Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Westecon Day 1

Westercon started officially at Noon with a short and simple Opening Ceremonies. After that I had at least in theory no responsibilities until a dinner engagement at 5 PM. We were supposed to move to a designated room on the 19th floor. At 1 PM it wasn't ready. At 3 PM it still wasn't ready. I went to the front desk around 3:30 and it still wasn't ready. By then Lisa and I were out of time and had to go do our grocery shopping for travelswithkuma's birthday party. When we came back around 4:30, the room still wasn't ready, but they gave us another room on the same floor, so that was okay. However, because of all the delays, Lisa told me to go off to the Guest of Honor dinner without her. While I was having dinner, Lisa moved eleven hand-cart-loads of stuff from our old room to the new room and set up for the party because there were no bellmen available to move us from room to room.

As I was coming back from dinner, Lisa was on her way out trying to find something to eat. We took her over to the Pita Pit and we got her something and went back to the room. I had to go off again to be at the Meet the Guests gathering and hand out invitations to Kuma's party.

By the time I came back to the room just before 9 PM, Lisa had everything set up. I only had to get the honey mead, ale, and cider that kproche and bovil picked up for Kuma's benefit. (Lisa and I don't drink, so we have no good judgement on this.) We also had Goldfish crackers and smoked salmon to spread on wheat crackers, and some soft drinks and water.

Kuma's birthday party was remarkably well attended. Lisa was very happy and we think Kuma was well pleased. Many other bears and other critters visited, too. We took lots of pictures, but we don't have time to upload them, I'm afraid. While we don't have to be up excessively early on Saturday, due to the attendance at the party we didn't close until 1 AM, and we are very tired.

Fortunately, our first appointment is a "soft" move-in for Match Game SF. The show starts at 2:30, but we have the room from 1 PM. This is good because I have some errands to run for the Foglios before that and because it's likely to take a long time to get a bellman and because the hotel won't let us just borrow a bell cart and move things ourselves.

Now I have to try and get my e-mail running again — it wouldn't connect earlier — and get to bed sometimes soon.
Tags: kuma bear, lisa, westercon

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