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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Monday, September 16th, 2019
4:16 pm
In the Fortress of WSFS
After filling an entire shredder bag full of junk mail from the post-Worldcon cleanup, I stored away things that I'd carried or mailed back home until they will next be needed.

Don't Forget Where You Stored This StuffCollapse )

I try and keep the WSFS material prominently displayed in my upstairs office, so I don't forget where it is.

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, September 15th, 2019
2:35 pm
Digging Out
Yesterday I felt well enough to plow through the pile of mail that accumulated during the Worldcon trip, some of it self-inflicted.

Mostly Junk, but Not CompletelyCollapse )

I spent an hour or so going through it all, and as I expected, nearly all of it was different sorts of junk mail, which I had to sort into "shred" and "discard directly" piles. By the time I finished shredding the shreddables, the shredder was starting to make unhappy overheating noises.

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, September 14th, 2019
2:44 pm
Watch Update
[personal profile] delosharriman commented about the watch he helped Lisa get me for my birthday with a much better picture of the back than I was able to manage. Lisa was able to translate the back, and as I somewhat suspected, it says "Showa 57", meaning the 57th year of reign of the Showa emperor (Hirohito), or 1982, which is consistent with what I found for that model of watch (Seiko 7550) and the range of dates it was manufactured. The other two characters Lisa translated as "new" and "iron" (often in reference to railways), which makes sense.

Current Mood: pleased
Friday, September 13th, 2019
7:11 pm
Loveing Something to Death?
I have contributed articles to The Drink Tank, a Hugo Award-winning fanzine. Heck, I have a Hugo Award trophy (one of two leftovers from ConJosé, engraved for the two co-chairs). Does that make me a "Hugo Award winner?" Of course it does not. When, back in 2002, I brought that display copy up to show to my mother (who is the person who set me to reading SF/F), she said, "My little boy has a Hugo Award!" and I carefully said that having a display trophy and having an actual Hugo Award were not the same things.

So why is it that a bunch of people who contributed toward a Hugo Award-winning related work have taken it into their heads that they — all of them, thousands of them — are all individually "Hugo Award winners?" (And why have several online news sources repeated this assertion when they should know better.) And when the organizers politely pointed that out, some people seem to interpret it as the Big Bad Meanies Want to Spoil Our Fun. It's not like that at all.

For an award like the Hugo Award to have any meaning, it needs to be something that not everyone can have. That means trying to enforce our service mark. We're not trying to be bad guys. It's not like anyone pays those of us doing it. We're just trying to make sure that it's being used legitimately, so that anyone who has legitimately won the Award is entitled to their legitimate honor.

A certain group of people set out to deliberately destroy the Hugo Awards a few years ago, and they didn't succeed in doing so, thank goodness. It would be terribly ironic that people who celebrate and embrace their corner of fandom having won a Hugo Award would, by excessive exuberance, end up undermining the very award they claim to value.

Current Mood: depressed
Thursday, September 12th, 2019
4:15 pm
Still Sick
We called the Urgent Care center where we took Lisa on the trip home and she spoke to the doctor who treated her. The doctor confirmed that there had been no sign of pneumonia on the X-ray, and that the nasal swab was negative for the flu. What she has (and what I now have) is simply a really stubborn cold, and there's almost nothing that can be done other than to keep treating the symptoms. I've been getting a terribly sore throat, so I went over to Walgreen's this morning and got some throat spray, and I continue to take various potions to treat the coughing.

Lisa is starting to feel slightly better, and isn't being racked with coughing as badly as she was during the worst parts of it. She felt well enough to make a large pot of hearty chicken soup, which was very nice of her. After I had a couple of bowls of it for lunch, I took the advice of my co-workers and went back to bed for a three-hour "nap." When I woke back up, I took care of remaining Day Jobbe stuff.

It's really annoying to have such a long-running cold like this. There are things we want to do around the house, and the weather has been good for doing so, but we both know that if we try to exert ourselves, we'll both just get sicker. So we stay in enforced idleness.

Current Mood: sick
Wednesday, September 11th, 2019
2:44 pm
A Timely Gift
During the rush of the Worldcon/Eurocon/Iceland trip, and the fact that I spent my birthday flying from Dublin to Reykjavik, I forgot to mention the gift the Lisa gave me.

Time Marches OnCollapse )

Now I have to figure out a way to use this nice gift.

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, September 10th, 2019
4:54 pm
Falling Over
Shortly after lunch today, the Lurgi insisted that I must sleep, so sleep I did, for about four hours. Fortunately, I was able to get the rest of my Day Jobbe duties done after I woke up again.

If anyone else reading this picked up whatever it is Lisa and I have during Worldcon, you have my sympathies.

Current Mood: sick
Monday, September 9th, 2019
5:14 pm
Returned to Sender
The box of stuff I mailed to myself from Belfast on August 24th from Belfast arrived in Fernley today. If I had known that I had two Saga Class upgrades coming, I would have bought a small piece of luggage and put the extra stuff in it, as it would have been cheaper than the £100 it cost to mail the box; however, I had to make the decisions before I knew about the upgrades. Besides, it did save me having to haul around another piece of luggage with 7 kg of stuff in it, and by the end of that trip, I was really badly overloaded, especially with Lisa running on emergency reserve power and me carrying almost everything.

We're still not completely unpacked. The bug is still slowly working its way through us. I need to call the medical center where we took Lisa tomorrow and see if they will tell me what the results of the tests they ran on her were. If it turns out that it's a bacterial infection like strep throat, not a virus, I'll see about getting us some antibiotics.

The smoke has abated here with a change in winds, but the Walker Fire is still quite large, having burned something over 40,000 acres (about 160 km^2) and is only 7% contained.

Current Mood: tired
Sunday, September 8th, 2019
2:27 pm
Hazy Days and Lazy Nights
I've been doing a whole lot of sleeping this weekend trying to get over this cold. This morning, I awoke to smoke over Fernley.

From Distant WildfiresCollapse )

Breakfast at the Wigwam was good as usual, but I probably should have waited 45 minutes before going in, as they were completely packed. I was not in a hurry, and took the table-for-one by the window. I'm glad they are getting good business.

No real change in my physical condition. I'm coughing a bit more, but that's as much due to the smoke as it is the cold. I just have to tough it out, I guess.

One thing that I noticed when I changed my CPAP filter on Friday morning. After nearly a month spent in Ireland and Iceland, there was almost no particulate deposits visible on the white filter. Other places we've traveled (I remember Japan in particular), there was a definite dark particulate residue on the filter, which made me glad the filters are in place for my breathing air.

Current Mood: sick
Saturday, September 7th, 2019
5:34 pm
Trying to Recover
I still have a low-grade cold with a sore throat and mild cough, but it's clearly less bad that what Lisa endured; however, I wasn't trying to tough out a European vacation and instead have been mostly at home and able to sleep most of the time I haven't been working, including a massive 14 hours last night (that includes a couple of one-hour awake periods).

There are so many things that both Lisa and I want to do, but we're holding ourselves back trying to get physically well again. The Ireland-Iceland trip wore us out badly. Furthermore, I'm very much needed at Day Jobbe as we're shorthanded just as I come back from three weeks away. (I almost got called away to a Day Jobbe meeting at a regional office in the Netherlands, but I'll attend the one session that needs my presence by video conference call, so I don't spend two days traveling each way for a single day of meetings and probably infect all of co-workers to boot.)

I did, however, feel good enough to go "redeem" my free breakfast I won last Monday from the Wigwam, which was nice. Other than that, the most ambitious we've been has been to walk to the post office and back, which leaves both of us wrung out, and it's only about a 1500 m round trip (roughly a round trip between the Convention Centre Dublin and the Gibson Hotel).

Current Mood: sick
Thursday, September 5th, 2019
2:37 pm
Digging Out
The backlog of mail (paper and electronic) is slowly shrinking as I find some time to read things. Unfortunately, having this cold means that most of my available energy has to go into Day Jobbe, where we are short-handed anyway while I try and put my working brain together.

Current Mood: sick
Wednesday, September 4th, 2019
4:30 pm
Opposite Trajectories
Lisa is slowly recovering from the Irish Lurgi, while I can feel it trying to deepen its hold upon me. I have the advantage of not being on the go the whole time, though. Lisa says it's frustrating having to spend so much time resting; however, every time she tries to do do anything, she's reminded of just how weak she still is. I hope it doesn't take me down as badly as it did her.

Current Mood: worried
Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019
1:51 pm
Sickness Ahead
I can feel the bug starting to bite me. I went out at lunch today and collected the accumulated mail and went to Walgreen's to buy more tissues for Lisa and medication for me before I start feeling too sick to go do it. (I can't take the same kind of medication Lisa is taking due to my high blood pressure.)

I was relieved that the Small Banner of WSFS that I mailed from the GPO in Dublin arrived before I did. When I mailed it back from Helsinki two years ago, it took more than a month to arrive and I was worried that we had lost it.

Current Mood: sick
Monday, September 2nd, 2019
4:35 pm
Recovery Day
Today I tried not to work too hard, and my aching back simply won't allow it anyway. I did go have breakfast at the Wigwam (and won my breakfast and then some on free-play coupons). It gave me some thought about the different breakfasts on our travel. The Holiday Inn Express had slightly better Irish bacon than the Holiday Inn Belfast, but the latter had mushrooms, as did the City Centre Hotel Reykjavik, which also had much better sausage (actually frankfurters, as hot dogs are an Icelandic thing). The buffet at the Millbrae El Rancho was nothing special, and the one at the Sacramento Crowne Plaza had good sausage and very friendly servers. But overall, I find myself always coming back to the Wigwam for the best overall breakfast that can remember. It's not fancy, but I'm never disappointed.

After breakfast, I limped home planning to make an appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow, and found that the eight-minute video (the piece of segment 5 of the Saturday WSFS Business Meeting that came off the backup camera) that I'd started uploading when I went to breakfast had finished. The eight-minute video took two hours to upload. This is but one reason I couldn't possibly have waited until I got home to do the uploads and instead had to give away 3-5 hours/day at Worldcon to go somewhere that had enough bandwidth to do the upload. I edited the YouTube playlist of the 2019 WSFS Business Meeting to remove the longer piece (which substantially overlaps segment 6, and got some people complaining because of it) and put the short one in. Add two more hours prior to that for when I edited that eight-minute video to add two title cards in it explaining why there is an eight-minute segment between two roughly 30-minute ones (Lisa had a problem with the main camera) and why this eight-minute video has lower-quality sound and video (it's the older camera and its sound pickup is only whatever it can hear through its inboard microphone). I'm just grateful that Lisa brought two cameras and ran the both so she had a backup in case of a problem, but other people expect perfection.

Much of the rest of today consisted of mundane tasks like laundry (not all done yet) and trying to account for all of the money spent on this trip. It could take a while to pay this all off. Meanwhile, we still have to consider how we'll get to Worldcon next year.

Lisa is spending as much time resting as she can. It's boring. And unfortunately, I'm starting to feel a tickle in the back of my own throat. Well, if I do come down with whatever she had, at least I managed to get us home.

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, September 1st, 2019
6:12 pm
Home Sweet Home
With only 150 miles left to get home, we did not rush this morning. I did still wake up at 5 AM and decided to not go back to bed, in light of needing to be back on my normal work schedule in a couple of days. Lisa is still not feeling very good, and as I lingered over coffee and reading my messages, told me to go ahead and shower and go have breakfast without her, then come back and see if she was feeling as if she could keep a meal down after she had taken a bath and the medications prescribed to her.

In lieu of a room-class upgrade, the Crowne Plaza (whose staff are getting used to seeing me as I've been staying here fairly regularly) gave us a complimentary breakfast. I went down and took my time over the breakfast buffet — the final one of this trip, of course. As it happens, this is the second hotel (and fourth night) where I ended up with an unexpected included breakfast. I suspect that even with walking up to 22K steps/day, I've gained weight on this holiday.

The restaurant staff remembered that I had been planning a big trip, and one of them asked for specifics as she's planning on going to Europe herself soon. I told her that I can't recommend the Holiday Inn Express properties that much in Europe, although all of the other IHG properties have been pretty good. The analogy I gave is like restaurants: North American Holiday Inn Express properties are like Sizzler steak houses: they're not top end, but they're decent and dependable. The European HIXs are more like Denny's — yes, they're not actively bad, but they're not the same level in my opinion.

Lisa did decide to make a gingerly way down to breakfast and have a relatively light cooked breakfast. She continues to be weak and woozy. The coughing continues, and this makes her hurt a lot and not get much rest. It's like being constantly beaten up, and it's no fun at all.

After breakfast, we packed, I got a luggage cart, and we got moved out of the room. I did nearly all of the moving, and Lisa just held some doors, but even then, the walk back and forth was nearly too much for her. She collapsed into a chair in the lobby as I returned the cart and checked out, and I went back to the other end of the hotel (I'd parked where I knew it stayed shady longer, and with the temperatures heading toward about 38°C this is a major concern), got the van, drove around to the front, helped Lisa into the van, and off we went for home.

Adventures With Leaking CoolantCollapse )

And home we returned at last. The house was surprisingly cool for having been buttoned up for so long. I brought in all of our luggage and we brought the house and the travel trailer back to life. Lisa got the air conditioning in the trailer running and started rigging the trailer to serve as her "lifepod" where she can keep a relatively controlled environment in which she can recuperate.

I did a quick run to the grocery store to get those immediately necessary perishables while Lisa worked on getting herself into convalescence. I told her that the best thing she can do for us is to get well soon and to concentrate on that.

On the other hand, while I don't appear to have caught whatever it was that afflicted Lisa, I'm not completely well. What with having to haul so much extra luggage on account of Lisa barely able to move herself (at one time I had five bags on me), my back is killing me. I also think the beds in those last two hotels were too soft, which didn't help.

Anyway, we are home, unpacked sufficiently for both of us to rest, and I still have tomorrow off before having to go back to work. To that extent, the plan to leave some days in reserve at the end of our trip seems to have worked. Tomorrow I can sleep without worries and try not to work too hard.

I do enjoy traveling, and most of the past three weeks has been pretty good (with some notable exceptions), but I'm glad to be home.

Current Mood: exhausted
Saturday, August 31st, 2019
7:56 pm
Return from Europe
Yesterday morning (Iceland time) after checking out of our hotel, we walked the short distance to Bus Stop 3. It's a good thing it was a short walk, because Lisa was in terrible condition. The minibus arrived spot on 13:00 and took us over to the bus terminal.

Final Reykjavik PictureCollapse )

In retrospect, I wish we'd gone on an earlier bus, because it would have given us more time at the airport, and we could have used it.

On to the Saga LoungeCollapse )

We ended up having only 45 minutes in the lounge, and frankly, I would have been happier with a longer stay here. Lisa was relatively comfortable here.

After a too-short stay, we headed to the gate, where we first were rushed through a gate and then made to stand for maybe ten minutes waiting for a shuttle bus out to the plane (for some reason, while there was a jetway, they weren't using it, and we boarded from air stairs). This was hard on Lisa, who was woozy from lack of sleep and stress and coughing.

Eventually we made our way onto the plane. Lisa got as comfortable as she could, but it wasn't much, and neither she nor I got much if any sleep on the flight to California.

Bear on BoardCollapse )

Thanks to the real-time map of our flight, we saw that we were passing to the north of Pyramid Lake, Nevada, and that meant spotting Nevada's temporary large city.

Ahoy, Burning ManCollapse )

We landed at SFO around 7 PM local time, and we apparently were the only international flight arriving around then, because we had the Immigration and Customs areas pretty much to ourselves. That's just fine with us. The arrival process was surprisingly quick, although that might be because being in Saga Class, we were among the first people off the plane. We were among the last to leave baggage claim, though, because for some reason they unloaded the "priority" baggage (Saga class and air crew) last rather than first. Again, this was hard on Lisa, for there is a whole lot of walking involved and almost nowhere to sit. We really should have asked for a wheelchair. Lisa could just barely walk, leaning on me for support, with me carrying as many of our bags as I could.

Back in the USACollapse )

The shuttle bus dropped us off outside our hotel room at the El Rancho Inn and handed us an envelope with the keys to the room and to the Astro, which was parked right outside the room.

The room itself was pretty nice, and quite large. In fact, I bet we could have fit all three of the rooms we had in Dublin, Belfast, and Reykjavik into this room at once. This gave us the luxury for this one night stay of just tossing bags around and unpacking somewhat sloppily. Lisa was on an express journey to bed ASAP, while I needed to run over to Walgreen's and Safeway for more medical supplies for Lisa and some food for me. Lisa ate some on the plane, but with her constant coughing, has had difficulty keeping food down. I got her some fruit smoothie drinks, which she did manage to stomach.

I had a brief fright at Walgreen's when I couldn't find my wallet. I went back out to the Astro and found that I'd dropped it in the back of the van while unloading things from the van to our hotel room earlier. For a brief time, I was worried that I might have left it on the airplane!

I got to bed about 10 PM and suspect I was asleep before my head hit my pillow. But I did wake up at 4 AM. Jetlag, ho. On the other hand, my normal alarm clock setting on an ordinary work day is 4:45 AM, so I didn't worry too much about this. I took my time getting up, showered, dressed, and was down at the complimentary breakfast buffet when it opened at 6:30. Lisa didn't want to eat anything and tried to sleep an extra hour.

After we checked out around 8 AM, I took her to Sutter Health (Mills) Urgent Care in San Mateo. There they examined her, took a chest X-ray (no sign of pneumonia), administered some medication through a nebulizer, and took a flu test swab just in case. We pointed out that she'd not shown a fever to speak of. The doctor said that last year, they had a surprising number of cases of a form of influenza that didn't have appreciable fever, so they keep checking people. She was leery of prescribing antibiotics because she figures the bronchitis is viral (common cold; essentially con crud from Dublin/Belfast) and thus not reachable with antibiotics. She did prescribe an asthma inhaler which we picked up from Walgreen's on our way out of town.

Finally, observing that from the way Lisa described how and what she'd been eating (and keeping down or not) for the past few days, the doctor agreed that her electrolytes were probably out of whack. "Eat something salty," she told Lisa. That's probably the first time we've ever had a prescription to go eat at In-N-Out burger and add salt to the fries, but that's what we did.

Getting away from the Bay Area was a challenge. Traffic was heavy; certainly heavier than I expected for mid-day Saturday. Making things worse, a brush fire on Altamont Pass closed most of the lanes, and traffic snarled in all directions. I finally managed to get off of I-580 and find my way around to Old Altamont Pass Road. At first I feared that too many other people had the same idea I did, but it turned out that eastbound was relatively clear (westbound was nearly stopped the whole length from end to end).

With all of the traffic plus the time spent at urgent care, and with Lisa being way too wrecked to be able to share the driving duties, and this being the end of a three-week trip, I concluded that trying to get home today was a Bad Idea. One of the reasons we planned on arriving at the start of the long holiday weekend than at the end was to give us some recovery time, and we're going to use it. I booked a room at the Crowne Plaza in Sacramento where we've stayed before. They couldn't upgrade us to a suite this time, but they tossed in breakfast tomorrow. Whether Lisa can eat it remains to be seen.

Current Mood: exhausted
Friday, August 30th, 2019
10:54 am
Last Morning in Iceland
After breakfast, while Lisa (who really isn't much improved) was taking a bath and otherwise getting ready for us to leave, I walked over to the pharmacy where we got Lisa's cough syrup the day we arrived and bought a package of face masks to cover her cough. Based on the past three nights, she's going to continue coughing for a while, and it's best if she doesn't cough over everyone around us (including me). Her bronchitis is still bedeviling her. On the way back, I took a few pictures of the area around our hotel.

Read more...Collapse )

In about an hour we check out of the hotel, after which we have an hour to kill before catching our bus to Keflavik Airport. That will get us there roughly three hours before our flight to SFO, but that's just as well, as we'll want more time than ever to clear Terrorization with Lisa's cold and the usual medical issues. Also, there's something she's interested in buying in the duty free area, and with our Saga class upgrade, we'll have use of the Saga lounge, which, as befits the Icelandair hub airport, is very nicely appointed.

After our first trip to Iceland two years ago, we said "that was nice, but we don't need to do it again." We were wrong. I hope we get a chance to come back, and possibly for a longer stay when neither of us is sick.

Current Mood: relaxed
Thursday, August 29th, 2019
4:45 pm
Limping to Perlan
Lisa was just barely mobile enough today to come have breakfast in the hotel restaurant, after which she avowed as we should go see something in Reykjavik. We couldn't walk a long way, though, so we made our slow way over to Bus Stop #5 in front of the Harapa Concert Hall and boarded the bus to Perlan, the large dome-shaped museum that overlooks Reykjavik. Perlan (the Pearl) is a former set of hot water tanks that were once part of the municipal geothermal hot water supply, but have since been converted to a museum, planetarium, and observation deck.

The bus from Harapa costs Kr890, but that includes admission to the observation deck and is applicable against the cost of any of the combined tickets.

On to PerlanCollapse )

As rain started to fall, we headed back inside, through a route that takes you through the gift shop.

Bears and FishCollapse )

Lisa staggered back to the hotel, where she took more cough medication and went back to bed, periodically waking up choking and racked with coughing and pained with congestion. I'm very worried about her, but am doing whatever I can to support her. Tomorrow, when we fly back to California, is not likely to be a fun day at all.

EpilogueCollapse )

Current Mood: worried
Wednesday, August 28th, 2019
8:20 pm
Laid Up in Reykjavik
Our original tentative plans included a couple of short excursions within Reykjavik; however, Lisa being so sick pretty much scuppered that. The hotel's restaurant was nice enough to let me have a tray to take some breakfast (including lots of hot tea) up to Lisa. I left her to eat and get cleaned up while I ate in the restaurant. By the time I finished my breakfast, Lisa was ready to make a tiny outing, but her voice has been reduced to a whisper by constant coughing and nasal drainage.

Places Previously VisitedCollapse )

We looked at many of the stores in the area, hoping to possibly find new jackets, but besides the fact that most of jackets only came in sizes too small for both Lisa and I, they also were mostly made in China (and "designed in Iceland," which doesn't count in our book). There were some made in Iceland products, though. Lisa is still considering an Icelandic wool scarf. One exception to the Chinese-made jackets were the Canada Goose arcticwear, which looks solid, and probably actually too heavy for our winters in Fernley, which rarely get colder than -10°C. Also, the prices were too much for us, too. I had to confirm that I wasn't misreading the number of decimal places in the price. They cost the equivalent of around $1000, and even with a VAT refund, they were too rich for our blood.

One walk up and down the hill was enough for Lisa, and the rain that had been falling lightly turned heavy, so we returned to the hotel, stopping at a 10-11 store (think upgraded 7-11) for some small groceries that could fit in the 'fridge. At the hotel, Lisa took another dose of cough medicine, and went back to bed. I got partially caught up on messages. Later in the afternoon when she woke back up, she sent me out to get her some take-out fish and chips from across the street. I had a couple of Icelandic hot dogs from the shop in the downtown square. It's midweek, not the high point of the tourist season, and it's been raining and chilly, so it's not particularly busy and the queues are short or nonexistent.

Lisa fell back asleep after dinner. The sun isn't setting until 9 PM or so, and I was restless and a little bored, so I went for a walk.

Walking ReykjavikCollapse )

Lisa still isn't feeling well, and she hates spending most of her time in bed coughing and hacking and generally feeling miserable. I don't really know what else to do, though. I hope it's all based on something non-infectious she picked up in Ireland, and that a little more rest will help.

Current Mood: worried
Tuesday, August 27th, 2019
8:36 pm
Too Many Buses
Neither Lisa nor I nor Kuma Bear like long bus trips. We conceivably could have avoided the long bus ride to the airport by taking the now-reinstated Enterprise train back to Dublin yesterday, then a short bus ride to an airport hotel, but that would have meant throwing away our day of Belfast tourism yesterday. (We got a like back from Vicki Pipe, which makes us happy.) And the bus ride from Keflavik Airport was unavoidable.

On the BusesCollapse )

At Dublin Airport, we were once again very early for our flight, which gave us plenty of time to make our complicated way through Terrorization and on to the airport lounge to which we were entitled by our Saga class upgrade. The flight was running slightly late. When we got to the gate, the inbound equipment was only just arriving. Then issues with boarding several people who needed special assistance (no jetway, stairs only) slowed us down more, but eventually we got going.

On to IcelandCollapse )

Arriving at Keflavik, we had to board another bus for the 50 km drive to Reykjavik. Both Lisa and I think that Iceland has missed a trick not trying to build an electrically-driven high-speed-rail connection from KEF to Reykjavik, power it with the country's vast reserves of electricity and financing it by all of the fossil fuel they won't have to import to run the large fleets of buses that run between the airport and the city.

Into the HotelCollapse )

Lisa is not feeling well at all. She worked so hard in Dublin and got so little sleep that she was dehydrated and run-down and susceptible to whatever might come along. She's been hacking and coughing for days now. I don't think it's a cold, but something allergic. Ireland is beautiful and green, but it's too much like Oregon for Lisa, where she always had terrible allergies. By the time we reached Iceland, her nose was red and raw. After we got to the hotel and got moved in, we found a nearby drugstore, got her some cough drops, overnight cough medicine that should help her sleep, and a big bag of super-soft tissues.

Lisa also found herself short one European connector. Rather than go buy another plug adaptor, she had us go to the hardware store we shopped at last time we were here and where we were going to go anyway because they sell heavy work gloves not made in China and that don't wear out like the cheap gloves I can buy at home. Besides the gloves, Lisa bought a European power plug. We also picked up some groceries from Bonus (an Icelandic grocery store chain) and went back to the hotel. Lisa then disconnected the UK-style connector from the cord she needed and wired in the European connector.

With equipment rewired, Lisa took a long bath, then (after taking a dose of cough medicine) went to bed. We hope that a good night's sleep, cough medicine, and some of the best water in the world may make her feel better tomorrow.

Finally, we got some excellent news for our trip home: our bid for the Saga class upgrade on the last leg has been accepted, and so we'll have a far more comfortable ride back to California on Friday.

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