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Thursday, August 27th, 2015
9:27 pm
Home Sweet Home
We are home.

We got away from Ontario about the time we expected and made decent time, considering the trailer-towing. After our lunch stop at Rome Station (recommended again), Lisa (who had been doing all of the driving since south of Coeur d'Alene) said that she thought we could make it all the way home tonight. When we stopped for a break at McDermitt, just over the Nevada border, she did some figuring and said, "Let's push home." I cancelled the reservation at Winnemucca and we went home, albeit with a number of rest stops along the way. Including getting some groceries as we came into Fernley, we made it home just before 9 PM.

We've partially unpacked, but the rest will wait until tomorrow. We're very, very tired, and the house is very, very warm, but we're glad to be here. Sleep beckons. I'll post more with photos about our last leg of our nearly two weeks on the road later.

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9:04 am
It Was Twenty Years Ago Today...
Today is my 50th birthday. I get to spend it driving from Ontario OR to Winnemucca NV on our way home from Worldcon, but before we check out of the hotel in Ontario, I'd like to reflect on one of several important events that happened twenty years ago this week and in particular twenty years ago today.

In 1995, the Worldcon was in Glasgow. I was wearing two separate area head hats for that Worldcon: Site Selection (a four-way race, like this year) and Business Meeting. This was the first time I'd chaired a WSFS Business Meeting. I know those of you who haven't known me that long might find it hard to believe, but back then I was not necessarily considered an asset to have on your organization. Paul Dormer, who was running WSFS for Intersection in 1995, took a chance on asking me to chair the 1995 meeting, after I'd worked on a variety of head-table positions between 1991 and 1994, including Timekeeper, Secretary, and Parliamentarian.

Most people wouldn't consider this a present, but for me, getting to chair the WSFS Business Meeting for my birthday (eleven years after I attended my first convention, the 1984 Worldcon in Anaheim) was something I really appreciated and enjoyed. I learned things, too, and I keep learning them. Among other things, I found I could suggest a way out of a thorny parliamentary thicket caused by an ill-advised motion to commend me in such a way that it implicitly censured one of my predecessors. It was the first time I'd ever actually deployed Postpone Indefinitely for its intended purpose. (Because WSFS rules at that time prohibited the motion, it had to be in the form "Suspend the Rules and Postpone Indefinitely," but it worked out the same way.) I even had the unusual situation of having to reprimand myself, as I (in my Business Meeting hat) had to tell me (in my Site Selection hat) to refrain from collating demographic information that we had made provision for collecting in the election that year, per instructions from the Meeting.

The 1995 WSFS Business Meeting was only one of the great things that happened to me at that Worldcon, but it's the one I'll always associate with my birthday. Since 1995, I've chaired WSFS meetings in the USA, Canada, and Japan (nobody has more countries than I do), and I'm pretty proud of my work. I look forward to getting to do it again, too, even after the experience this past week in Spokane.

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Wednesday, August 26th, 2015
10:03 pm
Lewiston to Ontario: Smoke Over Idaho
We slept in an hour this morning in Lewiston. After showering, I popped down to the breakfast room and brought a tray back for Lisa and then for myself, the better to make use of the wonderful suite we got last night. But we had a significant portion of the length of Idaho to traverse today, so we got moved out and on the road just after 11 AM.

Through Fire and SmokeCollapse )

Because of the time-zone change (Lewiston and northern Idaho is in PDT; parts of southeastern Oregon and southern Idaho are in MDT), we got in moderately late to Ontario. They upgraded us to a hot tub suite (a better one than on the outbound trip through Lewiston, as the tub is in a separate room instead of being part of the "bedroom" area of the suite), we ordered pizza, I got the Giants game running on the computer, and we collapsed around the room. Fortunately, the hour we lost getting here we'll reclaim when we cross back into Nevada tomorrow afternoon after lunch.

The smoke has mostly cleared around us here in Ontario. Here's hoping for an uneventful penultimate day of our Worldcon journey.

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Tuesday, August 25th, 2015
10:13 pm
So Long, Sasquan
Today was our final morning in Spokane. After breakfast, we packed out of the room and left for the first stage of our four-day/three-night trip back to Fernley.

Final View from a Hotel WindowCollapse )

We set out eastbound on I-90, made a fuel stop just over the border near Coeur d'Alene, and turned south on US-95 for Moscow, where a U-Haul trailer reservation awaited.

Collecting the Video GameCollapse )

With the game console secure (and the now-loaded U-Haul trailer riding somewhat better), we once again turned south. We stopped at Moscow one more time to pick up some groceries including lunchmeat to go with the loaf of bread we'd carried with us all the way from Fernley without actually using. An hour or so later, we were in Lewiston and the Holiday Inn Express. To our great relief, we found that they have designated long vehicle/trailer parking, which was very convenient. Even better, I hit the jackpot with a room upgrade.

Luxury in LewistonCollapse )

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Monday, August 24th, 2015
11:39 pm
Out and About in Spokane
I did not set an alarm last night when I went to bed. I woke up at 10 AM. Fortunately it wasn't much later than that, but I'm pretty sure I needed that sleep. Unfortunately, by the time we were up and ready to go, the hotel coffee shop had closed for the morning. We hadn't looked that closely at the convention restaurant guide, and didn't know of any places to get breakfast at 11 AM. (Later that day, we realized there was a Perkins Family Restaurant on the far side of the convention center that would have served.) We ended up getting a coffee/tea and a croissant each at a place next to Hill's Restaurant.

I met up with Bruce Farr and Linda Deneroff at Noon and the three of us went over to the US Bank branch and redid the signature cards for the bank account for WIP (the corporate entity of the WSFS Mark Protection Committee). This wasn't particularly complicated, but it took roughly an hour before we could release Bruce and Linda, both of whom were leaving today.

Lisa and I stayed over today in order to not have to fret about moving out and to rest a little. We went out to the minivan to confirm that I'd put away our extension cord and happened upon scott_sanford. The extension cord was where it belongs, so we took him to lunch at The Onion, where apparently many people at Sasquan ate during the convention. I enjoyed their macaroni and cheese with bacon.

After lunch, we walked around downtown Spokane, including checking out Boo Radley's weird things. I wish I'd been in here before. They have lots of funny socks, and if I'd known that, I would have replaced my socks from there instead of with boring socks from Nordstrom's.

Lisa and I treated Scott to a ride (our second) on the Spokane Skyride across the Spokane Falls, and then we spent a nice time walking through Riverfront Park.

A Walk in the ParkCollapse )

Returning to the Doubletree, we bade farewell to Scott and went back to the room to rest for a while. Later, we went to Rocky Rococo's Pizza (which doesn't acknowledge its debt to the Firesign Theatre). Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, and we carried the leftover pizza back to the hotel.

Last Gasp of SasquanCollapse )

Sasquan is over, save for the clean-up, which will be significant and will last for a long time. But it was an excellent and well-run convention by most accounts. The roughly 5000 people who came to Spokane mostly appear to have had a good time, and the city of Spokane and the people around us made us all feel very welcome.

Tomorrow morning, Lisa and I head home, with the first stage being the relatively easy drive to Moscow and Lewiston. We told one of the people we met that we'll be taking three nights to drive the 800 miles home, and they were puzzled by that, even when we explained the logistics of the rental trailer and the video game pickup. Lisa and I have learned that whenever possible, we should plan for our trips to have shorter legs than Google Maps tell you should be able to drive.

Lisa adds that we also think we can drive at least 10% more per day outbound than coming back on a long trip, based on past experience.

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10:59 pm
Worldcon Chairs Photos
As I mentioned yesterday, we took photos at the Former Worldcon Chairs photo shoot.

Chairs in ChairsCollapse )

The photos are in my Worldcon Chairs Album on Flickr.

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Sunday, August 23rd, 2015
11:59 pm
Worldcon Day 5: Marathon Meeting and the End of the Con
The final day of Sasquan saw me spending even more time in Room 300B, site of the WSFS Business Meeting and the WSFS Mark Protection Committee Meeting held shortly after the BM finally adjourned.

Thoughts on the Business MeetingCollapse )

Even though the WSFS Business Meeting was over, the Business of WSFS was not. The WSFS Mark Protection Committee couldn't hold its organizational meeting until after the Business Meeting had adjourned. at 2 PM, the members of the MPC convened in the same room for a relatively short meeting. I was re-elected Chairman, Linda Deneroff was re-elected Secretary, and newly-elected member Bruce Farr was elected Treasurer, replacing outgoing member and Treasurer Scott Dennis. Scott agreed to stay on as an appointed Assistant Treasurer for a transition period. After some more organizational discussion, we agreed to put off most of our discussion to the committee's e-mail list (once I get it reorganized with the new members added and the retiring members removed), and to consider meeting at SMOFCon in Fort Worth later this year.

At 2:45, I was finally done with WSFS business. We stowed our gear in the minvan, I changed my suit jacket and collared shirt and tie for a Sasquan polo shirt, and we made a bee-line for the Exhibit Hall, where I converted Lisa and my memberships to Worldcon 75 to attending. I then cashed the last of my "groats" (vouchers good for food from the concession stands) to get a couple of hamburgers for Lisa, bratwursts for me, and beverages for both of us, after which we headed to the Closing Ceremony.

Feeling HeroicCollapse )

With the convention over, scott_sanford, Lisa, and I ended up going out to dinner at Hill's Restaurant again, after the group with which we'd originally gone to dinner grew so large that we wouldn't fit into a single table at the restaurant to which we'd drifted. We had yet another nice talk with the owner, and as we left, he presented Lisa with a jar of their nice custom spice mix, which I'll be happy to be able to use. He liked having our people here, and we enjoyed eating there.

The Final PartyCollapse )

My WSFS Work is still not done. Bruce Farr, Linda Deneroff, and I have to go over to US Bank on Monday and sign new signature cards for the WSFS MPC (Worldcon Intellectual Property, our legal entity) bank account. There's no other chance to do so; it's the only time the three of us are going to be in the same place and with a US Bank branch nearby. Fortunately, Noon isn't the 8:30 AM that our Business Meeting calls have been for, so I'm going to shortly lie down and sleep for many hours without a care, since we don't check out until Tuesday.

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11:57 pm
WSFS Business: Final Main Business Meeting Summary
The last time that WSFS held a Business Meeting on the final day of the convention was 1992, when we had to hold a "snap election" for NASFiC for the last time before we shortened the lead time for NASFiC to 1 year less than Worldcon. That meeting was relatively short and pro forma. Today's final-day WSFS meeting was anything but that. The meeting lasted 3 1/2 hours. Once again, you'll need to refer to the Sasquan WSFS Business Meeting agenda pages to follow this.

We Managed to Finish in Time for Closing CeremoniesCollapse )

The Final Main WSFS Business Meeting for 2015 adjourned sine die in memory of Bobbie DuFault and Peggy Rae Sapienza at about 1:30 PM on Sunday.

The 31 separate videos that make up the approximately eleven hours of WSFS Business Meetings are now organized in order on the YouTube Worldcon Events Channel 2015 WSFS Business Meeting playlist in lower-resolution form. The video team accidentally uploaded some of the low-res files to the high-res playlist, and the files also got out of order. I have since moved all of the low-res files to the regular playlist and put them in what should be the right order.

There is a higher-resolution playback for which we have some of the files online already. The rest will have to wait until pcornelius, who has been preparing them as his time permits, gets home.

A reminder that of the business passed on to Sasquan, Popular Ratification failed and the other three proposals were ratified and became part of the WSFS Constitution as of the end of Sasquan. We will try to get the WSFS documents updated as soon as we can, but that is likely to take a few weeks as we all recover from a very intense week here in Spokane.

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Saturday, August 22nd, 2015
11:59 pm
Worldcon Day 4: Site Selection to the Hugo Awards
We got the Site Selection Business Meeting done. Lisa managed to get the Worldcon Chairs Photo Session recorded on video and in still photos, but we've not had enough time to post them.

After the meeting, Lisa and I got lunch at Hill's Restaurant again, and had another nice talk with the owner.

We went back to the convention center, and Lisa and I went separate ways because I had to go over to the Historic Davenport (for the first time since the night before the convention) for a meeting of the CanSMOF (Montreal Worldcon) non-profit corporation.

Poutine a la Spokane: Extra Smoky FlavourCollapse )

The buses between the convention center and the Historic Davenport were very convenient. There was one at the curb as I came out of the hotel, so I hopped on and rode back to the Doubletree. I then spent the next couple of hours formatting Hugo Award announcements and preparing for Saturday night's Hugo Awards Ceremony.

Now it can be told: The Hugo Awards web site Easter EggCollapse )

The ceremony coverage went very well. I was thrown for a loop by not picking up a copy of the ceremony program in advance, so I didn't realize that they were taking up the categories in a non-traditional order.

As you may have heard by now, No Award won in five of the sixteen categories, principally the ones that were exclusively dominated by the so-called "puppy" candidates. The votes weren't even close. It would appear that most of the people voting this year didn't care for a lot of of this year's finalists.

After the ceremony I was booked to appear on the post-ceremony show, but by the time I got over to the show, they were off the air. The Ceremony lasted longer than planned, and that cut the post-show coverage short due to time constraints on the Convention Center facilities.

I sat down at a table and got the Hugo Awards results online. Unfortunately, because I rushed, I originally posted the 2015 results under the title 2014, and that affected the URL for the announcement. I can't really change it because it's already been widely distributed, although I did fix the title when I got back to the hotel room and signed back in, by which time there were several people who had pointed out the mistake.

That's a fair day's work. But we have one more day of Worldcon to go, including a still-crowded WSFS Business Meeting agenda.

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11:57 pm
WSFS Business: Site Selection Business Meeting Summary
Today's Business Meeting was the Site Selection Meeting, which means the first thing to do was to officially receive the site selection results. The unofficial results were confirmed and made official, and Helsinki is officially Worldcon 75.

The Business Meeting moved to dispense with Question Time for next year's Worldcon, and the two 2018 bids declined to make the presentations for which they were allocated programming time. This allowed us to actually get to work on some constitutional amendments. We had only two hours today because of the adjournment to have the Former Worldcon Chairs' Photo Session. Once again, you'll need to refer to the Sasquan WSFS Business Meeting agenda pages to follow this.

At last, we get some business done!Collapse )

That dealt with the required business regarding Site Selection and ratification of constitutional amendments. Now we could finally get to the New Business, barely.

Yes, we really did end up debating the motion to AdjournCollapse )

There are still six constitutional amendments pending for Sunday. I have a feeling the current order in which we're planning to take them up will get wiped out, and I can't tell you exactly in what order we'll consider them. You'll have to watch for more YouTube videos.

I did let my temper get away from me after adjournment yesterday, snapping at people who were metaphorically "jiggling my elbow" while we were rushing to turn the room into the Worldcon Chairs Photo and back to a program room with very little time to do the work. I'm sorry about that. It is apparently not always obvious that just because the formal meeting is adjourned, my work hasn't finished: it's just begun.

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1:21 am
Unofficial 2017 Worldcon Site Selection Results
I was one of Montreal's team members counting ballots for the 2017 Worldcon Site Selection. Once the results were determined, there was an agreement that the results would be embargoed until 23:15 PDT to allow the bids to talk with their own teams. About 45 minutes after that, I tweeted the summary results, and my phone went crazy with retweets.

Helsinki wins the 2017 Worldcon outright on the first ballot, polling 52% of first-preference votes with a near-record turnout.

More detailsCollapse )

Technically, these results are unofficial until received by the Site Selection Business Meeting on Sunday morning. There is no dispute about the results, however, so the receipt of the results should be a formality. However, inasmuch as both I and jared_dashoff are part of 2017 bids, we'll both recuse ourselves from presiding over that part of the meeting in favor of Donald Eastlake III, the Business Meeting Parliamentarian.

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Friday, August 21st, 2015
11:58 pm
Worldcon Day 3: From the Business Meeting to Site Selection
It was an ego-flattering day for me at Sasquan, as the WSFS Business Meeting went very smoothly (although long, as I reported earlier) and people were coming up to me all day telling me how well they thought I was handling things. I also have no complaints with jared_dashoff's handling of the parts where he had to preside, including the Committee of the Whole. The main reason we're running so long is that we have about twice the usual attendance, and most of the new attendees have not attended before, and everyone wants to talk. I admit that my requiring people to come to the front of the room to speak slows things down, but it does make it a lot easier for everyone else to hear what's being said, and it means the recordings are clear.

After the meeting, the head table had a second "What Just Happened" panel, and when that ended, I met up with Lisa and with scott_sanford, who had just finished uploading the last of the Friday Business Meeting videos to the YouTube Worldcon Events channel. We stored our gear in the minivan and met up with lindadee, then walked the short distance to Luigi's a block away.

Worldcon is BurningCollapse )

After lunch, I got the good camera and used the back side of the Match Game SF sign as a backdrop for photographing the 2015 Hugo Award trophy on display in the exhibits area. (The photo is now online on The Hugo Awards web site.) By having me take the photo, there is no question about us having the right to use the photo and make it available for public use.

I took the computer over to the INB Theatre and confirmed that I can get online (not with as much bandwidth as I would like, but I can get it) to do the Saturday night Hugo Ceremony.

By the time that was all done, and with the amount of time it takes to get up and down the elevators at the Doubletree Hotel, it was time to meet up with the rest of the bidders (I'm part of the Montreal in 2017 crew) for the close of Site Selection and to repair to the Davenport Grand Hotel for the 2017 Site Selection ballot count.

Literally, the Smoke Filled RoomCollapse )

Once again I have many more photos than I can post because I can't take the time to process them and publish them. I have to get a few hours of sleep, after all.

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11:57 pm
WSFS Business: First Main Meeting Summary
The First Main Business Meeting had to pick up where the Preliminary Meeting left off, which meant dealing with the Resolutions first, and that, along with a discussion of the two Hugo-nominating-related proposals, meant that we only just barely got started on the actual constitutional amendments. Once again, you'll need to refer to the Sasquan WSFS Business Meeting agenda pages to follow this.

Resolutions, Committee of the Whole, and oh, yes, Popular RatificationCollapse )

All other constitutional amendments (three pending from last year and seven remaining new items; Two-Year Eligibility was killed at the Preliminary Meeting) roll over to the Site Selection Business Meeting, except for 4/6 and EPH, which are scheduled for Sunday.

Anything we don't get to on Saturday goes on to Sunday. Anything that is still pending as of adjournment on Sunday dies. We do have a lot more time on Sunday, but I don't think the members really want to stay in session until 5 PM!

I am of course disappointed that Popular Ratification, which Warren Buff and I co-wrote, failed of ratification, but I'm not surprised. The Hugo controversy this year has given a lot of people the vapors about allowing anyone except the people physically present a chance to vote, and others are unhappy that it takes two years to amend the constitution now, let alone the three it would take under Popular Ratification. Oh, well, I tried. Don't expect me to try again anytime soon, though.

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Thursday, August 20th, 2015
11:59 pm
Worldcon Day 2: All Passing in a Blur
We were up at 6 AM today, ordered room service (thanks to the keep-Kevin's-blood-sugar-stable donations!), and got down to the Business Meeting room around 8:45 AM. Lisa, working with Sasquan's tech team, were able to get the recording platform (which is actually the head table of room 300A) sufficiently tightened down to where she could actually record from it. Scott and Chris worked on the Business Meeting videos, and we actually had enough bandwidth to get the first three segments uploaded before the meeting ended.

Everyone on the Business Meeting team, from the head table to the Sergeants-at-Arms to the Video Team, did a great job. I do not see how things could have done any better than they did.

Our day: Business Meeting and Match Game, with a couple of meals in betweenCollapse )

There were so many things I wanted to get done today that I did not get done. I've taken photos that I don't have time to post. But I must get some sleep now, as we have to be up again in only six hours to start over. Fortunately, we only have a Business Meeting tomorrow and not a game show, although I think I'm part of Montreal's ballot-counting team tomorrow night.

Membership figures as of late tonight: 4,394 warm bodies (individual people attending) and 11,149 total memberships (including supporting). That makes Sasquan officially the largest Worldcon (in terms of total memberships, not attendees) of all time, breaking the record from last year that Loncon 3 set of 10,800.

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2:35 pm
WSFS Business: Preliminary Meeting Summary
We used the entire 2h45m we had allocated for the Business Meeting. Amazingly, the tech came together. Videos are being posted to the Worldcon Events YouTube Channel as fast as bandwidth allows. The last two segments of today will get uploaded after we get some lunch. As I expected, we did not get to everything the agenda; however, we did get to everything that we were required to do at the Preliminary Meeting. Here's an after-action summary. You'll need to refer to the Sasquan WSFS Business Meeting agenda pages to follow this.

What Survived, What Didn"tCollapse )

I'll be very surprised if we get through the entire agenda tomorrow, which pushes more stuff into Saturday and maybe Sunday as well.

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Wednesday, August 19th, 2015
9:41 pm
Worldcon Day 1: At Last, It's Here
Today was the only day of Worldcon where we did not have to be up early, so we could take our time getting up and also go down and eat in the coffee shop. (We'll order room service the other days to save time.)

Programming started at Noon, and I was in one of those panels, the Introduction to the WSFS Business Meeting. There was a really good turnout, mostly of people who had never attended the Business Meeting and of them mostly first-time Worldcon attendees. We showed the Business Meeting Basics video and answered as many questions about the process as we could in our 45 minute time slot.

Remembering Bobbie and Opening Sasquan OfficiallyCollapse )

I wanted to get out to First Night, but I had to get over to the room where the Business Meeting will be where Lisa was working with Tech. She discovered to our dismay that the platform from which we'd expected to film is simply too wobbly. Every step you take on the stage at the back of the room would jar the cameras terribly. Lisa will have to improvise something else tomorrow morning when we get into the room at 9 AM in its actual configuration. (Because the air wall between 300AB is in place tonight for dances but is supposed to be down tomorrow morning, we won't know for sure what things will be like until we get there in the morning.

I also discovered to my dismay that my mi-fi unit doesn't have sufficient cell phone connectivity to work in that room. This may negatively impact our ability to get WSFS Business Meeting segments uploaded in a timely manner tomorrow. We'll see what we can do, but we're a prisoner of bandwidth limitations on the various networks available to us. Moreover, I'm now worried that I won't be able to get a signal from the Hugo Awards ceremony, which is critical because the convention center's free wi-fi network does not extend into the INB Theatre. I hope to get that tested sometime tomorrow.

Red Sky at NightCollapse )

There were few surprises from the WSFS Mark Protection Committee meeting, as we'd dealt with most business by e-mail in advance and our report is already online with the other WSFS papers. I did learn that there will be people who are not happy with the proposed Agenda that spreads business out over the final four days of Worldcon, including postponing the two Hugo-nominating-related proposals until Sunday, and that there will be an attempt by them to impose very short debate time limits in order to "power through" the business on Friday only. So that suggests to me that tomorrow's Preliminary Business Meeting will be even more action-packed, in a parliamentary sense, than I expected.

Hugo Award TrophyCollapse )

I called it an early night. We have a long day tomorrow for which I have the alarm set for 6 AM, so it's no parties for me tonight. The sacrifices we make for our fandom.

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Tuesday, August 18th, 2015
8:49 pm
Worldcon Day -1: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Sasquan
Today we didn't have to set the alarm, but I did wake up on my own at 7 AM. (It will have to be earlier Thursday-Sunday.) I caught up on some things on the computer including some Day Jobbe and let Lisa sleep. When she woke up, we went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. After that, we confirmed that we had the tow hitch for the minivan (I booked the U-Haul trailer later) and Lisa found that while we didn't have the exact connectors for the trailer lights, we had the parts from which she could make the connector, which she did later.

Let"s Build a WorldconCollapse )

While unpacking my bags last night, I announced, "I sure hope there is a bag of my socks sitting on the bed back home, and not left behind in one of the hotels in which we've stayed these past few days." I had no socks save those on my feet. That at least is something we can fix, and just before Noon, after storing Chris' bags with us, Lisa and I and Chris walked to the mall a few blocks down the street from the hotel.

Target of Opportunity: Spokane FallsCollapse )

Although there have been what I might consider the usual number of minor incidents of convention move-in confusion, it's nothing out of the ordinary, and in fact things in which I was involved seemed to go pretty smoothly. It's off to a good start. Let's see how tomorrow's actual start of the convention goes. I'm one of the opening panelist in a Noon panel about the WSFS Business Meeting. Opening Ceremonies are at 3 PM, and I have the WSFS Mark Protection Committee meeting at 7 PM. Fingers crossed for more smooth running.

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Monday, August 17th, 2015
10:37 pm
Side Trip to Moscow
Back in the 1980s in Los Alamos, long before Lisa and I met at the 1990 Westercon in Portland, Lisa shared a house for a few years with a friend. They hadn't seen each other in years, but the friend (Elizabeth by name) had moved to northern Idaho, north of Moscow, and we were fortunate to get messages back and forth just in time for us to redo our travel plans from Lewiston to let Lisa go and visit with Elizabeth for several hours.

But First, Let"s Go To MoscowCollapse )

We spent three hours visiting with Lisa's friend, and Lisa came away feeling very happy about the whole thing. Even better was the discovery that Elizabeth still had the Asteroids video game (the arcade model) that Lisa had bought all those years ago and stored with Elizabeth. The machine made the move to Idaho and was stored in the garage. If we can manage to rent a U-Haul trailer and redo our travel plans, on the way back from Worldcon, we'll come by again and see if we can wrestle the console out of the garage and into the trailer. We have enough space in Fernley House to house the game console in our family room, assuming it still works and the mice haven't gotten to it.

On to SpokaneCollapse )

So many of the Ususal Suspects are already here, and the Move-In process was well underway by the time we arrived in Spokane around 6:30 this evening. Tomorrow the move-in should complete, and we'll finish assembling our five-day village of Fandom.

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10:15 am
WSFS Business: Late Addition
I know that I said that I would be skeptical of any additional new business submitted after the deadline; however, "skeptical" doesn't mean "nothing ever, no how, no way," and something came up that needs resolving or it messes up the rest of the agenda.

Rules Conflict ResolutionCollapse )

Because the motion affects the entire Business Meeting agenda, I'm intending for us to take it up almost immediately after calling the Preliminary Business Meeting to order, during my opening remarks.

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Sunday, August 16th, 2015
11:49 pm
Scenic Route to Lewiston
We got away from Nampa two hours earlier than planned this morning, so Lisa suggested we take the scenic byway up ID-55. This ended up taking a long time, but it was well worth it. We got lovely scenery and some bonus trains, although unfortunately we weren't able to ride any of them, just take pictures.

Through the Payette and Salmon River canyons, with Bonus TrainsCollapse )

Despite the scenic detours and multiple photo stops, we got to the hotel only about 45 minutes later than we originally projected. We certainly didn't want to go anywhere else, though. We ordered pizza and relaxed. Although we originally planned on heading west on US-12 to US-195, Lisa would rather we head up US-95 to Moscow and Coeur D'Alene, then west to Spokane. We should be there sometime tomorrow afternoon.

It was a really nice day of sightseeing, marred only by the smoke of the many fires in the area. As the child of a US Forest Service officer, my heart goes out to the many hardworking people toiling to put out these fires, and I wish them the best of fortune in their fight.

On to Worldcon!

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