Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hugo Awards to be Live Streamed

Renovation has announced on their Hugo Awards Ceremony page that they plan to live-steam the Hugo Awards Ceremony on the UStream Worldcon Events channel. This is in addition to the CoverItLive text-based coverage being provided by and announcements on TheHugoAwards and by anyone else (use the #hugos tag).

Based on past experience, we should expect Twitter and CoverItLive to be a little bit ahead of the streaming-video feed; they're not likely to be in synch.

Renovation has apparently made the investment in the wired bandwidth necessary to carry the ceremony. It's not cheap; the hotel wi-fi is free but doesn't have the ability to carry the streaming video, particularly when the Tuscany Ballroom will certainly have a whole bunch of other people clogging up the bandwidth with their mobile devices as well. I applaud Renovation for making the effort and investing the money necessary to make this happen.
Tags: hugo awards, renovation, worldcon

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