Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

In Posession

We drove to Fernley this morning, picked up the key, and as planned, parked Lisa's pickup and my van inside the garage. The garage door lock is broken, so Lisa had to improvise a way to secure the garage door, but we managed.

We opened a PO Box in Fernley — e-mail or LJ message me if you want it for your address book. The people at the post office said we should buy a mailbox and put it up along whichever street the neighbors have put theirs. (The lot on which the house sits has a street on both ends.) We looked around and none of the neighbors have mailboxes! We didn't have time to investigate further, and we'd rather have the bills come to a PO Box anyway because it's much more difficult to steal someone's mail from a PO Box.

Then it was back into Sparks, where we stopped at the Nugget to have shrimp pan roast for lunch. I bought a slightly odd keno ticket, playing a 4 way/20 ticket for $1.25/way for five draws ($25 total) instead of my usual seven numbers for $1/draw for five games. (We've learned that most meals we eat last about five keno draws.) The relatively good news is that my $25 ticket paid $18.75, which is better payback than usual for keno. The annoying news is that thanks to two of the draws happening to hit 5/7 of my usual numbers, had I bought my usual $5 ticket, it would have paid $40 and bought us lunch. Oh, well, that's why it's called gambling.

Before leaving Reno, we stopped to check the air pressure in the tires of Lisa's Big Orange Van. Two tires were a bit low. We'd also earlier stopped and bought a ten-pound bag of ice to put in the ice-chest, where it provides the cooling for a seat-cooling arrangement that circulates cold water to cool the driver's seat. Lisa was amused as I cradled the ten-pound bag of ice and crooned, "Cool, glorious cool!" while carrying it back to the van. It was a hot day.

Finally, sometime around 5 PM we got out of the Reno area and began the trip to Klamath Falls, where I'd redeemed some of those Priority Club points for a free hotel night. What with the housing stress and five days of Worldcon, it was a pretty difficult drive for Lisa, particularly the last leg from Alturas (where we stopped for dinner) to Klamath Falls. If I hadn't already spent the points, we probably would have stopped at Alturas instead and been better off for it, but as it was, we pressed on to K-Falls. At least it got much more comfortable when the sun went down.

Close to 11 PM, we finally rolled in to Klamath Falls and to the hotel. Everything went smoothly, the room is fine (although it was very stuffy until we got the air-conditioning going), and Lisa was in bed and asleep within twenty minutes. I expect to join her pretty soon. However, I've had to set the alarm for 8 AM on account of we need to get some laundry done here in the hotel if we can. (At least we should be able to do laundry while eating breakfast.) Doing laundry at Lisa's father's house is too uncomfortable anymore with her under eviction notice, and we're nearly out of clean clothes and need to get caught up now while we get a chance before we check out tomorrow and go back to Mehama and get ready to move Lisa's home to Fernley.
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