Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Olive Your Westercons Belong to Us

The Business Meeting lasted a bit over three hours. In the end, by a vote of 93-27 (which is closer than you think because you need a 3/4 vote to win), the Business Meeting voted to award Westercon 66 to the "Olive Country" bid from bovil and kproche. Because bids selected under these fallback procedures are really just picking a committee and trusting them to pick a site, there is no specific site picked out, although it's likely to be in the Sacramento area. Kevin & Andy are doing the Renovation Masquerade, and therefore we can't expect a whole bunch of activity from them until after Worldcon on this.

It was a really stressful experience for many people including me, and I'm actually quite glad that we went into Committee of the Whole for 30 minutes because that's half an hour that I could go sit down in the wings and not be "on" since I don't preside over CotW.

The Olive Country bid initially failed to get enough votes (83 yes, 29 no), but none of the other bids even had enough support to justify counting. The Portland bid (the one that was actually on the ballot) was closer than the other two, which were the Utah in 2014 Westercon bid saying that they were willing to move up a year, and a bid for Maui. After all four proposals were rejected by the Business Meeting (that 3/4 vote requirement) and after motions to declare a deadlock (majority required) were also rejected, the meeting voted to reconsider the original vote on Olive Country. That passed, so the Olive Country bid was back up on the radar, and on the second vote, it just barely managed to get the necessary majority.

That's the longest Business Meeting over which I've ever presided as a single (sort of) continuous session. I feel pretty good about it, and my ego has been stroked mightily by the large number of people coming up to thank me. If I were a drinking fan, I'd be sloshed right now. But I can't afford that anyway, because we have Girl Genius Radio Theatre at 8 PM tonight and Match Game SF at 10 PM, both in Club Regent, the same room where I spent the day presiding.
Tags: business meeting, site selection, westercon

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