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Photography Is Not Illegal

As you know, I am one of the people who has been hassled for taking photographs of trains by people who make up "secret laws" and say "9/11" whenever you ask what law you're violating when they tell you it's illegal to take pictures of trains.

Thanks to Adam Savage tweeting the link to the video below, in which six photographers (shadowed by six videographers) set up to take photographs (on public property like sidewalks) around different parts of London and to see what happened.

Note that in every case, private "security" types showed up and insisted that photography of their buildings (and of them personally) was prohibited, citing all sorts of made-up rules like declaring that photography of private property (even when the photographer is on public land) was illegal. In several cases, the police were summoned. I'm pleased that apparently the police actually did get the memo reminding them that photography isn't a crime, and none of the photographers were cited by the police, because the people weren't doing anything illegal.

I do wish they'd been able to include footage of the officers in question telling the "security" people, "Stop hassling people who aren't doing anything wrong." I'd love to see those "security" people's eyes bug out when they were told that they aren't allowed to make up new laws.

We need more people doing things like this and pushing back against the War on Photography.
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