Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Worldcon Chairs Photo Session

The traditional gathering of Worldcon Chairs for a group photo will be after the Saturday WSFS Business Meeting, shortly after adjournment of the Site Selection Business Meeting or at 11 AM, whichever is later. If you're a former or current Worldcon chair and aren't already going to be at the Business Meeting, please come to Convention Center Room A2 before 11 AM on Saturday morning of Renovation for the photo opportunity.

As has been recent practice, there will be an opportunity for both still and video recording, with the Chairs asked to say their names and which convention they chaired. For an example, see the video of last year's session.

Please spread the word to any Worldcon chairs who you know will be at the convention but who are not on the SMOFS list.
Tags: renovation, worldcon

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