Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Moving On In

Yesterday, Lisa and I walked over to the Convention Center on our way to the Office Depot that is down beyond the far south end of the center at the corner of Virginia Street and Kitzke Lane. (They didn't have the gadget we wanted. I'll miss having a Fry's Electronics nearby.) Among the many high-level Worldcon runners I saw there was Donald Eastlake, who has moved up to Business Meeting Chairman after Chairman-designate Kent Bloom (himself replacing, as I understand it, Tim Illingworth) had to cancel due to work issues. I told Don I was glad to see him as I wasn't sure who was going to preside if he didn't attend. (I would have been the sole remaining living past BM Chair of the past twenty years present, I think.)

Don asked if I wanted to be his deputy, but I had to decline. "Can't. I'm involved in debating too many of the things that are coming up this year." I did tell him, however, that if we get into the somewhat unlikely situation of going into Committee of the Whole on one of the issues on which I'm not planning to enter the debate, like the Semiprozine Committee report or the Best Fanzine/Best Podcast issue, that I'd be available to chair the CotW if necessary. As I said and Don agreed, this isn't very likely. We used CotW at the Nippon 2007 meeting (Don presiding) partially because the attendance at the meeting was small enough that handling a messy issue committee-fashion worked better, and we did it at the Westercon 64 Site Selection Business Meeting because it was mechanically the best solution to a parliamentary muddle, but it's not a mechanism that we commonly use at Business Meetings for Worldcon and Westercon.

I poked my head into room A2, where the Business Meeting will be. It's a big room. Almost too big for the size Business Meeting I expect, but there's a room-quanta issue. I'd rather have a too-large than too-small room. One challenge we face, though, is that the only power outlets are on the back wall (the other three are air walls with no services). That means a bit of fiddling about to get a camera position that will cover things properly and that also won't create a tripping hazard. We also might have to give up our plan for a two-camera shoot, but Lisa and I will go look at it again today to consider it. The room only has (as of yesterday) one microphone. It really needs two, one of which should be a floor microphone stand in front of the head table. The room is much too large for speakers to be heard without amplification. Even me.

Having been able to get to bed early last night, I found myself awake and not sleepy anymore at about 6:30 AM, so I decided to just go ahead and get up. Today is an unscheduled day for the most part, which is good because we have to change rooms later today and because Lisa (who is still asleep as I compose this) really needs to try and catch up some rest after the harrowing last few weeks and the long drive from Oregon and the stress of yesterday.
Tags: business meeting, renovation, worldcon, wsfs

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