Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Mark Protection Committee Report

The WSFS Mark Protection Committee (MPC) meetings at the start of a Worldcon these days are mostly pro forma as it's the last chance to correct anything in the report that we generally have finalized before the convention. This year was about the same. We did get one surprise, however, as MPC member Ruth Sachter said that because she hasn't had the time to participate in the MPC's tasks the way she'd like, she is resigning immediately rather than letting her term (which runs through next year) run out.

Because of Ruth's departure, there are now four vacant slots on the MPC. At Thursday's meeting, we will nominate people for the MPC. At Friday's meeting, we will elect four people using an instant-runoff preferential (Hugo-style) ballot. The first three people elected will fill the three-year slots running through 2014. The fourth place finisher will fill the one-year slot running through 2012; that seat will be up for election at next year's WSFS Business Meeting.

The MPC deferred most other action until the post-election meeting. As usual, that meeting will happen either about 20 minutes or so after the last WSFS Business Meeting (probably on Saturday, and thus probably no earlier than about 11:20 AM that morning) or, if there isn't enough time left in the 10 AM - 1 PM WSFS slot on Saturday, on Sunday at 11 AM.
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