Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

That Might Work

Given my travel plans for the next couple of months and the medium-term expectation of a relocation to northern Nevada, I've been contemplating how to move things where they need to be for things like Worldcon. Google is sufficiently my friend that I found Moana Mini Storage in Reno less than one mile from the Peppermill and roughly in between the Atlantis and Peppermill. It might be worthwhile to haul the Tsuki Systems tech kit up there and put it in a small storage unit for a month or two. The other alternative appears to be to take it to Reno, haul the kit up to our hotel room in the Atlantis, then on Sunday night of the convention haul it back down to the van (we'd rather not store it in the van for a week) to carry it do the Peppermill, then reverse the process. But having our gear in a locker less than a mile from the Peppermill might just be worth it, depending on how much they charge; we'd have full use of my van the rest of the time, and moving the gear in and out of the locker is bound to be easier than in and out of a hotel room; also, we wouldn't have to live amongst the speakers and mixers and whatnot during the con. I'll have to discuss it with Lisa and check out the prices.
Tags: lisa, match game sf, reno, worldcon

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