Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Key Server Failure

I'm back in Fremont after a 5 1/2-hour drive from Fernley and a couple of fruitless trips to the Reno storage locker. Yesterday, as we'd cleared the moving truck early, we figured we could take advantage of it and run in to Reno to the storage locker (which is, as some of you may recall, on Moana Lane, roughly in between the Atlantis and Peppermill Hotels) and get everything. When we got to the locker, none of the keys on my key ring would open the locker. Unfortunately for me, I have several different very similar style keys, which fit door locks in Fremont, Fernley, Mehama, and Reno.

I discovered the hard way that while it's not too difficult to get that large tuck into the storage site, it's devilishly difficult to get it back out again. I thought that there was a complete loop around the back of the property, and it indeed looked very promising until you came to a nearly-impossible corner. After hearing me scrape the side of the truck against a corner, Lisa came a-running and carefully worked me through a WWWWW turn until I finally got around the bad corner. It's just as well that particular truck was pretty beat up when I got it. (About which more later.)

I figured I must have left the key ring with the Reno key in Fernley, so we drove the rental truck back to Fernley, where the only other key ring there didn't have the right key. I decided that maybe one of the keys on my master key ring was right after all and we went back to Reno again in the rental truck. No joy. None of the keys Lisa and I have fit the lock in the storage, and we'd wasted two round-trips Fernley-Reno. Well, maybe not totally wasted. The air conditioning in the truck did a better job of cooling us down than the A/C in the trailer (less volume to cool per unit cooling ability), and we went to the Atlantis Friday night seafood buffet for a birthday dinner for me. (Would you believe that I never ate at the buffet at the Atlantis during the entire run of Renovation?)

So today we returned the rental truck to Budget, to a facility on Gentry Way, again conveniently located to the Atlantis/Peppermill area, with Lisa following in my van. We figured we'd go over to the locker and ask their office what we can do about keys, figuring that we'd probably have to pay for a locksmith. This was when we discovered that while the automatic gates are open daily, the office is closed on Sundays. (It's open on Saturday, but had closed a few minutes before we got there on Saturday afternoon.) Yet another wasted trip! So now I'm going to have to pay another month's rent on the locker because I can't get there before the end of the month to sort things out. And speaking of sorting things out, we need to try and figure out what happened to the locker key. It's very annoying. Indeed, I need to do a complete re-sort on the keys I'm carrying, as I'm utterly overloaded, including having keys for locks that I don't think exist any more.
Tags: fernley, lisa, moving, reno

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