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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Saturday, July 20th, 2019
8:25 am
After work yesterday, I parked the RV in my usual overnight parking spot, walked over to the light rail station, and caught a train heading for downtown. I had a ticket for the 7:30 PM show at 3Below Theatre of Disenchanted, a musical about Disney Princesses — but one that does warn people that it's probably not a great idea to bring small children, because is deals with the less-glamorous aspects of "happily ever after."

I was afraid that I would end up missing the curtain (and glad that I'd caught one train earlier than the scheduler told me that I needed) because for reasons I never quite determined, VTA closed light rail and terminated our inbound train at Metro/Airport. The driver promised that a bus bridge would be set up, but when I saw how many people were already waiting, I figured I'd better start walking. (An light rail train carries a lot more people than a bus, despite what a bunch of people seem to think.) By the time I made it to the next station south (Gish, which was once my "local" when I lived around the corner), trains had started running again, so I caught the next one going my way and made it with plenty of time to spare.

On With the ShowCollapse )

It was a fun production, with some entertaining performances and laughs, but also some zingers in there about "the princess complex" and what a negative message it ends up sending to women. I was particularly taken by Natasha Drena's turn as Sleeping Beauty, whose number "Perfect" sent the message that you're perfect just the way you are.

Capturing the VampireCollapse )

As ever, my thanks to Shannon, Scott, and now Lily Guggenheim (their daughter, credited as Assistant Director on the production), the performers (I thanked as many of them as I could, including one of the musicians) and all of the rest of the people at 3Below who worked to make another fine entertaining show. I even stopped to thank the sound engineer for not over-blowing the sound. Too many people seem to take a "We may not be good, but we're loud" attitude, and I'm glad he wasn't one of them.

If you're within reach of 3Below (it was where Worldcon 76's film program was held, if that helps you find it), you have two more chances (tonight and then tomorrow) to catch it before it closes. I'm very glad that my medical appointments, work schedule, and SFSFC board meeting attendance could all be rolled together to make it possible for me to see this show.

I definitely wasn't disappointed by Disenchanted.

Current Mood: happy
Friday, July 19th, 2019
12:23 pm
I settled the reservations for the "end cap" nights at the beginning and end of our trip to Dublin-Belfast-Iceland next month. We will once again use the Millbrae El Rancho Inn's "park-sleep-fly" rates, which amount to paying roughly $30/day for parking, but getting two hotel nights thrown for the night before we leave and the night we get back. This still comes out cheaper than most of the ways we'd be likely to do the trip if we stayed at lower-priced hotel but paid for parking separately. It's also still less expensive than other arrangements like flying from Reno (we'd still have to pay to park there) or leaving the van with someone who would let us use their space (logistics of getting to/from SFO are not good). And having those relatively close in hotel stays with an included airport shuttle is good for us, too.

We were considering seeing if my old mechanic in Fremont would take the Astro for a top-to-bottom inspection and tune up as long as he could hold on to it for the 20 days we'll be gone; unfortunately, it appears that after many years in business, he has decided to close shop. He was a very good mechanic and one whom I could trust, but I recall the last time he did work on the van that he was looking to change careers, so I hope things have done well for him.

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, July 18th, 2019
12:17 pm
Eye Yi Yi
Yesterday morning I had to come in to the office even earlier than usual (thus a 3:45 AM alarm) do to my normal "morning business" upon which the rest of our team depends when they come to work) and then catch a light rail train to Mountain View and then Caltrain to Palo Alto to see the specialist who does an annual diabetic eye exam. Oddly, at that time of the morning, while there are lots of trains, there are very few that stop at both Mountain View and Palo Alto, and I had a choice between arriving too early or probably late for my appointment. Me being me, I choose the former, and thus had a brisk non-stop seven-minute ride up to Palo Alto, putting me at the medical center even before they opened. I took advantage of the early arrival to deal with a laboratory blood draw that their system has been nagging me about for some time now. I was second in line and had my arm poked forthwith once they opened. I was the first person to check in for an eye exam upstairs.

As usual, I planned ahead for the 30 minutes or so that it takes for the drops they put in my eyes to dilate them. You can't read when your eyes are dilated, so I had brought the MP3 player loaded with old time radio shows to which I listen on the long drives between Fernley and the Bay Area. After an episode of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar and the first half of an episode of Broadway is my Beat, the doctor came and gave my eyes the once-over. I'm happy to hear that there are no signs of degeneration to which diabetics are subject. She asked me about the eye patch and I explained about the twitchy eyelid. She agreed that it was almost certainly just stress and lack of sleep. I hope to be able to catch up on that next week before starting the preparation for the Worldcon trip.

After my exam, with my dark shades on, I fumbled my way out of the clinic and strolled back up to the Palo Alto Caltrain station. As luck would have it, a southbound express was arriving about the same time I was, so it was another quick seven minutes back to Mountain View.

Things were moving so quickly that I actually needed to kill enough time for my eyes to come back to me before I could go back to the office and get back to work, so I went and got some breakfast, eating while listening to the last half of the show I'd started in the doctor's office. By the time I was done with breakfast, I had barely enough focus (literally, in the sense of my eyes starting to be able to focus again) to be able to return to the office and start working again. My co-workers were surprised that I was back so soon. In truth, so was I.

Other than the trip up to Palo Alto, it was otherwise a routine day once I could see again. I'll be happy to get home and probably get more restful sleep than I'm getting in the Rolling Stone, although it's much better being able to use my CPAP as opposed to what happened on the previous trip.

Current Mood: working
Wednesday, July 17th, 2019
3:17 pm
The Claim Game
I checked out my AAA Trip Interruption insurance, and it's good for up to $750 including hotel stay and replacement transportation. This means that I should be able to claim for the roughly $700 in U-Haul truck rental and for one of the two hotel nights in Elko, which would be very good. Obviously it doesn't pay for the vehicle repairs, but that didn't cost as much as I expected, for which I'm grateful.

The bills (including the one from the auto repair shop to prove that we broke down) are at home, so I won't be able to file the claim until I get home, but I started the process this week and got an initial claim number.

Assuming this works out, it will be the third time I've make a trip-interruption insurance claim. My AAA Plus membership is very much worth what I pay for it. I've never totaled it up, but between those claims and the roadside assistance (such as that tow from Battle Mountain to Elko that would have cost around $400 by itself), I would not be surprised if I've paid significantly less in membership dues than I've received in benefits. Good job AAA!

Current Mood: pleased
Tuesday, July 16th, 2019
12:15 pm
The Eye Has It
The keystone of my week's stay in the Bay Area is a rare opening in my eye specialist's schedule tomorrow morning for my annual diabetic eye exam, which is already overdue. Just in time for it, my left eye has started twitching, which happens when I'm worn down and my eyes get tired on account of my left eye is weaker than my right. Fortunately, I left an eyepatch from a previous case of this happening in the RV, so I'll look a touch piratical while I wear the patch to allow my left eye to stop having to work overtime for a while.

I did not find the patch until getting ready for bed last night, or I would have worn it to last night's BASFA meeting, which probably would have provided some additional entertainment for the membership and cracks about us having "hijacked" Westercon to Tonopah.

Update: One Eyed KevCollapse )

Current Mood: amused
Monday, July 15th, 2019
11:18 am
Long Day on the Road
On Sunday, I slept in an hour or two, which I probably needed, but I also ended up "paying" for it later. After breakfast at the Wigwam, Lisa helped me finish packing the Rolling Stone for a week in the Bay Area. This is generally much easier than a convention trip because, for example, I can just take my shirts out to the RV and hang them in the closet.

Lisa did have me confirm that the "hotel" power works, after the repairs she made on the previous trip. Everything is good, which is a big relief.

As planned, I stopped in Sacramento to visit my sister and checked her out of the nursing home to do some routine shopping. With my mother's passage, I'm one of the few people on whom she can reply to ever get out of that place, and while they do provide meals and 24-hour care, there are sundry items that she either has to go buy or get someone to bring her.

The RV is much higher than my minivan, so I brought a footstool that Kelli could use to climb into the passenger seat. She can walk very short distances, but otherwise is confined to a wheelchair.

We made trips to Target and Walgreen's. Neither place is far from the nursing home, but it's a fairly time consuming process. We don't have a handicapped-parking placard (she's working on requesting one that would stay with her for the use of family and friends helping her out), and it would have been difficult for me to park the RV in one anyway, but we managed. Still, it took roughly two hours to get the chores done.

Traffic coming out of the Sierra on Sunday morning was heavy, and I hit clots of slow traffic heading south on I-5 to Lodi Junction as well, probably adding at least an hour to my total trip time. OTOH, by the time I got to Altamont Pass, most of the go-home-from-the-Sierras traffic had already crested the hill, and aside from one more clog at the I-580/238 interchange to I-880 south, it was mostly smooth sailing. Nevertheless, with all of the accumulated delays, it was nearly 11 PM before I could get settled in to my usual parking space and get to sleep, which isn't a good thing when your alarm is set for 4 AM the next morning.

I have work, medical, and personal commitments this week extending through Saturday this week.

Current Mood: sleepy
Sunday, July 14th, 2019
9:00 pm
Light Housekeeping
On Saturday, while we were at Lowe's on an unrelated errand, Lisa decided it was time to finally tackle a job she's been meaning to do for a while now.

Let there be (a new) light!Collapse )

This replaces a 6 x 37-watt incandescent fixture with a 2 x 32-watt florescent fixture that also generates roughly twice as many lumens as the old installation, using bulbs that have a multi-year rated lifespan. (The old fixture will be useful in the garage, but won't get used very often.) It's a different kind of light, even with getting the "warmest" bulbs available (3000K), and will take some getting used to; however, it's now much easier to read things while sitting in the living room, and inasmuch as this is my home office for the foreseeable future until a major (i.e. expensive) upgrade happens upstairs, I'm happy that it's done. It took Lisa part of one afternoon (I held the ladder and passed tools to her) and didn't cost very much, either.

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, July 13th, 2019
8:42 pm
Summer Storm
Last night, I fell into bed around 5 PM, but did not fall asleep for a while; however, spending time in bed just reading and not working or driving or selling something or traveling was enough in itself. Lisa came in and we were talking when I heard a large racket coming from outside. Thinking that the local railroad switch crew was being a little sloppy in their switching, I said, "What's going on our there?"

Lisa went and looked, and even as she went to look, I could see from the bright flashes that what was doing on was a sudden and relatively severe thunderstorm rolling into Fernley. A check of Twitter showed me that the National Weather Service had issued a notice and the radar maps showed red intensity in the area, with small hail and large rain. In fact, the storm did not last long, but it dropped 1-2 cm of rain in less than 20 minutes. (Fernley only gets about 20 cm of rain per year, so that's 10% of our annual rainfall in less than an hour.) We took no harm at Fernley House (which makes Lisa happy that she's over-engineered things like the roof over the travel trailer), but not everyone was quite so lucky.

Some Storm DamageCollapse )

There doesn't seem to have been much other damage in the area that we could see, but Fernley is a fair-sized city in land area and we didn't go looking for more trouble, as we have our own business to take care of, as we prepped the Rolling Stone for my trip to the Bay Area this week and also as I tried to take care of Westercon and Worldcon business.

Current Mood: impressed
Friday, July 12th, 2019
4:58 pm
Sleep, Wonderful Sleep
Tonight I should be able to get to bed early, unless I keep getting telephone calls like I did last night, and maybe I can sleep in tomorrow for the first time since we left for Utah. Alas, I get but one day of rest before hitting the road for another week away, but it works out of the best, because it means I'll be able to attend the SFSFC board meeting a week from tomorrow in person for the first time in quite a while.

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, July 11th, 2019
5:57 pm
Back to Work
I'm back at work in my home office for a couple of days before I head for the Bay Area for a week there. This afternoon, just as I was finished with the day's work, a wave of fatigue came over me, and I headed off to sleep for a couple of hours. I'd still be asleep now, except that I got a couple of telephone calls: one of the Chinese phone spammers, and one real one that needed my attention. Unfortunately, after that call, I was no longer immediately sleepy, so I'll be up for a while now, I guess.

Current Mood: sleepy
Wednesday, July 10th, 2019
7:15 pm
Rolling Home
Because we returned the U-Haul truck last night (borrowing our van from the mechanic's lot so that we didn't have to walk back to the hotel, then returning it to the lot so they didn't think we'd run off on them), we didn't have to get up terribly early and could sleep in for a couple of hours, which we did. Once we were ready to go, we walked over to the shop, paid for the van ($475 including the 10% AAA discount), drove the van back around the block to the hotel, packed our bags, checked out, and headed for home.

Leaving ElkoCollapse )

While we were anxious to get home, we were both so tired that we had to make many stops to rest and stay awake. As we pulled out of Lovelock, the last city before Fernley (about 50 miles), Lisa noted that the gas gauge was low. I asked what the trip-meter said, and based on that reading, figured we had enough gas to get back to Fernley with some distance to spare. What I didn't realize was that somehow we had reset the trip-meter around 100 miles after we refueled at Fernley before leaving for Utah.

As we crested the last hill before Fernley, the Astro started showing signs of being out of gas. Lisa shifted into neutral and shut off the motor, then turned on the emergency flashers and coasted. We rolled several miles, then down exit 48. We lucked out in that there was no conflicting traffic at the bottom of the ramp, and she rolled us into the Flying J, where (luck again), there was an open pump.

Perfect RollCollapse )

We got home around 4:45 (just as Amtrak was going by on time eastbound), unloaded the van, then made a trip to Raley's to refill groceries.

Tomorrow I have to go back to work, and I've rarely been so happy that my commute is from my bedroom to the living room.

Backtrack: On the Salt FlatsCollapse )

Despite the vehicle drama with the breakdown in Elko and the out-of-gas at Fernley, this really was a good trip, and we're happy about it, but now we need to rest and recuperate for a few days.

Current Mood: exhausted
Tuesday, July 9th, 2019
10:42 pm
Halfway Home
This morning, Lisa did all of her packing and she and I met up with Scott Sanford, had breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn, and she and he went off to visit the Hill Aviation Museum that Lisa and I visited on our previous visit to Layton a few months ago. As they were leaving, Mike Willmoth, Westercon 74 Tonopah's Facilities Liaison, came down to breakfast, so I stuck around and discussed Westercon business with him before returning to my room in the Home2 Suites across the street.

Farewell, Room 129Collapse )

Around 1 PM, Lisa and Scott came back from the museum, we said our goodbyes to Scott, and Lisa and I set out for home around 1:30. We stopped at I-80 Exit 99 where the gas prices were the lowest we'd seen on the entire trip and refueled the truck. It turned out that this was just enough so that the tank was at the same 5/8 tank with which I started, so I didn't have to add fuel later.

We stopped at the two rest areas on the opposite sides of the 50-mile stretch across the salt flats, and I wish there had been another one halfway across, as I'd had way too much coffee and soda to try and stay awake.

At West Wendover, Nevada, we stopped for dinner at the Rainbow Casino, which had a passable (and not terribly expensive) buffet. One more rest stop at Wells, and including the extra hour when we crossed back into Pacific time just outside of Wendover, and we arrived at Elko around 8 PM.

Fortunately for Lisa and me, the Astro was stored in a place opposite the mechanic's shop where we could access it, so we were able to move things from the truck to the minivan (amazingly, it all fit) except our personal luggage, which we moved in the motel, where we have the same room we had on the way out. This allowed us to go take the U-Haul truck back to the rental place and drop it off tonight, rather than having to be there when they open on Wednesday.

Because we have the truck returned, we can sleep it a little while tomorrow morning. The mechanic's shop next door opens at 8 AM, but we don't have to be there first thing in the morning. I've set the alarm later, and as long as we get out of the room before the 11 AM check-out, we should be okay. It's 250 miles to home, but with a decent night's sleep, Lisa and I should be in good shape to get home.

Current Mood: tired
Monday, July 8th, 2019
5:34 pm
Rockets & Rails
Today, around 30 members of SpikeCon/NASFiC 2019/Westercon 72 carpooled out about an hour north of Layton to tour in the ATK Rocket Garden (formerly Morton Thiokol) and get a talk about rockets at this location, after which we drove up to the Golden Spike National Historic Site, where we got to both see and participate in the reenactment of the driving of the last spike of the Transcontinental Railroad. I eagerly volunteered to be part of that.

GovernorCollapse )

The best compliment of my performance was from Bandit, who told me, "You do pompous well."

Previously, at the Rocket GardenCollapse )

While there, we heard a presentation from an ATK employee who had been with the company and its predecessors for more than thirty years.

Time to EatCollapse )

After lunch, Scott Sanford, in whose car we traveled due to the Astro being hors de combat in Elko drove us to SLC Airport, delivering Linda D., who also traveled in Scott's car in good time for her flight home to Seattle this evening. Linda dozed off on the drive to SLC, and I came pretty close myself. Scott then brought us back to the hotel, where he and Lisa socialized while I got the video off of Scott's tablet computer and uploaded it thanks to the great upload speeds here compared to my home connection.

Hidden DinnerCollapse )

We're here in Layton tonight (along with a small number of other hold-over guests), leaving for Elko tomorrow. I checked with the mechanic's shop, and we're still good to retrieve the minivan first thing Wednesday morning. I'm glad that we split the trip into two halves, even if it didn't turn into a requirement due to the minivan meltdown. I'm extremely tried.

Our big thanks to SpikeCon/NASFiC/Westercon for arranging for this fan expedition to see Rockets and Rails today, and I'm very happy that I could stay over an extra night here to make it possible. Lisa and I might just decide to make another trip out to these parts on our own to check out the various tourism opportunities without the pressure of a convention around us. But maybe not until after the 2021 Westercon.

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, July 7th, 2019
11:43 am
Roll Opening Titles
At the Westercon 72 Business Meeting, immediately after the formal reception of the Westercon 74 Site Selection Results, the Westercon 74 Tonopah Committee showed this short video.

My thanks to Rick Kovalcik for making the necessary tech happen so that all I had to do was press the start button on my computer to roll this video to the meeting without wasting anyone's time visibly fiddling with cables or showing off my laptop's desktop screen.

Current Mood: pleased
Saturday, July 6th, 2019
12:59 pm
Feeling the Honor
Today, Lisa and I had shifted gears to our Westercon 72 Fan Guest of Honor roles. Fortunately, the other members of Team Tonopah staffed the Westercon 74 table and started selling new memberships and conversions to attending from voting.

FGoH SpotlightCollapse )

On Saturday evening, we held our second and final party, the Westercon 74 Thank You Party. We still have an enormous amount of canned soda left over. We could easily take it back as far as Elko in the rental truck, but it's unclear whether we could squeeze it into the Astro. We'll be offering our leftover soda to any groups here who want them, including the Styrofoam coolers we got to hold them.

We're having a marvelous time here, but we're really tired. And there's one more day to go.

Current Mood: tired
Friday, July 5th, 2019
11:59 pm
We Won!
The results won't be official until Saturday's Westercon Business Meeting receives them, but Tonopah received 61% of the ballots cast with preference (Tonopah 82, Phoenix 51, Write in 1), and there was nothing controversial, so it appears that I join Sally Worhle as the second person to chair a Westercon after chairing a Worldcon.

We're still completely run off our feet here, so I don't have time to write more, but we also had a great Match Game SF show this evening, which is why I have not written more sooner. It does not look to me like I'll get much more written later either, as we not only have our Fan GOH responsibilities to SpikeCon and trying to set up a Westercon 74 sales table, but we also have a Westercon 74 Tonopah Thank You Party on Saturday night. At least we don't have any more shopping to do because we got a lot more stuff than necessary for the first party.

Current Mood: ecstatic
Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019
11:59 pm
Plan B Activated
We were at the auto shop as soon as they opened (it's right next door to the hotel). As we rather expected, they didn't think they could look at it until later in the day, so we had to switch to Plan B. After confirming online that they had a small (10') truck available, we walked the 3 km or so to the U-Haul dealership and paid $700 to rent the truck for a week. This is expensive, but less expensive than renting a sufficiently large cargo van from any of the car rental companies in Elko would have been, and there were no U-Haul cargo vans available in Elko.

After collecting the U-Haul, we drove back to the hotel (stopping to pick up a padlock for the truck's cargo box), moved out of the hotel room, and then drove over to where the Astro was parked and trans-loaded the convention gear.

On the Bright Side, It Loads Much EasierCollapse )

After getting the SpikeCon stuff and our luggage into the U-Haul, we turned the keys over to the auto shop and set off for Utah, stopping to get breakfast at the Starbucks inside the Red Lion Hotel/Casino.

We made decent time, and could have done even better on the high-speed sections of I-80, but the truck has a speed governor and can't go faster than 75 mph. (The speed limit is 80 mph in many places.) Still, the driving was easier than you might think. The U-haul handles more like the Rolling Stone than the Astro, but it's okay.

Around the time we finished the crossing of the salt flats east of Wendover after crossing into Utah, the mechanic called. Not to Lisa's surprise, the diagnosis is the need for a new water pump/fan assembly. Estimated cost $450. They don't expect it to be a problem for us to collect either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. (I think the latter is more likely.) We'll make a reservation at that same motel next door, and as long as we get the U-Haul back by the time they open on Wednesday morning, we should be okay.

So on we pressed for Layton. Unfortunately, we were several hours behind the schedule we would have been had we been able to get to Wendover yesterday, and that meant we got to the SLC area in the teeth of the afternoon commute/getaway day traffic. We finally got to the Home2 Suites around 5:30, about three hours later than originally planned and $700 poorer (not including the repairs to the van, which don't really count).

We unloaded our personal gear and most of the Tonopah stuff into our hotel room, leaving the Match Game gear on board. Had we been on the original schedule, we would have had time to go shopping, but time had run out on us, for we were scheduled for a guest of honor dinner at the nearby Golden Corral, which did suit us as we'd had nothing to eat but the breakfast sandwiches at Elko this morning.

We had to leave a little early to go get MGSF running. Lisa and I headed over to the Convention Center, where we met up with Scott Sanford, and while they started working on getting the tables and chairs on the stage arranged along with the tech tables, I walked back to the Home2 and brought the U-Haul over. I handed the keys to Scott, and a bunch of folks volunteered to unload the gear (and there's a lot of it) while I returned to the Home2 and changed into my game show host costume.

As I expected, we started at 9:30 rather than the announced 9 PM, for various reasons. But the show really went quite well, and the audience seemed to enjoy themselves. It went really well, and we gave away prizes and Lovely Parting Gifts.

After the show ended, we had many willing hands to "strike the set" and put it back in the rental truck. Here is the one bright side of having to rent that truck: we can store the gear in it pretty safely locked up in a way that we did not feel comfortable doing in the minivan. That means we don't have to try and move all of the gear back into the hotel room, but can leave it in the U-Haul. That's good because our hotel room is the site of a room party on Thursday night, that being the only night we can hold a bid party.

It was a frantic day, and there will be a day of financial reckoning later, but we managed to pull off everything we promised today. Tomorrow won't be any slower, with the opening ceremonies, initial Westercon presentation after the Opening, site selection opening, our bid table, a room party, and the shopping trip we'll need to do sometime in the afternoon. How we're going to manage it, I don't know, but I do know that we have to get a few hours of sleep now.

Current Mood: exhausted
Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019
11:59 pm
Trouble on I-80
East of Battle Mountain, the minivan broke down. Proximate cause was the serpentine belt, but the actual problem was that the fan was coming loose. AAA came and towed us to Elko, but it did take quite a while. We're now holed up in a hotel right next door to two auto repair shops, where we need to be on their doorstep when they open and beg them to fix the fan -- and hope that it isn't more serious and requires a new water pump.

U-Haul has a good rate on just the sort of cargo van that would do the job, but unfortunately, the nearest available such van is in Winnemucca, 130 miles behind us. We might have to spend $700 on a 10-foot U-Haul if we have to leave the Astro here in Elko for longer-term work.

On the bright side, we're not out the money on the hotel reservation in Wendover; they allowed us to change the reservation to a few days from now when -- if we can get the minivan working -- we planned on staying on the way home.

Nothing more I can do now. Must get a few hours of sleep before being up bright and early in order to be at the repair shop first thing in the morning.

Current Mood: worried
Monday, July 1st, 2019
7:47 pm
Packing It In
It always amazes me that Lisa is able to pack all of our gear into the Astro for a major convention expedition.

Mountain of StuffCollapse )

This evening, Lisa cleaned everything out of the van we did not need (like the tire chains and frost-scraper) and we hauled most of the mountain of gear out to the Astro. Lisa shuffled things around in a 3-D version of Tetris, and managed to make it all fit, including an allowance for our personal luggage that we won't pack until tomorrow before we leave.
Sunday, June 30th, 2019
3:47 pm
Ribbon Time
On Saturday, thanks to some fast work by Chaz Baden, we received our ribbons for the Tonopah bid.

Ribbons in ContextCollapse )

Lisa found a way to pack all of the ribbons into one of her Really Useful Boxes, which makes them much easier to pack for the trip.

Both the living room and family room are filling up with stuff that's going to to SpikeCon with us. Less than 48 hours before we hit the road for Utah!

Current Mood: accomplished
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