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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Friday, July 20th, 2018
8:46 pm
Missions Partially Accomplished
With Lisa spending the day dead for tax purposes off her feet due to the residual effects of yesterday's extensive dental work, I went in to Reno right after work to deal with some errands that needed to be done earlier in the day than some. In particular, the Astro was overdue for an oil change. I would have also had them do an air conditioning recharge, but their machine was out of order.

I had a number of other shopping errands to do, but to my annoyance, the most time-constrained one (requires an in-person visit to the one Chase branch in Reno during banking hours) was the one I couldn't do, because I'd left the documents sitting on my desk at home. It's not urgent, but it's something that I can only do at certain times, and tomorrow is not one of those times because I have an SFSFC board meeting tomorrow morning. However, there were a bunch of other small errands that I've been putting off that I was able to get done, so it was still a productive evening.

We've had massive smoke and haze today from a fire near Yosemite, but late in the afternoon winds kicked in and it even rained a little bit, which did quite a bit to clear a lot of the smoke away. It was also a fair bit cooler today, with was a great relief.

When I got home, Lisa was up and about again, there was still some twilight left, and it was relatively cool, so we got some yard work done that we'd been postponing. The trees on the property here grow surprisingly quickly, and while that's good when they're shading the house and trailer, it's not so good when they start getting so aggressive that you can't get by on the sidewalk! However, 30 minutes or so with the shears trimmed things back down to size. As I said to Lisa, it's not like a jungle where we'd have to do this daily instead of just a few times a year.

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, July 19th, 2018
8:59 pm
Lisa in the Chair
This afternoon I took Lisa in to the sedation dentist in Reno who did the second and we hope final round of major dental work. (The first batch was last year.) It's challenging to do dental work on Lisa, but with the sedation dentistry (they don't completely sedate you, but put you into a state where it's easier for them to work on you) they were able to complete the crown and two smaller fillings. Thank goodness for my Healthcare Savings Account, which is pre-tax money set aside to pay for what's not covered by insurance. My annual dental insurance coverage for restorative services is a maximum of $1000 per person, and I owed an additional $1800 on top of that, but since I've been setting aside the maximum amount allowed since they made the HSA a "you keep it forever" instead of "use it the year you pay it or lose it," I was able to simply put up my HSA card and take care of it.

After the appointment, Lisa felt good enough for us to make a grocery stop, and we had to also stop and put a little bit of gas in the minivan because I forgot to refuel after the trip to Yuba City. After that, I took us home and poured Lisa into bed, where I'm sure it will be easy for her to sleep tonight.

Current Mood: relieved
Wednesday, July 18th, 2018
5:30 pm
Temperatures this week are nudging the 40°C mark, and aren't going much below 20°C overnight, making it hard to cool the house off that much. The low humidity means the swamp cooler works okay, but it's still wearing. Lisa is (not surprisingly) spending most of her time in the travel trailer, which, thanks to the shelter we built over it, can mostly maintain a comfortable temperature with its air conditioning going full blast.

We like Fernley, but summer is our least-favorite season. Thus going off on holiday for a few weeks every summer is a good thing for us.

Current Mood: hot
Tuesday, July 17th, 2018
5:03 pm
Something Fishy This Way Comes
Coincidentally in time for the Major League Baseball All Star break, my new San Francisco Giants shirt arrived.

Kuma Bear Likes it Beary MuchCollapse )

Unfortunately, the floral SF Giants swim trunks that go with this shirt were a little small, but there's another goal to look forward to should I lose some more weight.

Current Mood: amused
Monday, July 16th, 2018
6:51 pm
Heritage in Motion
Today I heard a train coming by somewhat slowly and had a peek out the window. I'm glad the train was moving slowly (it was taking the siding) because that gave me enough time to grab my phone and get the camera activated.

Katy Coming ThroughCollapse )

That was one of the few breaks I had today. I had something that needed extra hours this afternoon, and it's just as well because I have to take Lisa to the dentist in Reno on Thursday and thus I needed to log some extra time by then anyway.

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, July 15th, 2018
5:06 pm
Meet Me by the River Side
Because my business at the bank in Yuba City was delayed so badly, I was quite late getting up to Dobbins to see my mother, and it was not something I could skip. Besides some semi-annual business I have to do in person with her, I finally gave her the Mother's Day gift card I didn't have back in May. After a relatively brief visit, I set off for home, but by then it was clear that I would never be able to get home in time for the 5 PM Worldcon 76 division heads meeting.

Around Kingvale at 4:45 PM, I pulled over and tried to dial in to the meeting on my mobile phone, but while it appeared to connect, I could hear nothing and nobody could hear me, so I gave up and set off again. Coming down the Truckee River canyon approaching the Nevada state line, traffic came to a standstill. There are several places along this stretch of highway where you can pull off the freeway (not at an interchange) and access trails and the river, and I decided I'd make another attempt to get into the meeting, even though it was close to 6 PM.

Nice Place for a MeetingCollapse )

Connectivity is hit-and-miss along this section of highway. If you happen to be close to a tower (like at the Agricultural inspection station), you get full strength. Around here, I got 1x signal, good enough for a voice and text connection, but no data, so I couldn't take full advantage of the features of our Zoom conferencing. I did manage to enter the call, and [personal profile] lindadee (who represented WSFS knowing I probably wouldn't be there) was able to help a couple of times when I wanted to speak. I had to send her a text and she would "raise a hand" in the call on my behalf so that the moderator could unmute my line.

By the time the call ended, whatever was gumming up the works had cleared and I was able to get going again. Even without the conference call to attend, I might have stopped here anyway. If I must sit around for an hour waiting for traffic to clear, I'd rather have done it here than sitting in traffic.

Sparks ThunderstormCollapse )

None of the rain in Truckee or Reno-Sparks hit Fernley, which is too bad because it might have settled the dust that was whipping around in the wind when I got home and Lisa helped me get my bags out of the car. OTOH, these storms have a tendency to cause more fires from the lightning than they put out from what rain they do drop, and they sometimes cause localized flooding as we can sometimes get 20% of our annual average 13 cm of rainfall in less than an hour, so maybe that was for the best.

Today I did very little. I slept in a bit, had breakfast at the Wigwam, went and bowled a few games, collected the mail, and went home. It was sufficiently hot that I got sleepy again and took a nap for a couple of hours with the swamp cooler pointed at me. Then I tried to catch up on Worldcon and WSFS e-mail that had piled up when I was on the road. It's only a month to go now. Five weeks from today, I'll be getting ready to host the WSFS coverage of the Hugo Awards on CoverItLive. "Days on the calendar are closer than they appear."

Current Mood: relaxed
4:48 pm
I Can't Go Home Again (Literally)
I didn't realize how busy Bank of America was going to be on Saturday morning, and the hotel room was so nice and air-conditioned, and I had the Wimbledon tennis to watch, so I didn't check out of the hotel and go to the bank until about 10 AM, at which time they told me that they could make an appointment for me for 12:30 PM and that I was lucky to have that because they close at 1 PM on Saturday. This couldn't be easily postponed because the purpose was to close the no-longer-needed safe deposit box before it automatically renews next week, so I took the appointment time and lumped it.

I did have one specific errand to run, which I did, but I still had time to kill (and no hotel room left to do it in), so on a whim I went out to Sutter, where I lived for many years with my grandparents and from where I graduated high school. If anyone remembers me from the MythAdventures Fan Club days, you might remember that the club's address was a PO Box in Sutter, on account of where that's where I was living.

I visited my grandparents' grave, then decided to take a spin by the old house at 1853 Second Avenue where I lived with them.

Except it's not there anymoreCollapse )

I don't know who owns the lot these days (it passed to cousins of mine when my grandfather's brother died two months after my grandmother; they allowed my grandfather to stay at minimal rent until he died per his brother's request), but my guess is that they've decided the place was a write-off. Besides, the lot is so large that I bet they could built two modern houses on the lot and make a pretty good profit on the transaction. That house had terrible wiring and insufficient electrical service anyway. Before municipal water was brought in, you had the choice of running the pump for the well or running the air conditioning; doing both would blow fuses.

A picture from the pastCollapse )

I'm glad I just happened to come by at this point to see the lot in this state. I'll probably visit again someday to find out what ends up happening to the place.

Current Mood: thoughtful
Saturday, July 14th, 2018
7:22 am
Family Business
I'm in Yuba City today, having come down here last night. I have some business that has to be transacted at the actual bank where I have my account (I'm closing a safe deposit box that I no longer use before the box renews for another year). Then I head home via Dobbins to visit my mother for a short time before rushing home in time, I hope, to attend a Worldcon 76 division heads meeting.

Despite not setting an alarm and being up rather late (by my standards) last night, I woke up only about an hour later than usual. But that means I get to watch the conclusion of the Wimbledon Djokovic-Nadal tennis semi-final suspended by curfew last night. I might be able to see the women's final as well if this first match doesn't go like the marathon yesterday. (What is it about Isner and marathon Wimbledon matches?)

Current Mood: relaxed
Friday, July 13th, 2018
10:42 am
One Vote Short
As I've said, I did not make it to the general election for the North Lyon County Fire Protection District board of directors; however, due to a couple of resignations for various reasons, two of the five seats on the Board had gone vacant. One was for the rest of 2018 (it's one of those to be filled by the election this November) and the other is through the end of 2020. I went ahead and applied for the appointment. At last night's Board meeting, the three remaining directors discussed the seven applicants (including me) for the seats. When it came to filling the longer-term seat, the current Board chair voted for me; however, one of the others had already dismissed my application because I'd placed last in the primary, and the remaining director sided with him, so a different applicant was selected.

I did go thank the director who voted for me for his confidence in me. And one of the other people who unsuccessfully ran for the seats this time around encouraged me to stay involved and keep coming to the meetings. So I'm less discouraged than I was the day after the primary election. Next time around, three seats will be up for election, and I might not be as distracted by working at a high level on a Worldcon then, either.

Current Mood: hopeful
10:40 am
Reverse Angle
The photo that Lisa DH took of me (and the house) as she came through Fernley on the train a few days ago was marked private while she was traveling, but she says that now that she's home, she's made the post public, so if you are curious, you can have a look.

Current Mood: pleased
Thursday, July 12th, 2018
4:52 pm
Business Meeting & Site Selection Schedules at Worldcon 76
For those of you trying to arrange your schedule for Worldcon 76 around the WSFS Business Meeting and Site Selection (as I am rather forced to do by the nature of running the WSFS division), here's the current state of our plans. For those of you who are veterans of the process, this may all sound boring, repetitive, and obvious, but based on the questions I've fielded, there are members — including people interested in WSFS Business — who do not know this stuff.

Remember that Worldcon 76 starts on Thursday, August 16 and ends on Monday, August 20, 2018. Again, this is a THURSDAY - MONDAY convention even though the last day of the convention does not fall on a local holiday.

Business MeetingCollapse )

Site SelectionCollapse )

Nothing here is confidential. Most of this material will appear in the Worldcon 76 Pocket Program and/or the web site. Feel free to share this information with anyone you think will be interested in it.

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Wednesday, July 11th, 2018
5:09 pm
Train Time
I knew that Lisa Deutsch Harrigan, riding Amtrak back from Westercon 71 in Denver, would be going by the house this morning, and from checking the Amtrak "track a train" page this morning knew about what time I could expect her to pass. Initially I didn't think I'd be able to go out and wave due to back-to-back-to-back meetings scheduled today. However, the third meeting was canceled, and as the second one ended, I turned up the radio scanner and heard the engineer of westbound #5 talking to a track maintainer. She read back the maintainer's orders permitting her to bring her train through Fernley at reduced speed due to track work. That told me that the train was nearly here, so I got my camera phone out, determined to take pictures and video this time.

Wave to the Passing TrainCollapse )

Normally the California Zephyr scoots through at full speed (79 mph), but on top of there being a maintenance-related speed restriction, the train was also about to make an unscheduled stop. If you watched the video above, you may have noticed that the door on the next-to-last car was open, and a conductor was standing in the doorway with a step box. The train slowed to a stop with the open door across from the maintenance yard.

Onboard Medical EmergencyCollapse )

Shortly after helping the person from the train to the ambulance, the conductor climbed back aboard and I trotted back to the house, where I could hear both the train and ambulance communication. The ambulance headed for Northern Nevada Medical Center, while the conductor gave the train a "highball," whereupon the engineer gave the requisite two toots of the horn and set off for Reno.

Lisa, on board the train, caught this picture of me shooting pictures of the train. That's Fernley House shrouded by summer tree growth across the street behind me.

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, July 10th, 2018
6:14 pm
Balanced Time
I needn't have worried about the slightly short day I worked yesterday. Today more than made up for it. Lisa looked at me near the end (technically beyond it) and said, "You look beat," and told me that after we came back from buying groceries that I should get a light snack and then go to bed early. That sounds good to me, so I'm going to do it.

Current Mood: tired
Monday, July 9th, 2018
7:21 pm
Zombie Time
With the delay at Denver caused by United not having a rested crew and having to call around until they found a pilot on his day off willing to work our flight, I didn't get to Reno until after 1 AM. Lisa collected me and drove me home, for which I'm grateful on account of I was in no condition to drive. I think I got about two hours of sleep before having to get up and start my work day. To say I was not at my best is an understatement. However, I did manage to get the time-sensitive stuff done, after which my co-workers/manager said I could go get some sleep, which I did, about five hours of it before getting back up and doing some reports that were due "by end of business Monday" instead of "first thing Monday." I could easily have slept longer, but that would have really scrambled my sleep schedule, and I need to reset.

One amusing story: As I was boarding, people were complaining to the flight attendant about the delay. He explained the situation with crews and said that it was a good thing that Denver was a crew base, or it would have been even more difficult to find a pilot willing and able to work on his day off. I said, "I'm very grateful; otherwise we would have been here all night! You have to have a pilot to fly the plane, after all."

Later in the flight, after finally breaking out of a bunch of turbulence, the flight attendants did the in-flight F&B service. When they finished that, the attendant with whom I was talking earlier came back and handed me one of the standard snack boxes, which you normally have to purchase. (I bought one on the way out from Reno.) He said, "That's your reward for knowing that planes don't fly without a pilot." He didn't say, but presumably he'd encountered passengers who didn't understand that.

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, July 8th, 2018
9:36 pm
Westercon 71 Day 4: Passing the Gavel
Today was the final day of Westercon 71. I had a panel on Convention Horror Stories in the afternoon, but I let Fan Guest of Honor Kent Bloom tell most of the stories. Most of the day I spent at the San Jose table.

Closing TimeCollapse )

After closing ceremonies, I went up to my hotel room and packed. David Clark and John Hertz, with whom I've been sharing a room, are staying over tonight, so I had this luxury. I then came back downstairs and chatted with people until it was time to head for the airport.

Light and Heavy RailCollapse )

After getting dinner, I tried to walk it off by taking a complete loop of the United Concourse B, which is a lot of gates. I reckon I walked at least 3 km, maybe more.

In retrospect, I wish I'd remembered that I had a couple of free passes to the United Club. Unfortunately, I forgot about them, and nowadays you have to pre-load them to a mobile device, rather than just use a paper coupon.

Out at the gate, they've informed us that due to lack of a rested crew, we're delayed for at least 40 minutes and possibly more. That just what I need when I have to be at work Monday morning at 5:30 AM.

A couple of costume photos before we goCollapse )

I had a good time at Westercon. Probably not as good as I expect to have next year in Layton, but a good time nonetheless.

Now to settle in and see if United manages to get me home tonight, or at least sometime before tomorrow morning. The last I saw on the seat plan, the center seat next to me hasn't filled, so maybe I can sleep on the flight.

Current Mood: sleepy
Saturday, July 7th, 2018
9:30 pm
Westercon 71 Day 3: Giving Ourselves the Business
I spend a while this afternoon moderately relaxed sitting behind the Worldcon 76 table.

Con Table KevinCollapse )

We just barely managed to complete the agenda this year within the 50 minutes. We got started very shortly after 11, and I adjourned the meeting sine die at 11:50 after we disposed of the last item of substantive business on the agenda.

Not as much of a marathon as 2011 -- more of a sprintCollapse )

Seattle (SeaTac Doubletree Hotel, perhaps best known to fandom as the long-time home of Norwescon) won their unopposed bid for Westercon 73.

The four items up for debate this year (the longest agenda we've had in years) were:

  • Membership Numbers: Would have more tightly defined how committees use members' membership numbers. Failed

  • Defining "First Full Day": Would have imposed a technical definition of "first full day" of the convention, a term used in the Bylaws for certain required programming items. Failed

  • Bidders at the Site Selection Table: Explicitly requires that eligible bid committees (that is, those that have filed bids, regardless of whether they are on the ballot) must provide at least one person to work at the Site Selection desk during at-con voting. Passed, but must be ratified at Westercon 72 in Utah next year to take effect.

  • Westercon for All North America: Would have expanded Westercon from a Western North American convention to a all-of-North American convention. Postponed Indefinitely, which killed the proposal for this year without taking a direct vote on it. Like any other proposal, it can be re-introduced at a future meeting.

Parliamentary Neepery about 'Postpone Indefinitely'Collapse )

We did have to push pretty hard to go through these items in such a short time. I'm grateful that the members agreed to time limits similar to those adopted for WSFS meetings. (Westercon doesn't have the same debate-time-setting mechanism as Worldcon; however, the meeting here voted to adopt such a practice for these proposals, and stuck with my recommendations.) I did my best to let the makers of the proposals have their say, for opponents to have an opportunity to speak, and to provide for some fair debate, but not an unlimited amount of it. I hope that nobody went away from the meeting thinking that they were treated unfairly. [Thanks to [personal profile] lindadee for spotting the unfortunate typo in this sentence as originally written.]

All votes were by uncounted show of hands or by unanimous consent, except for one vote (on an amendment to the wording of one of the proposals) where it was close enough to require a counted serpentine vote (the amendment lost 14-16).

With all business disposed of, we adjourned and managed to pack out of the room in time to hand it over to the Noon panel. I thanked [personal profile] lindadee (Secretary) and Ron Oakes (Videographer in Lisa's absence) for their help and carried my gear upstairs, where I set to work getting the video online and as many documents updated as I could. I also used the hotel room coffee maker to boil enough water to heat up some pot noodles that I bought earlier. I couldn't find the fork I'd brought back with me from 7-Eleven, so I used a couple of stir sticks from the coffee maker as chopsticks.

After dealing with getting the Westercon Business done, I changed back into my Worldcon 76 shirt and went down to our table. I was happy to spend time at the table talking to anyone who came by about Worldcon this year. Who knows? I may have even talked some folks who weren't planning on attending into making the trip to the Bay Area next month.

More than just SMOF talkCollapse )

Amazingly, I've had enough time available to get out for dinner all four nights (counting Night 0). Tonight I walked with a group down to Il Fornaio for a good Italian dinner. All and all, I've had a really good time socializing with my friends, meeting new people, selling Worldcon memberships, and helping keep Westercon business ticking over.

Tonight is the final night for me here in Denver (my flight back to Reno is late tomorrow, so I'll be around until Closing Ceremonies before heading back to Denver Airport) and there are a couple of parties open tonight, I understand, so I'll go sample them before turning in. While I've slept well here, I am starting to feel the time catching up to me.

Current Mood: accomplished
Friday, July 6th, 2018
9:20 pm
Westercon 71 Day 2: Table That
I had no specific commitments this morning and did not set the alarm, planning to sleep in. But at 6 AM I woke up hard with the though that my ATM card was missing from my wallet. I got up and checked, and in fact, it was. (I knew there was an empty slot, but thought it was a card I though I'd pulled out before leaving home.) Thinking about it, I reckoned that I must have dropped that ATM card (and my XPO company credit card) after using the ATM card at 7-Eleven yesterday. Then I couldn't go back to sleep.

After breakfast, I walked down to the 7-Eleven (just as well after all of that food. They had a bunch of other people's cards, but not mine. Darn. I then walked back to the Hyatt and asked at the front desk, and they had nothing, but they took my contact details and said that if the cards turned up that they would contact me. However, at this point I decided to report the cards lost and be done with it. Bank of America is sending me a new card. XPO Corporate noted the cancellation and I should have a new card from them in a week or two. Not a crisis, just an annoyance. I should be able to get by on credit cards and money loaned from (actually, checks cashed by) friends here at the convention. Like when the ATM ate my card at Eurocon, having this happen at a convention with many friends around makes it far less of an issue to deal with. Even Connie Willis offered to help if needed, which was very kind of her. OTOH, if I were to ever bounce a check on her, I'm sure I'd never hear the end of it.

Worldcon Table SittingCollapse )

It's hard to tell how many people are here. Attendance seems light; however, all of the programming rooms are on the ground level, while the fan tables, gaming, art show, and dealers room are on the second level, and I'm told that programming is heavily attended here.

This evening, [personal profile] lindadee arranged for a group of five to go to a sushi place that had been recommended to her, and for the hotel to take us there (and retrieve us) using their free shuttle. The place was packed and noisy, but the food was good, as was the company. We took stock and found that the five of us were from five different states. I only get to spend this much time with my friends at conventions like this.

This evening there are, as far as I can tell, only two parties: Worldcon 76 and Utah in 2019 NASFiC. It's unclear just how much night life this convention has otherwise.

I haven't heard the unofficial word from Site Selection, but I also haven't received an "Oh no!" telephone call like back in 2011, so presumably the results of the election were predictable and we won't spend a lot of tomorrow morning's 11 AM Business Meeting on them. That's good because there are the four items of new business, one of which in particular (to expand Westercon to over all of North America as defined the same way as NASFiC does), which may either be disposed of relatively quickly or may instead end up going into "overtime" for a second session planned for 2 PM. People have asked me how many people I expect to attend the Business Meeting. I honestly say that I have no idea. If it were only pro forma results, we'd be hard pressed to get the ten-person quorum. Under the present circumstances, I don't think quorum will be a problem, but I also don't know who wants to participate. I'm not worried, though. We have enough time between the two sessions to deal with this business. The only real question is can we do it all within the first scheduled hour.

So far (despite the lost card) I've been having a very good time, and working far less intensely that I expect to be doing next month in San Jos&emdash;.

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, July 5th, 2018
10:38 pm
Westercon 71 Day 1: Expecting the Fannish...
Today was nominally the "first full day" of Westercon 71, on account of there being light programming yesterday and a full schedule from 10 AM today, and therefore by Westercon rules, the programming items that was once called "The Fannish Inquisition" was today; however, apparently some people consider that bit of in-jokey reference offensive for various reasons, so it was just the Westercon and Worldcon (and NASFiC) Bid Presentations, and I was the moderator.

Meeting ExpectationsCollapse )

I went up to the hotel room after the bidder presentations and set the four videos to uploading. Fortunately, the hotel wi-fi is fast enough to where that was not going to take all weekend. I worked out that there was a 7-Eleven store about 1 km away (for me by myself, that's around a 15 minute walk or less), so I headed over there to buy a bit for lunch and also some things for the hotel room refrigerator. By he time I came back and ate my lunch, the videos were finished, aside from me fixing typos on the descriptions.

There is a playlist of Westercon 71 Westercon, NASFiC, and Worldcon Bid presentations up on YouTube now if you'd like to see how the four groups represented themselves.

This was a bit of a warm-up for Saturday's Westercon Business Meeting, the first session of which is scheduled for 11 AM in the same room as where the bidding presentations were held. Ron has helpfully agreed to run the camera here again as well. Had this year's meeting been like the last several, with only the pro forma presentation of the site selection results, I probably would have just started the camera myself, done the meeting, then shut if off myself. However, this year, we have four pieces of new bylaws business, and possibly a fifth proposal that was hinted to me a couple of days ago. If the debate goes long enough, it's possible that we'll need to go to the "overflow" session scheduled in a much larger room later in the day. We will, however, start the Business Meeting on Saturday with the Site Selection results before going into the new proposals, and we'll see how much people actually want to debate them.

I spent some time this afternoon sitting behind the Worldcon 76 San Jose table, after earlier having helped set up the table. (I'm useful setting up the tall display sign because I can reach it at full extension.) I did a run through the dealers' room — I must restrain myself from buying anything due to lack of luggage space. And I cast my and Lisa's Westercon site selection ballots. Because we forgot to have Lisa fill out a ballot to bring with me, her vote was cast for No Preference so it can't affect the results.

At 6 PM, it was time for the formal Opening Ceremonies.

Official OpeningCollapse )

After the Opening Ceremonies, I asked where the ceremonial Gavel of Westercon was, and she admitted that she hadn't brought to the Opening, so there was no opportunity to do a ceremonial gavel drop. She did promise to get the Gavel to me in time for Saturday's Business Meeting, however, and I will then return it in time to hand it over to next year's Westercon committee at the Closing Ceremonies.

Dinner was very nice and unhurried at McCormick & Schmick's, where I got to have dinner with friends and with someone I don't think a much younger me would ever have expected to share a meal with. My thanks to [personal profile] lindadee for inviting him to join us. It was a good meal with good company. And much to my surprise, the mac & cheese and the key lime pie didn't send my blood sugar skyrocketing. This may be related to having logged something like 13K steps today.

There are parties this evening, including the memorial for the late Harold Harrigan and for Westercon 71. I won't be out much later though, even though I don't have any commitments on Friday and therefore need not get up that early. I can let my two roommates rise before me and for a wonder, sleep in tomorrow if I want to do so.

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, July 4th, 2018
11:41 pm
Westercon 71 Day 0: Automobiles, Planes, and Trains (and More Trains)
The Fernley 4th of July parade started with enough time for the traffic to clear that might have made it tricky to get away from the house, and Lisa drove me to Reno, where I was there sufficiently early that I did not have to rush or fret at all. The flight was very full, but I did have an aisle seat. The descent into Denver was rather bumpy. Well, actually, it was a lot bumpy, but the landing itself was smooth enough.

Welcome to Denver InternationalCollapse )

I was to meet Lindadee at DEN, with her flight coming in about 30-45 minutes after me. Our wires got crossed; the displays at the airport said her flight's luggage was at claim 1, when it was actually at 8, and I'd forgotten to turn my phone back on. Eventually I figured it out.

We'll Take the A TrainCollapse )

When the train pulled in to Denver Union Station, it finally dawned on me that I'd missed a trick: the Giants were playing the Rockies at Coors Field! I could have checked my luggage at Union Station and attended a Giants game! Oh, well, the Rockies won the game anyway, by the improbable-by-Coors-Field-standard score of 1-0.

On to the Hotel by Light RailCollapse )

Riding light rail to Bellevue, we still had an approximately 1 km walk to the hotel. After checking in, we discovered that the hotel would have come over and collected us and will take us back to the light rail station upon request. This will be handy on Sunday when I fly home.

After checking in to our respective rooms, Linda an I went up to the 12th floor, where registration was located this evening and where an opening night event was happening. There we caught up with David Clark, with whom I'm sharing the room, and upon advice of Kevin Roche and Andy Trembley (who arrived earlier today), the three of us walked to the Baker Street Pub. They have pub food. The fish and chips were good enough.

Walking back, we could hear fireworks going off in the distance, but couldn't see much. Returning to the 12th floor, we could see some fireworks displays around the area in the distance. But the travel was catching up to me, and I do have an 11 AM panel tomorrow morning as I'm moderating the Fannish Inquisition panel for future Westercon (and Worldcon and NASFiC, time permitting) bidders, so I headed for the hotel room to finish unpacking and get ready for bed.

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Parade Day & Travel
I'm not rushed this morning because my flight isn't until this afternoon, so I walked to the Wigwam for breakfast. As I was leaving to walk home, the formation for today's Fernley 4th of July parade was starting. I'd already parked the Astro behind my house to keep it out of the traffic for the parade. As it happened, Amtrak was running a little late and gave me a nice photo opportunity as some of the floats started moving into position on Front Street in front of the house.

Floats and TrainsCollapse )

The parade should already be gone by the time I need to leave for Denver. Lisa isn't going this year, and will take me to the airport in a couple of hours. I'll see some of you this weekend at Westercon.

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