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After the frantic activities of the past four weeks and of the two ahead of me, this is the only "quiet" weekend I've had in a long time. I mostly took yesterday off except for co-hosting the Locus Award coverage, which I enjoyed. But I can't stay sedentary for long; it's bad for my health. So today I got out for a little while. I took my van to the self-service car wash and gave it the works, much to the amusement of the attendant who was surprised that someone who drove such an old vehicle would work so hard on cleaning it. Well, this coming Thursday morning, I have to collect Phil & Kaja Foglio and their children from the San José Amtrak station and drive them over to the hotel, and I currently also have to drive them to San Francisco on the day after the convention. My van may be old, but it's going to be clean when I do my GoH liaison duties. The one thing I couldn't do was vacuum it, because all of the vacuum stations were occupied by Serious Car People of the sort the attendant seemed to approve of. I'll find another place where I can to the vacuuming soon.

After going home, I headed out for a walk around Quarry Lakes with Giants Baseball on the radio to make the walk more pleasant. I like those 5 km walks, but haven't taken one in quite a while. I used to do it almost every evening, and I weighed ten pounds less than I do now. I expect these things were related.

Finally, I packed six "bankers boxes" full of books. I won't be moving immediately, but I'm trying to pack things that I'm not using into easily-movable boxes so that I can move them into storage when I get an opportunity. That way, when I move for real, it will only be the large/odd-shaped/currently-used things that have to go.
Tags: exercise, health, moving

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