Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hey, the Marketing Worked!

This evening being the last time Lisa and I are likely to get any farther off site than the Peppermill, we went over to John Ascuaga's Nugget for dinner at John's Oyster Bar, where (as usual) we had the shrimp pan roast. Alas, by driving off site, I lost the excellent parking space; Lisa and I had managed to get all three of our vehicles parked side-by-side-by-side.

Upon our return to the Atlantis, Lisa wanted to get dessert, so we went over to the Manhattan Deli, which was closed, but the coffee stand/dessert place next to it was open. I was off having a conversation with David Clark, Tom Galloway, and Mike Willmoth, and when I came back over, Lisa was chatting with another convention member. She said to me, "Hey, this is his first Worldcon!"

I sat and talked with him. It wasn't just his first Worldcon, it was his first SF convention of any sort. (Shades of my introduction to Fandom in 1984.) I asked him what attracted him to Worldcon. He said that he'd always been an avid SF/F reader, and he had been using things like "Hugo Award winner" as a sign of likely quality, and he learned that the Hugo Awards had something to do with Worldcon. As he was in the process of moving from the Bay Area to the Midwest, he thought this would be a good opportunity to attend, what with the Worldcon being so close.

I asked him how he found out about how the Hugo Awards work and how they're part of Worldcon, and he said, "At the Hugo Awards web site."

I was, I hope you can understand, well pleased. Anecdotes aren't data, but now I can say that I've personally spoken with one Worldcon member we probably wouldn't have had without
Tags: hugo awards, renovation, worldcon
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