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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Thursday, November 23rd, 2017
11:10 am
Shopping Locally (But Too Much of It)
Yesterday afternoon after work, we went to the local grocery store to do last-minute grocery shopping. Traffic, even on local streets, was pretty heavy by our standards. Then when we got home, Lisa remembered something we forgot on the first trip. So while she made dinner, I went back over to the store to get the forgotten item. There was a traffic accident on the street in front of the grocery store, but I spotted it in time and was able to skirt it by turning off early and making my way through parking lots to get to the store.

After dinner, we realized that we were missing yet another thing, so after a short post-dinner walk we made a third trip over to the store. Even with nearly every check-out line in service, there was still quite a queue (again, by local standards). I ended up with the same checker as on the second trip. ("Back again?" he said.) Possibly I would have been better to put this off until Thursday morning, since they are open today until 3 PM. It was not the most pleasant day of my life.

On the bright side, we have no large-scale travel plans for this holiday weekend. I have to work tomorrow, and while we'd love to be at Loscon (especially with Kevin Roche and Andy Trembley as Fan Guests of Honor, and to help out with Worldcon 76 promotions going on there), we're just not up to it, and are staying home.

Addendum: Make that four trips. Turns out that the stuffing mix was well past its sell-by date and we had to run back over to Scolari's for a final trip. Fortunately they were still open.

Current Mood: thankful
Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017
9:47 pm
Lucky Tuesday
We had not planned on going to Reno again until possibly next Sunday, but Cost Plus World Market dropped a good Tuesday-Wednesday only 25%-off-everything coupon, including most food, which is unusual. (Most of their discount coupons limit the food discount to 10%.) So on Tuesday evening after I got off work we went into Reno and bought a bunch of stuff from them, including filling the gift basket for my sister full of goodies. Now the basket is also from Cost Plus, purchased from them during a past two-for-one sale, so I made a point of showing it to the staff up front as I was coming in (I wanted to make sure everything I got Kelli would fit) so I wouldn't get charged for the basket again. In any event, we got a lot of stuff for ourselves, and also some gifts. I hope that there will be clear-weather weekend between my return from SMOFCon and Christmas to take the basket to my sister.

We then went to the Peppermill and had dinner at the buffet. The manager told Lisa that it had been fairly slow, although they expect it to get much busier over the holiday weekend itself.

As usual we marked a keno ticket and gave it to [personal profile] travelswithkuma. (It's okay; he's over 21.) This time we got nicely lucky, hitting a 4-spot ticket and netting $56, which paid for dinner, tips, and with something left over.

Lisa had toyed with making another trip to Winco, but it was getting late and we were both tired, so we just headed home. Even that wasn't easy. I was cut off twice and came much closer to an accident than I wanted. People were driving crazy out there. I'm glad we're weren't planning on going anywhere this holiday weekend. (I have to work on Friday, anyway.)

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, November 21st, 2017
2:27 pm
Building the Carport, Part 9
With the base secured, and after giving the concrete a while to cure, it was time to put the skeleton of the carport together and get it erected.

Getting FramedCollapse )

So the heaviest pieces (the vertical frames) were done. But now things started to get much trickier, because the remaining parts of the job require going up high to assemble the horizontal roof members and to attach the roof panels themselves.

Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, November 20th, 2017
4:43 pm
Building the Carport, Part 8
With the roof peak pieces finished, we could use the test rig to get the spacing right for the two base rails of the carport. This meant it was time to start pouring more concrete and drilling holes in concrete, depending on the specific anchorages.

A Firm FoundationCollapse )

Lisa was very concerned that this structure not blow over in the wind storms we get here. With both concrete bolts drilled into the pad and additional concrete post holes holding it down, we reckon that nothing short of a tornado is going to budge this thing.

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, November 19th, 2017
3:30 pm
Whole Foods Market in Reno had duck. In fact, they had the same brand as we used to be able to buy locally — at a much higher price, of course, it being Whole Paycheck Market and all that. But with that and with the many other things we bought today, we should be well stocked for the holiday and more. That suits us just fine. I have to work at the Day Jobbe on Black Friday, and we're not really the shop-till-you-drop people anyway, so we're happy to stay home.

Current Mood: satisfied
Saturday, November 18th, 2017
5:04 pm
Lisa and I went to the local grocery store today, intending to buy (among other things) a duck for Thanksgiving dinner. We've bought ducks from Scolari's before. But they don't have them this year. They have goose and pheasant and of course turkey, but no duck. Tomorrow I may go into Reno to try and get a duck (which we've found is about the right size for a holiday dinner for the two of us). If that doesn't work out, we might get a pheasant. Pity about the duck, though.

Current Mood: disappointed
Friday, November 17th, 2017
9:15 pm
Homeward Bound
I was fortunate to be able to leave Sunnyvale at 10:30 this morning, and even more fortunate that about the time I was leaving the Bay Area, the chain controls over Donner Summit were lifted, giving Caltrans much of the day to clean up the road before I crossed just before dark. But first, I had to deal with a burned-out headlight.

Fixing the HeadlightCollapse )

After a very short visit with my sister, I made for the hills. I really wanted to get over the top before dark, and just managed that. It was just getting full dark as I crossed back into Nevada. The drive was otherwise uneventful, which is fine by me.

Lisa has been staying in the travel trailer most of time, which is is easier to keep warm with the propane furnace. I've got the wood fire restarted. The electric heaters in the house have kept the edge of the cold off, but with the storm having passed through, it's very clear overhead and the temperature is forecast to go down to -5°C tonight, so I want to pump a bit more heat into the house.

That is my last planned trip to the Bay Area this year, and my last work-related trip there until next spring. I have at least two trips over the mountains planned this winter, but they're all "weather permitting."

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, November 16th, 2017
2:19 pm
To the Doctor's Office
With the rain having moved into the Bay Area and made the roads a mess, I'm grateful that I've figured out how to get from the office up to Palo Alto for my semi-annual medical exam by a combination of light rail and Caltrain. Furthermore, as I have one headlight out on the Rolling Stone (and not enough time to do anything about it until tomorrow), I want to not be out driving in the dark and wet any more than absolutely necessary.

Current Mood: busy
Wednesday, November 15th, 2017
5:20 pm
Used Up the Good Luck
If Monday's rainbow was a sign of good luck, I think I must have used it all leaving work and heading for my nightly lay-up parking location. At a complicated intersection, I had the green light, and began to pull through. As I was halfway across, I spotted a car roaring through the intersection about to cross my path going right through the red light as if it hadn't been there. I slammed on the brakes (glad nobody was following closely) and laid on the horn. The car shot by with less than a car width to spare. I saw that the driver had applied the brakes on the far side of the intersection, but I was too busy clearing out to learn more. No harm done, but it was a scary moment.

I described it as "nearly ended all of my worries permanently," although thinking about it, I probably wouldn't have been killed. The near-T-bone car was coming from the right, and I was of course buckled in, and the Rolling Stone is large. I expect the RV would have been a write-off, and I probably would have been injured, but probably not killed. So in fact, instead of ending my worries, it would have multiplied them. I think I'm happier the way things turned out, though.

Current Mood: relieved
Tuesday, November 14th, 2017
4:38 pm
Hope This Means It'll Be a Good Week
While coming into the office yesterday during light unsettled weather, I got to see this.

Need a Wider-Angle CameraCollapse )

Current Mood: optimistic
Monday, November 13th, 2017
4:34 pm
Bay Time
It took a lot longer than usual to get to the Bay Area yesterday. I should have remembered that it was that last day of what was for some people a three-day holiday weekend, so traffic from Stockton toward Altamont Pass was almost as bad as the morning commute. When I bailed off at Tracy to get some dinner to (I hoped) kill some time and let the traffic die down, I found the queues at the restaurants around Grant Line Road almost as busy as the freeway. But I managed to get fed, and then took Grant Line and Altamont Pass Roads to avoid the worst of the traffic over the pass. I found my usual overnight layover location unchanged, which is always a relief. (One of these days, I reckon that Sunnyvale will decide that they will ban every bit of on-street parking, instead of just most of it.) This morning, I was earlier than usual, took care of morning business for Day Jobbe, popped over to get blood drawn for my medical appointment later this week (first in line, hooray!), and spent the day partially at our customer's office and partially at the warehouse whose address appears in my Day Jobbe signature line letting my computer reassure itself that its heart still belongs to XPO.

Tonight I'll be at BASFA for a little while, but not for too long given my wake-up time. For the rest of the week, I hope to not have to travel that much other than my Thursday doctor appointment, and if I'm lucky, I may be able to avoid having to wrestle the Rolling Stone up to Palo Alto for that.

Current Mood: optimistic
Sunday, November 12th, 2017
8:41 am
Westward Ho
In a few minutes, I'm closing down the computer and hitting the road for the Bay Area for a week working down there. The Rolling Stone is packed, the "house" battery fully charged, and we confirmed yesterday that the propane furnace will light off. (It hadn't been used since last spring, and it took Lisa seven attempts to get it to light, as it takes a while to clear the air out of the feed lines.) Fortunately for me, the weather is good today, and the 10-day forecast shows clear on Friday when I should be heading home.

I wanted to get going sooner — I have to be up at 4:15 on mornings when I'm down there if I'm to be ready to work on time to mesh with my Central Time colleagues — but I was so tied up with multiple meetings yesterday (an SFSFC board meeting in the morning and a Worldcon 76 division heads meeting in the evening) plus the work thrown off by those meetings (and the updates to wsfs.org I wrote about yesterday) that I didn't get to bed until much later than usual.

Current Mood: awake
Saturday, November 11th, 2017
6:51 pm
2017 WSFS Resolution & Rulings Published
The 2017-18 version of the WSFS Resolutions & Rulings of Continuing Effect have been reviewed by the WSFS Nitpicking & Flyspecking Committee and are now online at the WSFS Rules Page. That's the last of the WSFS documents updated after the 2017 Worldcon. In addition, I've now added the 2017 WSFS Rules Archive page, which is the permanent home of the links to the as-of-end-of-2017-Worldcon WSFS documents. The main WSFS rules page is supposed to contain the current WSFS rules and therefore changes annually. The year-by-year pages allow you to go back and look at what the rules looked like in that year. My thanks to Linda Deneroff for nudging me to get the 2017 archive page done.

So at last we get the 2017 documents done. And a good thing, too, because planning for 2018 and the WSFS division is well under way.

Current Mood: relieved
Friday, November 10th, 2017
10:23 am
A Token of Appreciation
After last night's Fire Board meeting, I was talking to the Chairman, and he handed me one of these.

Not Necessarily 'Good for One Fire'Collapse )

The district, he said, just received some of these, and he wanted Lisa and me to have one as a thank you for being one of the few members of the 'public' (i.e. not board members, staff, fire fighters, volunteers, or otherwise connected with the department) who regularly attends and participates in the fire board meetings.

Current Mood: pleased
Thursday, November 9th, 2017
8:49 pm
Fire Board Meeting
Lisa was originally not feeling well enough to attend tonight's fire board meeting, but she told me to go ahead and attend, which I did. I guess there weren't a lot of hot button issues on the agenda (or else most people were going to the gridiron game in which the local high school was playing Truckee in the regional playoffs; at least one Board member was itching to get out of there to get to the game), because hardly anyone but the board members and staff were there this month. I handed out copies of a couple of pages from Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised where I highlighted areas that I think they could speed up their meetings by not getting too tangled up in procedures designed for much larger bodies than a five-member fire district board. Also, when the chair got a bit tongue-tied trying to announce the vote on a proposal that failed, I suggested the correct wording for him. ("There are two in the affirmative and three in the negative; the motion fails.")

As the meeting broke up, the Chair looked out in the hallway and told me, "Looks like you're in trouble." Lisa had decided to walk down to the meeting after all, but sat out in the hallway because the seats are more comfortable there. She briefly chatted with our fire chief and we walked home. She's still not really feeling herself, but I think the walk did her some good.

Current Mood: pleased
Wednesday, November 8th, 2017
7:39 pm
Nothing Doing
Lisa is laid up in bed and I'm grinding away on the Day Jobbe this week. It's a good thing we got that carport finished when we did, for we would be unable to get any work done on it now. I think we finished just in time.

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, November 7th, 2017
4:02 pm
Building the Carport, Part 7
The carport structure consists of seven vertical frames with six longitudinal members to which the sheet metal roof panels attach. The next step of the process was to start assembling the roof peaks.

Peak AssemblyCollapse )

Next: Time to start pouring concrete and leaning about how to use a hammer drill as we secure the base rails.

Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, November 6th, 2017
4:19 pm
A Tale of Two Stores
Yesterday, Lisa and I went into Reno/Sparks to do some grocery shopping. We ended up balking over the "big" shopping trip to Winco because it was too crowded. We really need to remember to not go grocery shopping on the first weekend of the month. However, we did have smaller stops to make.

One Stupid Store, One Smart StoreCollapse )

I work in inventory management. I spend a significant amount of my day processing inventory errors and tracking down why things aren't matching. I really do understand why a store might disable multi-count scanning. But the way that store A has done so makes inventory errors more likely, not less. It's clearly a case of implementing a policy ("don't do multi-count scans") blindly without thinking through the consequences.

Current Mood: annoyed
Sunday, November 5th, 2017
1:17 pm
Building the Carport, Part 6
With the concrete pad widened, we commenced to assembling the base rails.

A Solid FoundationCollapse )

With the base rails roughly in place, we started building the roof members, which we needed before we could secure the rails into their final position.

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, November 4th, 2017
7:58 pm
2018 Constitution/Standing Rules/Business Passed On Published
Hard on the heels of the minutes of the 2017 WSFS Business Meeting, we have now published the 2018 WSFS Constitution, Standing Rules for the 2018 WSFS Business Meeting (including all of the changes ratified in Helsinki), and Business Passed on to the 2018 WSFS Business Meeting at the WSFS Rules web page.

Brought to you by...Collapse )

The Resolutions & Rulings of Continuing Effect are being reviewed by the WSFS Nitpicking & Flyspecking Committee (yes, that's really it's name) and we expect them to be published in a week or so.

As with the minutes, my great thanks to Linda Deneroff for the massive amount of work she did pulling all of this material together.

Current Mood: accomplished
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