Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Opening Ceremonies

I was a few minutes late arriving at the Opening Ceremonies, which must have started on time (hooray for them, and my fault for losing track of time and when the OC was happening). The large room was completely packed with no seats: standing-room only along the back and side walls. Lisa lasted for a few minutes and then retreated to go sit at the Luna Society table. My feet were hurting badly by the end, and the bruise on my right foot reminded me that it's not gone yet.

It was a very popular OC with Patty Wells, ably assisted by Dr. Demento, introduced all of Renovation's Guests of Honor and Special Guests and did a mini interview with them all — including the late Charles N. Brown, whose answers were displayed on the Big Screen from an interview he did some years ago. I'm pleased that Renovation was able to honor all of their guests, including their late departed one.

The OC finished with a performance from Special Music Guests Tricky Pixie as a preview of their concert later. Dr. Demento will also be doing a show later this afternoon.

After the OC, I met up with Linda Deneroff and after checking my bags with Lisa, Linda and I went off to discuss some WSFS/Mark Protection Committee business for a little while. In the snack bar area I briefly thanked George R.R. Martin, who was having a bite to eat, for his kind words about Worldcon and how he calls it his favorite convention.

After dealing with WSFS matters, Lisa and I headed back to the hotel, pausing briefly as James Daugherty snapped some photos of Lisa and me with my wounded camera. Through no fault of his, some of them are out of focus. I hope I get the good photos uploaded later.

Lisa needs to get some rest, but I'm still restless, so I'm going to go back over to the convention center for an hour or so before changing out of WSFS kit for the Mark Protection Committee meeting at 7 PM tonight.
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