Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Late Night Hilarity

By Sunday night, I'd sort of gotten the feeling that I've been living in Club Regent, after Saturday's Match Game SF and the over-three-hour marathon Business Meeting on Sunday morning and the 8 PM Girl Genius Radio Theatre. After GGRT, our crew efficiently turned the stage from radio play to game show set with time to spare, and at 10 PM we set forth on another show. The contestants seemed to like it so much that they didn't want to leave, with the fourth and final game doing into extended-play not-so-sudden death before we finally wrapped things up after midnight.

Having been "on" for more than eight hours today (not counting time spent helping move equipment and set up/tear down stuff), I am utterly knackered and am not getting up early on Monday. Fortunately, I have no morning commitments and no specific tasks until nearly 2:30 PM.

My thanks as ever to the crew of people who helped Lisa and me make it happen: Bob Hole, our Producer, along with Eric Larson, announcer, and production assistants Brad Ackerman and Fred Moulton. All of you made it so much easier to look good.

After we got the show packed out and into the room after 1 AM, Lisa and I made a brief trip through the parties, where people continued to heap praise upon me for my Business Meeting turn today. Now I hear there are calls for my canonization, but I agree that it's too soon for that because I'm Not Dead Yet. But maybe I will be dead to the world in a few minutes.
Tags: business meeting, match game, westercon

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