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Signs that E-Banking Dominates my Finances

Although I keep my books in Quicken, I also still keep a paper check register as a backup and as a place to write down transactions (including the small number of checks I still write) when I'm away from my computer. Today I filled up register #25; that is, the twenty-fifth register on my main checking account, which I've had since my late teens. I went to the place where I keep the old registers and blank checks and registers to put in a new one. Except there are no blanks left. I write so few checks these days and do so much of my banking online that I've used up the registers -- and at one time I had two blanks in that box -- before I used up the blank checks.

Fortunately, a quick Google search found a place that sells replacement registers at $2.50 for three registers (I use up about one register every fifteen months or so) with free shipping (which can't really make much money for them on an order for just registers), so in a few days I'll be back in business.

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