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This afternoon, the de-cluttering continued. Many things that I need to keep relatively nearby but do not use every day (like the Bag of WSFS Business Meeting Materials) were going into the file cabinets I salvaged from Menlo's old office. I put those file cabinets in the storage closet located off of our patio. (It's lockable.) So that means the doors onto the patio have been open throughout the day. From time to time I pulled the screen door shut to cut down a little on the breeze blowing in -- it has been raining, but none of the water is coming inside due to the overhang on the patio. About 5:30, while standing near the doorway, I came upon some more things that are best stored out in the closet. I turned to go outside and


I'd forgotten the screen was pulled shut, and walked into it at full speed.

I was unhurt, but I weigh 280 pounds, and the screen door never had a chance. It was knocked clear out of its tracks and out into the patio. Fortunately, other than being bent slightly, it was otherwise unharmed. It took me about ten minutes to persuade it to get back into its channel in the doorway, and now it won't always pull completely shut due to my having bent it, darn it. And the owner put that door in at my request, too, as there was not one there when we moved in, and we regulate the temperature of the apartment a lot by opening that door.

(We never have to run the heat here, for some reason; it's warm as we could ever want it year-round, and we sometimes even have to open a window during the winter. We think this is because we're sitting over the boiler for this building and we have neighbors on all sides except the ground below. We do have to run the air conditioning in the summer, though.)

Now, instead of piles of clutter throughout the apartment, we have a largish pile of boxes in the living room that will go to the storage locker in a couple of weeks. Dodging boxes may be annoying, but it's only temporary.

Oh, and with all of the to-ing and fro-ing onto the patio -- which we don't use that much -- I found a large ant trail leading under the apartment. I took one of the "outdoor" Terro ant traps and put it on their trail. As of this afternoon, they were happily swarming over it. I wish them a hearty appetite.

The swarm in the master bathroom finally went away, after about eight Terro in-house traps, but unfortunately, we spilled one, and there was a pile of sticky goo on the counter. The stuff has in the past proved devilishly difficult to remove. I tried nail polish remover, and it worked!

And as it has been raining, housecleaning will have to do for exercise.

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