Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Planes, Trains, and Rental Trucks

For Round 2 of the Mehama Moving Frenzy, I have been able to take another day off from work and rearrange my schedule. Unfortunately, I can't get the reduced rate for the rental truck because I'm renting at a busy time, which isn't that surprising since other people are doing what I'm doing and working it around the Labor Day holiday.

Lisa is driving back to Mehama today, where we've reserved a hotel room at the nearest place (in Sublimity, about ten miles west of Mehama). The trailer and her Big Orange Van will stay in the RV park in Fernley, with her driving the Small Orange Pickup. She'll get to work on additional packing and preparation up there. I'll fly one-way to Portland on Friday evening and Lisa will bring me down to Sublimity. Saturday morning we'll pick up the rental truck (the medium-sized one this time, not the behemoth I was wrestling over the road last week) and start packing. With luck, we'll get it all done that day, but there's a little bit of slack to allow us to use some of Sunday to finish. We're just "lucky" that Lisa's brother relented slightly on the "get off of the property" date mainly because the contractors coming in to take down the redwood tree won't be there until the day after Labor Day. He seemed more relaxed about things now that Lisa's trailer isn't there anymore.

Sunday, we drive from Sublimity/Mehama to Klamath Falls, probably towing the pickup rather than convoying. Monday, we drive from Klamath Falls to Fernley and do some unpacking of the truck. Tuesday, we finish unloading the truck and probably also go into Reno with it to retrieve and close out the storage locker and resolve the issue with the missing key. (This has to happen during office hours, of course.) Depending on timing, we'll either go back to Reno again that evening and drop off the rental truck after hours, or we'll do it the next morning.

I have a reservation on the California Zephyr from Reno to Emeryville with a connection to the Capitol from there back to Fremont on Wednesday morning. The Zephyr has a scheduled 8:36 AM westbound departure, but service disruptions back east have caused delays of up to 20 hours. I'll probably know more about the expected arrival time the night before. If it's so badly delayed that I wouldn't be able to get back to Fremont, I expect I can take one of the Capitol connecting buses to Sacramento instead.

After that, I have no more time off left and I much concentrate on the Day Jobbe for a while.

There were somewhere between 70 and 100 Bankers Boxes in Round 1, with about the same volume in other, less-regularly-shaped boxes. Round 2 is for the more odd-sized things that didn't fit into Bankers Boxes and large objects like the engine hoist and other stuff that didn't fit into the first truck at all. This time, if we run out of space or time, anything that doesn't fit in the truck must go into the storage container so that we have some hope of being able to retrieve it eventually when we can make another trip to Oregon.
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