Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Late Late Show

Because the Hugos ran longer than expected, and because it was so difficult for the flood of people to get out of the Tuscany Ballroom across the Sorrento Room where our show was, we started very late and even playing only 3 games managed to run past 12:30 AM.

Kudos to Lisa and especially to yourbob for incredible service well above the call of duty, skipping the Hugo Ceremony to help Lisa make the show possible.

I'd write more, but after packing the show out of the Sorrento Room back into my van, and driving us back to the hotel, we're beat. Fortunately there was still a little bit of food in the room, because we're worn out. I'm so glad I have no appointments tomorrow morning, particularly no 9 AM Business Meeting Setup.
Tags: match game, renovation, worldcon

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