Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Minor Problems Cleared

There are still some major issues in my life, including of course that house in Fernley and some family issues that don't go in this LJ, but some of the minor annoyances have cleared and not been as bad as they could have been.

First off, we had to make another trip to the Moana Lane storage unit as we found a box in Lisa's van that should have gone in there. On our previous trip there, our gate code didn't work on the entry gate, although it did work on the exit gate. Today, the code worked both ways, so that's one less thing to worry about there. (Actually, it worked too good, as the gate got stuck in the up position.)

While we were at the storage locker, the garage that was working on my van called. This conveniently allowed me to put the call on speaker so Lisa could hear it as well. It wasn't the fuel pump, but Lisa's second guess — distributor problems — was right. This is good because the fuel pump on my van is expensive to repair as it's integral to the fuel tank. In this case, they threw in the ignition rotor replacement labor for no additional charge over replacing the ignition module on account of they had it open anyway.

They did call to my attention a coolant leak that I knew I had, but they'd found where it was. The marginal labor and parts cost to get this fixed were sufficiently small that I told them to go ahead and do it. There will be some additional work that I'll have to ask my regular mechanic to do later, but this should fix the slow coolant leak that's been plaguing me for a long time. I told them to go for it because they said they could get it all done today.

After stowing stuff, we went over to the Nugget again for breakfast, then drove out to Fernley again. On the way to Fernley, Lisa spotted a piece of rail equipment on a flatbed truck going the other way: a PCC streetcar with the words BALBOA PARK prominently displayed on it.

At Fernley, the realty agent sent someone over to let us in and we took a look around. I took pictures that I will post when I get a chance, including the picture of the California Zephyr that came along across the street while we were standing outside getting ready to leave. The house is old and a bit worn, and there clearly are things that need replacing over time, but it appears habitable, and the only thing stopping us from moving in immediately (aside from not owning it yet, of course!) is the need for an RV connection to the sewer system so that Lisa can park the trailer there and live out of it while we work on rehabilitating the rest of it. I find myself liking this quirky house more and more, and also it actually is a real bargain on a $/sq ft basis. Now to see if there's some way I can make an offer on it in a way that the bank will actually agree is viable!

Returning to the Reno Area, we went to refuel Lisa's Vanagon in Sparks when she spotted something in the truck stop parking area. She weaved around the big rigs and found the truck with the PCC car on it. We stopped to take pictures and the driver of the truck came over and explained. It's actually painted in San Diego's paint scheme and is headed for San Francisco where it will run on the F-Market streetcar line. (San Francisco operates a fleet of PCC cars in various paint schemes of cities that ran PCC cars in the past. The "Balboa Park" in this case is the Zoo, not the Balboa Park in San Francisco.)

While we were talking to the driver, the garage called to tell me the van was ready. We went and refueled the Vanagon, then headed to the garage. Thanks to my AAA discount on the labor, the total cost of the repairs was less than $500, which was a considerable relief, actually.

I have good things to say about Greg's Garage on Sixth Street in Reno. They were very professional and efficient, and they managed to turn my van around even though they were swamped with work. They were also very polite to Lisa and didn't try to patronize her, which is always welcome since she's very much a better mechanic than I am. (I can hold tools and follow directions, but Lisa is the diagnostician.) I expect that this is a place we may want to return for work if we do manage to pull off a relocation to this area, as it's no farther from Fernley than Mehama is from West Salem.

After a hot day driving back and forth between Reno and Fernley, we headed back to the hotel room to cool off and decompress some. Tonight we'll be heading over to the Nugget to finally have our beloved shrimp pan roast. Then we'll cash in one of our coupons to buy a 50-draw keno ticket (10 cents/play) for travelswithkuma.
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