Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

RIP Bill Trojan

This morning, as I was finishing my final trip to pack out of the hotel room and into our vehicles (it took six trips, I think; I lost count) and was heading back into the hotel to check out, I ran into John Lorentz and Ruth Sachter, who told me the sad news that Bill Trojan had died last night, where his roommate found him dead (probably of a heart attack or similar; no news at the moment) when he came back to their hotel room. I'd spoken with Bill several times during the convention, and he even made a point of coming to the WSFS Business Meetings and voting in support of proposals I was backing, for which I was grateful. Very sad, but he did say that he'd enjoyed the convention, so I guess he died relatively happy.
Tags: worldcon

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