Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Boxed In

As I was going to Yuba City today, I filled as many boxes as I could with books for moving to my storage locker. I could have taken more books, except I ran out of boxes. Rather, I ran out of the right sort of boxes. I have a lot of medium and large boxes, but I don't like putting books in them because the boxes get too heavy. I prefer using "Xerox boxes" (cases of paper) or Bankers Boxes, because I can easily handle them and they're relatively easy to stack. There's one other problem, and that is that my locker is nearly full, or at least full in any of the areas I can reach without unpacking the entire locker. Still, if we get the place in Fernley, I'll be able to move some stuff up there, although it will also involve completely unpacking the locker to get at the furniture stored in the back. That's an all-day job, I reckon.
Tags: storage

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