Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Moving On Up

Shortly after Noon, we went over to the convention center where Registration was open. We registered without incident, collected our Program Participant materials (mine had by Former Worldcon Chair ribbon in it), and as is typical in such cases, people started engaging me in conversations. Lisa headed off to the exhibit hall and helped out a bit there. From our viewpoint, things seem to be going as smoothly as one could expect a Worldcon move-in to go.

We reviewed the room set of A2 (the Business Meeting) and found to our relief that there will be a floor microphone for speeches from the floor. It's wireless, too, so maybe people won't necessarily have to all come to the front of the room. We'll see how that works out. Lisa and I think we can set up the "fixed" video camera (which has an external power supply) at the back of the room near the power outlets, while Lisa can operate her camera on the nicer tripod (better pans and such) off of her belt-pack power supply. I just have to remember that I need to goose the camera every 30 minutes or so with a brief stop-start, because otherwise it tends to run out of memory for a single file and stop recording.

The call to change rooms came this afternoon just as we were saying that maybe we'd better get me some lunch, so I grabbed a food bar and scarfed it down as the bellman arrived with a cart. It took two cart loads plus a hand-carried trip to get it all moved. The bellman was interested in our convention and asked questions about "is it open to the public?" (Yes, anyone can join) and "So I guess they should just call the convention center for information" (No, I don't think that would work, but anyone can walk over to the Registration area in the lobby of Hall A, where they'll happy answer questions and sell you a single-day admission. The reason he asked was that there are other hotel guests (non convention members) asking what's going on and he wants to be able to help them out. He was fascinated by how we choose sites and couldn't figure out why we came to Reno over (say) Las Vegas. (Nobody filed from Las Vegas.)

Having moved, we went and had lunch and then went back to the room and unpacked again. This room is slightly smaller than the room we were in before. We think it's because is on a "straightaway" rather than at the diagonal corner between wings where the first one was. Somehow we got things put away again. At least we shouldn't have to pack up again until Monday morning.
Tags: business meeting, lisa, renovation, worldcon

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