Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Locus Awards Live

I'll be acting as one of the "studio moderators" for the live coverage of the Locus Awards this afternoon at 2 PM Pacific Daylight Time. I'm not in Seattle; I'm just helping manage the CoverItLive coverage.

The last time I pointed people at a CoverItLive event (the Hugo Award Nomination announcements), at least one person looked at the page in question, said (approximately), "I didn't click on it because it looked like some sort of video streaming thing." CiL is not a audio/video streaming thing (although you can put such things into a CiL event). At its simplest, CiL is an online text chat session, and it's not a bandwidth hog as far as I can tell. The Hugo Awards coverage later this year is likely to use the same technology, so if you're thinking of watching the Hugo results come in live but can't get to Reno for Worldcon, you might want to watch the Locus Awards coverage this afternoon to get an idea as to how the live-chat technology we're using works.
Tags: hugo awards, locus awards

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