Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Cashing In

Lisa and I will end up needing to spend at least one hotel night on the road during the shuffling back and forth between Reno/Fernley and Mehama. On the way from Reno to Mehama the day after Worldcon, we hope to get as far as Klamath Falls. I'm considering using some of that pile of Priority Club points I've earned there at K-Falls, since I don't need to earn any more this year; I'm already Platinumized through the end of next year.

Driving south, we'll be in convoy, with me driving the 24-foot rental truck with a couple of tons (literally, according to our calculations) of stuff in it and Lisa pulling the trailer with the Big Orange Van. She's done some test pulls of the trailer, and it seems to be moving properly. The brakes work, which is good. We'd hoped to get the trailer up to Camping World for a brake/bearing service just in case, but they're backed up badly and wouldn't be able to get to it before Lisa has to leave for Reno this weekend. We probably won't need a hotel night on the way south, since we should be able to stop somewhere (either a rest area or an RV park) in the K-Falls area and sleep in the trailer before continuing on to Fernley.

The schedule is still pretty tight, though. Lots of things have to happen and not slip.
Tags: house, lisa, mehama, moving, reno, travel
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