Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Complicated Day Ahead

Because the room on the party floor for which we were supposed to be blocked wasn't available when we checked in (on account of us coming early), sometime this afternoon after the Opening Ceremonies, Lisa and I have to move from our room on the 4th floor to a new room on the 19th floor. Because we have so much gear, this is going to be an interesting expedition, and I've already set aside $10 for the bellman. Of course, because this is a High Class Hotel, we can't just borrow a cart and do it ourselves; we have to have a bellman with the cart. I'm not criticizing the Fairmont specifically; I'm criticizing the pay-more-get-less environment of higher-end hotels in general.

After we move, we have to mark up the party invitations for Kuma Bear's 21st Birthday Party, which will be tonight at 9 PM. Then we need to shop for said party. And we have a 6 PM dinner appointment. And there's a Meet the Guests event at 7:30 that clearly is going to overlap the dinner time but that I should be at for at least the start at part of my Guest Liaison duties. Oboy, this could get a little dicey.

Now that Westercon is actually started, I am even less likely to be online, but will try to check messages late at night if I can.
Tags: kuma bear, westercon

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