Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Business Meeting Scheduling: Site Selection Meeting

Although the Day 3 meeting is generally called the Site Selection Business Meeting, it can also handle any business left over from the previous day. Given the number of proposals submitted this year, I wouldn't be surprised to see business left over from yesterday. Also in the mix is that the Worldcon Chairs Photo Op is scheduled to happen at/during this meeting, where it can be fit into the mix.

Site Selection Business Meeting (Saturday, 10 AM, RSCC A2)

  • [10:05] Call to Order

  • [10:10] Site Selection Business: Formal announcement of the voting results and of the winning 2013 Worldcon site. Since there's only one serious candidate, and that candidate shows no signs of doing what happened to the 2013 Westercon bidder last month, this should go smoothly. The winning Worldcon's representatives will distribute their Progress Report Zero, announce their Guests of Honor and initial rates, and talk about when they'll start selling memberships. There will be a Q&A, effectively this convention's Question Time.

  • [10:30] Assuming that there is substantive business left to handle, I would expect there to be a five minute recess at this point to allow people who only came for the site selection announcement to leave.

  • [10:35] This is where we're supposed to take up Question Time for the 2012 Worldcon, although if there is substantive business left over from yesterday — the Semiprozine Committee report seems like the most likely candidate at this point — there may be a move to postpone QT. I can't predict what will happen after that.

  • [10:45] If QT isn't postponed, then there's QT for bids for 2014, and maybe for subsequent years as well.

  • [11:00] This is the nominal time for a recess for the Worldcon Chairs Photo Session, which will of course include the chair of the newly-seated 2013 Worldcon. This will probably take around 15 minutes; however, if there's substantive debate going on, the Chairs will have to sit.

  • [11:30] If the agenda is done, the Mark Protection Committee will probably meet around this time (instead of Sunday morning), electing officers and working up committee assignments, particularly the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee.

This meeting's timetable is even more vague than the previous two, due to all of the uncertainty in what happens on Thursday and Friday.
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