: tired
    2:00 am
    Worldcon Day 5: Closing It Down
    [Still back-dating entries. I'm around a day behind, but if I skip ahead, I'll never get back to writing about this stuff.]

    Monday of Worldcon is the wind down as our annual Village of Fandom prepares to disperse to the four winds once again. In this case, that means literally, given that so much of Loncon 3 took place in the Fan Village.

    One Hugo Display, Slightly Used, Free to a Good HomeCollapse )

    Lisa and I slept in a bit on Monday, there being no WSFS Business Meeting. We still had to get up early enough to get the included breakfast, but at least it wasn't up at 6:30 AM like it had been the previous three days. We made our way gingerly to the ExCel. At one point Lisa and I got separated, and she went on to the SJ in 2018 table, which was one of the default locations for me to find her. There I found travelswithkuma had something to show off.

    Award Winning BearCollapse )

    Lisa and I were in the Dealers Room when it closed at 2 PM. I had been thanking Phil and Kaja Foglio for letting me play in their universe during the Girl Genius Radio Theatre and commiserating with them not winning the Graphic Story Hugo this year. As Lisa and I were on our way out of the hall, she spotted a couple of patches (marked two for £5) she wanted on one dealer's table. Turned out the dealer was away getting stuff for move-out, and his neighbor didn't know when he would be back. We put a £5 in the display for the patches and took two patches. We hope that was okay.

    We went to the 2016 Worldcon table to convert our memberships for MidAmeriCon2. They had us doing it directly on computers, so I sat down and did our business. Their credit-card acceptance uses PayPal, and I made my payment there. Shortly thereafter, I got an e-mail from PayPal informing me that they'd locked my account for suspicious activity. Groan.

    Officially Closing LonconCollapse )

    Lisa and I got into the act here, along with all of the other staff/committee of the 2015 Worldcon, as we'd all been coached to wear our Sasquan gear and participate in a parade as Sally was stalked by a Sasquatch on stage. Sally persuaded 'Squatch to join us, and we all marched out of the hall, tossing huckleberry candy (a regional specialty from Spokane) to the fans in the crowd. And that was the last official program item of Loncon 3.

    But That's Not AllCollapse )

    After dinner, we attended a BASFA meeting in exile at the San Jose in 2018 bid table (more members there than at the regular meeting back in the Bay Area, I learned later). Lisa and I went back to the room to rest for a little while and for me to try and get caught up on my accounting. While doing so, I discovered to my great annoyance that only two of my three Chase-issued Credit cards are FX-transaction-fee-free, and I'd been using the other one to buy meals this week. Groan again. That's a waste of money.

    I tried to unlock my PayPal account. I was able to send them a copy of government-issued ID that has an address the same as what they show on the account. Unfortunately, they also wanted to call me, and the only phones I have with me that can receive calls in the UK aren't associated with the PayPal account. So it looks like I'm going to have to wait until I get home to straighten this out. Groan x3. I hope this doesn't prevent the charge for our memberships from going through.

    The Old Pharts AwaitCollapse )

    Around 11 PM, Lisa and I left the South Gallery for good and went to the Fan Village for the final dregs of the Dead Dog party, which was scheduled to end at Midnight. Cheryl Morgan was there as well, after a brief worry earlier in the day when it appeared that her things might have been mislaid in the Dealers Room where they'd been stored when they closed earlier than she (and I) thought they would. (No problem; everything was where it should be.)

    One Last AlarmCollapse )

    As midnight struck, the Fan Village began to empty. I said my goodbyes to Cheryl and to many other people like Flick (who I once again thanked for her generous editing of my WSFS newsletter items), and Lisa and I and made our last trek through the cavernous ExCel and back to the hotel. Mint Leaves was still open, but just barely, and I thanked them one last time for feeding us so well.

    Returning to the hotel room, we unwound as best we could. Tired as I was, it still took quite a while, probably due to drinking a large mocha and two cans of Diet Coke that evening.

    And that was that. Our Worldcon was over. I'd say that this was one of the best I've ever attended. The main issues I had were the excessive queues on the first day, and the issues that were facilities-related: specifically, the sheer size of the building (apparently 950 m from end to end) that meant few of us had to worry about getting 10,000 steps/day in exercise. But the organization and execution of the convention was mostly very well done, and I personally had an excellent time. I'd even come back and do it again, even in the same facility, if I knew it was going to go as well as this one did.

    Loncon 3 is the largest Worldcon every held by one standard (total members; it's the first Worldcon to have more than 10,000 members) and looks like it may be the largest one by individual-attendee count since the first one I ever attended, L.A.con II in 1984, which is the largest one that ever happened (8,365 attendees, total membership somewhere in the mid-9000s). While size isn't everything — and I continue to read online scoffing about how 7500-or-so people is irrelevant when Real Conventions are those that have 125K at them and you have to spend the entire weekend lined up for a single program item — I think we can say that the turnout here in London shows that there is still a significant role for the literary SF/F convention that Worldcon is. We just have to keep doing the things we do well. Let's see if the success of this Worldcon translates to more success in future years.

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    Monday, August 18th, 2014
    12:00 pm
    2014 WSFS Site Selection Business Meeting Videos
    Here are the three videos that made up the third and final WSFS Business Meeting, focusing almost exclusively on Site Selection business. The meeting began with the announcement of the 2016 Worldcon Site Selection, then continued with Question Time for next year's Worldcon and for bids for subsequent years before adjourning sine die ("without date," meaning "no more WSFS meetings at this Worldcon").

    Three and OutCollapse )

    Current Mood: accomplished
    3:00 am
    Worldcon Night 4: Hugo Awards Ho!
    [Backdated entry because it was much too late when I got back and my computer was long out of power.]

    When I got back to the hotel after Girl Genius Radio Theatre, Lisa asked if I would mind if she took the rest of the day off. I assured her that she was off the hook, we had no more stuff for her to do, and she should get some rest. I composed a wrap-up entry for the Newsletter, changed into my suit, packed up my computer again, and headed back to the ExCel.

    Low on PowerCollapse )

    Over at the ExCel, I met up with Cheryl Morgan, who had just had her dinner, and after she changed into a very nice dress, we headed off to main hall, where there was no problem in going through a side door due to our semi-press-pass-like condition as the hosts of's live coverage of the ceremony.

    On With the ShowCollapse )

    Within a minute of Ancillary Justice being announced for Best Novel, I had the award results posted as a new main page post on (Yes, I did have an embargoed copy of the results given to me shortly before the ceremony. I'm glad it wasn't too far in advance. I don't want to let thing slip by mistake.) In a sense, I was a little too fast: the link to the detailed reports wasn't working right away, although it started working about fifteen minutes later as Loncon got the document uploaded to their web site. I wish I could have put a copy of the PDF on the Hugo site, because then I would have redone the link on to our local copy to spread the load between multiple servers, but there was something preventing me from doing the upload to (I did do so later.)

    We wound up the broadcast and before the tech crew could impress us into service helping to strike the set, we got out of the hall. Many of the nominees and winners were off to the by-invitation post-Hugo Party, but not all of them.

    The Lovely Mary Robinette KowalCollapse )

    Doctors in the HouseCollapse )

    A really good eveningCollapse )

    I was really happy with how this year's Hugo Awards Night went. The tech worked, everyone who wanted to see the ceremony could do so (the auditorium did not quite fill up), and it was just really what I think we'd been wanting to have happen for years: a good show and a lot of happy people afterwards.

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