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A Break in the Weather, Sort of

The rain subsided sufficiently at lunchtime today that I was, for the first time in several days, able to go for a walk after lunch, and I'm glad of it, as lunch was loaded with carbs and my post-lunch blood sugar ended up just under the 140 upper limit my dietitian has set for me; it would have been much worse without the 3 km walk.

As bad luck would have it, rain was particularly heavy this morning when I took cherylmorgan to SFO for her flight to Boston. (She's going out to meet with a client and will return Thursday.) As we carefully made our way over the San Mateo Bridge in strong gusty winds and heavy rain, she commented, "Welcome to Scotland." (But things could be worse, as she knows as it's supposed to snow in Boston today.) So even with being able to use carpool lanes where they exist, it took over 90 minutes to drive from Fremont to SFO and then back to San Mateo (via 380/280/92, as 101 was a parking lot). I did, however, save $3 toll, so it's not a complete loss.

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