Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Business Meeting Scheduling: Main Meeting

The Friday Main Business Meeting's agenda will look like this, roughly. Remember that the Preliminary BM will have set debate time limits on each item, and it may reorder the agenda or (not likely) set "not before" orders on any specific item.

Main Business Meeting (Friday, 10 AM, RSCC A2)

As with all meetings, it's best to arrive early because there will be lots of papers to read and you want to give yourself time to read them.
  • [10:05] Call to Order

  • [10:10] Mark Protection Committee Elections: I intend to speak about the candidates and others may also do so. You have to be there to vote, so basically I'm hoping people who support my position are there at the start of the meeting.

  • Business Passed on From Aussiecon 4: These motions will become part of the WSFS Constitution at the end of Renovation if ratified here.

    • [10:20] Change the Membership Rate Limitation Amendment: Ratification of change of voting fee multiplier from 2x to 4x. This could take a while based on how much debate there was at A4. I estimate a 20 minute debate limit, but it could run long or short

    • [10:40] Electronic Voting: Confirming that e-voting is permitted for the Hugos, and for Site Selection if all the bids and the administering convention agree to it. I think we might have hashed this all out at A4, so maybe it will take less than 10 minutes.

    • [10:50] Electronic Distribution of Rules. I have no idea whether this will still be a hot button or not. Estimate 5 minutes

    • [11:00] Expand Hugo Nomination Eligibility: Allows the following year's Worldcon's members to nominate. I'm unclear on how controversial this one will be. Estimate 10 minutes

    • [11:10] Run-Off References. Technical Change. <5 minutes

    • [11:15] Mark Revision Notices. Technical Change. <5 minutes

  • I expect a ten minute recess at this point. Resolutions and standing rule amendments were dealt with on Thursday, which helps shorten the agenda here.

  • New Constitutional Amendments: Any of these that pass are sent on to Chicon 7 for ratification.

    • [11:30] Fanzine Hugo/Podcast Problem: Whatever survives the PBM gets debated. Estimate 20 minutes

    • [11:50] YA Hugo: Assuming it gets out of the PBM, estimate at least 20 minutes

    • [12:10] MPC Hugo Eligibility: if this happens at all, I estimate at least 20 minutes and maybe more

    • [12:30] Semiprozine Committee: Whatever version survives the PBM will be discussed in depth, I expect.

I don't know if the Semiprozine Committee stuff will stay at the bottom of the agenda or get moved up.

So unless people can convince the PBM to write in "not before" scheduling for specific items, it's going to be pretty difficult to say "Be there at 10 AM for ten minutes, then you can go away until 11:00, then come back again at 12:30." However, if we get close to 1 PM and aren't done, the meeting will probably adjourn and punt the remainder of the agenda to Saturday's meeting.
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