Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Waiting Game

There's not much else I can do before I leave tomorrow morning. I can't put anything else in the van because the remaining bags and boxes are waiting for things I can't put in until tomorrow morning.

I've made complete clone backups of both my personal computer (which I'm taking with me) and my work computer (which I'm not, but I'm taking the clone and the connector cable in case there happens to be something on that drive that I need). I'm leaving one clone of my personal machine in the fire safe and taking the other one with me. There's even a spare Dell D600 laptop in the bottom of the box of computer stuff in case my main machine fails on me. I know that even this isn't enough because after Denvention 3, both backup drives failed somehow, but this is all I can think of doing without trying to carry my entire apartment with me.

Lisa called this afternoon while I was running errands to tell me that she was pulling out of Mehama with the little pickup in tow. I should try to get to bed early so I can get started very early tomorrow morning up to Reno.

Thus begins the two-week adventure of Worldcon + House Moving. I sort of wish I was leaving now but it wouldn't do a whole lot of good to leave tonight other than to spend another hotel night and this trip is going to be expensive enough as it is.
Tags: lisa, moving, renovation, worldcon
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