Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Farewell to Mehama

We were up at dawn today to try and get as much stuff packed into the rental truck as possible. But there just isn't enough time to do as many things as we wanted, so Lisa decided to not have me tow the utility trailer because we just don't have enough time to get it done and still get to Klamath Falls at a reasonable hour tonight. Besides, we're running out of energy.

After reaching the point where we could work no more, I took a shower (for a change, I didn't have to worry about water discipline because we're going to drain the tanks anyway for transport) and as soon as I finish this and make our hotel reservation for tonight, I'm signing off and Lisa is disconnecting the trailer from ground utilities and making it safe for transport. Then we'll go say our goodbyes to her father and we'll hit the road.

I'm not all that sure I'll ever be back here again, but it seems pretty likely that if I am, it will be changed mightily.
Tags: lisa, trailer

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