Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Instant Party

Lisa was sufficiently zonked out that she went to bed around 5:30 or so and is trying to get extra sleep, which she desperately needs. I, however, am about to head out to help run a party.

This afternoon, Warren Buff, chairman of ReConstruction, last year's NASFiC, flagged me down and announced that for complex reasons he had been informed that, whether he really wanted to or not, he's hosting ReConstruction Thank You party tonight, and would I please come help? I said I'd come when I could but that I had the MPC meeting and then I would have to eat dinner lest I fall over. (I've learned some lessons about this.) I did, however, offer to immediately donate the case of assorted sodas that my mother gave me. Originally they were bound for the Combined Westercons Party, but that party seems well under control, while Warren has had a huge job dropped on him with no notice.

He gave me a key to the party suite and I dropped off the sodas, then went and dealt with WSFS business and had dinner. As soon as I finish composing this message, I'm heading down to the ReConstruction party to do what I can to help for a while. I can't stay out too late, however, for I have to be up early for a CanSMOF Board of Directors meeting over breakfast tomorrow, then I have to be over at RSCC A2 early with Lisa to set up the cameras for the Business Meeting shoot.
Tags: lisa, nasfic, reno, worldcon, wsfs

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