Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Match Game at Renovation Back On (Maybe)

Assuming we can get around the technical hurdles (and they're non-trivial), it looks like we may be back on for doing a Match Game SF at Worldcon after all. I'd initially declined due to the challenges facing us in moving soon and with scheduling issues, but Renovation Programming says they'd really like to have us, and we think we might be able to make it work.

If it happens, it would be at 10 PM or "After the Hugo Ceremony" on Saturday night. It would be held in one of the Naples Rooms in the Peppermill. The logistical/scheduling challenge for me is that I expect to be covering the Hugo Ceremony for in a CoverItLive chat. (I don't expect to try streaming video this year baring an extraordinary change like a dedicated wired internet connection in the main ballroom, which is vastly expensive and highly unlikely.) So I can't leave the ceremony early, and I can't work on show set-up during the hours before the show. But we may be able to do the show setup sometime earlier, then get the room in question secured, then go to the Hugos. Lisa (and whoever else helps us) probably would have to be in the room sooner than I am to get it opened again and to deal with pre-show work. This is a case of the "talent" -- I change from Executive Producer to Host a few minutes pre-show anyway -- strolling in just before we go "on the air."

So, who among our "regulars" are interested and available for Saturday from (about) 10 PM to Midnight?

Update, 20:15: Fixed date reference in closing.
Tags: match game sf, renovation, worldcon

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