Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Further Credit Where Due

Besides the massive time investment from Lisa Hayes and show producer yourbob (not to mention travelswithkuma), I'd like to thank returning production assistant Brad Ackerman and first-time show announcer daveon for their work on a our Late Late Show version of Match Game SF last night at Renovation.

I would have liked to have played more than three games, but we started very late, and unfortunately the contestants and panelists were on different pages, so game 2 ended in a scoreless tine and had to go to Double Secret Sudden Death Overtime to get a winner, so when game 3 ended in a tie, we skipped the first tie-breaker and went straight to Sudden Death in order to resolve it so people would have a chance to get down to the Atlantis and hit the late parties.

The last game, by sheer chance, was a mother-daughter pair, where the daughter was only nine years old, but who won the hearts and minds of everyone in the room with her cleverness. She actually got a Lovely Parting Gift before she was called as a panelist because of a clever exchange we had with her earlier in the show prompted me to give her one. I said that in two years when we're in Sacramento, I think I want young Tia as a panelist for the afternoon version of the show, because she's bright and funny.
Tags: lisa, match game, renovation, worldcon

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