Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Secret SMOFS Are Secret

daveon asks in a comment to an earlier post of mine:
I honestly, with the exception of Kevin, couldn't name another individual involved in the [WSFS Mark Protection Committee or Hugo Awards Marketing Committee] - I didn't even know Cheryl had been.

Maybe I'm ill-informed but I'd be interested to conduct a straw poll on this and see who can name the officers.
He has a point. Aside from those of you who follow this LJ who are members (such as lindadee) and without going to look it up in the reports on the Renovation web site, how many people can you name who are members of the MPC or HAMC? (I just gave you one, and you already know me.) There are 14 MPC members including me and 6 HAMC members (membership overlaps; some people are on both, and I'm including the chairman of the MPC who is ex officio a member of HAMC and any other MPC subcommittee).
Tags: hugo award, mark protection committee, worldcon, wsfs
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