Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hanging the Dog

We got a bit of second wind after coming back to the hotel room, and the Con Suite (where the Dead Dog Party was playing out) is only a few steps away from our room, so as we heard and saw various sorts of fireworks booming around the Santa Clara Valley from our 19th floor hotel room, we went down and spent an hour or so sitting and talking with people, and not always about the Westercon Site Selection. Indeed, we spent a fair amount of time talking about trains. Funny about that.

About midnight, however, I headed for the barn. I still have to do some repacking for tomorrow. I got that late check out, but what with having to be ready to take the Foglios to San Francisco Tuesday morning, I worry about being pressed for time when I get back to San Jose. If I hadn't been so tired this evening I might have taken a van-load of stuff up to San Mateo to store in Lisa'a van overnight.
Tags: westercon
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