Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


SFSFC held its three-times-a-year Board of Directors meeting today down in Felton. David Gallaher gave me a ride down there. It took much longer than expected because of monster horrible traffic. We actually bailed out at Los Gatos and took the long way around on Highway 9, and I still think we got their faster than if we'd inched our way over Highway 17 at a walking pace.

The biggest news out of today's Board meeting is that kproche and bovil's Westercon 66 committee has been adopted into the SFSFC corporate family, making Westercon 66 part of the same non-profit, tax-exempt corporation that ran Westercons 64 (2011) and 53 (2000). Kevin Roche and Andy Trembley, who were awarded the bid for Westercon 66 by the Westercon Business Meeting when no eligible bid won the 2013 Westercon site selection election, will continue to chair Westercon 66 under the SFSFC corporate umbrella.

We had a nice lunch at Glenn Glazer's home, where he made excellent smoked chicken and I contributed a three-bean chilli that I concocted. Dave put the top down on his convertible for the ride back over Highway 17, which was crowded but not at such a standstill on the trip back north to Fremont.
Tags: sfsfc, westercon

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