Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Getting Out for a Walk

Today I overslept, which meant rushing breakfast (a pity because it's a nice spread, albeit they could use larger coffee cups) because I wanted to join the George Orwell walking tour, which I did. However,  the group was too large and it was hard to hear, so I was among those who dropped out and just went exploring on our ownI ended up down at the waterfront at the Christopher Columbus Monument: I also picked up some souvenirs for my sister and mother.

I ended up walking more than 6 km and enjoyed the walk. I got lunch in the huge market along Las Ramblas, but spilled a bunch of the squid juice (fortunately not squid ink) on my (of course) white shirt. Naturally I'd left the bleach pen back in California to save space (sigh), but I managed to scrub the stain out in the bathtub in the hotel room.

I got some Worldcon 75 (Helsinki) business done today, and handed out Worldcon 76 (San Jose) ribbons as well.

I came along to the second and final session of the Eurocon Business Meeting. As the only non-European present, I was asked if I'd serve as ballot teller, and I readily agreed. It's not as though it was difficult, with but one bid and no opposition. The French bid won with no opposing votes.

This evening, I joined Cheryl Morgan, Charlie Stross,  and feorag for dinner, which was fun as usual. I don't have the stamina to stay up for Barcelona late hours, though,  and eventually had to call it a night after spending some agreeable time hang out in the hotel lobby/bar.

Barcelona is a nice city. I wish I could spend more time exploring it.

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