Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Extreme Moderation

In the space of a week, I have now been told that:

I'm too exclusive: I make Worldcon sound like a fusty, sercon, books-only conference where nobody is allowed in the door unless they can produce references and have attended conventions for years.

I'm too inclusive: I want to turn Worldcon into a clone of Dragon*Con or ComicCon International or some other multi-ring media-fan circus where no Right Thinking Fan would ever want to be seen.

Are you surprised that I'm frustrated when this happens?

Of these two extremes, if you had to put me into one of them, I'll take the latter. The truth is somewhere in the middle, of course, but moderates look like extremists to people who are at either extreme themselves.
Tags: worldcon
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