Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Halfway There: No Drama Today

We set off from the hotel in Sublimity this morning with no drama at all. We confirmed that the running lights still worked. Even with a bunch of stops, we made good time. Indeed, after we refueled at Chemult, I realized that we might even show up at Klamath Falls too early and not be able to check in. Lisa proposed that we stop at the Collier Memorial State Park Logging Museum. I readily agreed, as I've wanted to visit there every time I've passed it but never had the time. Today, we had the time, and we spent about two hours at the museum.

We wandered around the grounds looking at all of the exhibits of old logging equipment, including logging railroad gear, steam-powered mills, old trappers and homesteaders' cabins, and similar historical things. I really enjoyed it. I also was amused by the many, many chipmunks in the park. I could not resist the temptation and threw one of them a pretzel, which he attacked with a will.

There are a number of carved wooden bears around the property. Lisa took some pictures that we haven't taken from the camera yet, but here's one of travelswithkuma with a friendly Big Bear that she took on a prior trip.

On this leg of Moving Daze, both Lisa and I are in the same vehicle, rather than convoying. That means the person riding can read out loud — in this case Lisa reading from RAIL Magazine — which does make the trip pass faster.

We easily made it to Klamath Falls a little after 5 PM, and fortunately there was a string of seven parking spaces across which I could park the moving van/towed truck combination. We checked in, collected messages, rested for a while, then walked across the parking lot to Sizzler for dinner. We wanted to take a walk after dinner, but it was raining as we came out of the restaurant, so we went to the hotel gym and walked on the treadmill for a little while, which isn't as entertaining. When we came out, the rain had stopped so we went for a short walk outside after all.

With the luxury of so much time, Lisa was able to set a load of laundry to washing while we went down to the pool and sat in the hot tub for fifteen minutes or so. Poor Lisa can't really use the pool much and her hot tubbing is curtailed because her tinnitus is so bad that she has to wear the noise-maker at all times to mask the tone in her ear, which makes swimming impossible. She was, however, able to sit on the edge of the hot tub and soak her legs. I know my legs, feet, and back felt better after the hot soak.

Technically, we could probably have pushed hard and driven the entire 500-plus miles to Fernley today, but I think we would have been dangerously exhausted had we tried it. As it was, I had to ask Lisa to drive us from Oakridge to Chemult because I found myself starting to fall asleep at the wheel on OR-58 this morning. Taking the trip in two 250-mile relatively easy chunks is safer. And besides, I have the Priority Club points; I should use them for something useful like a nice comfortable hotel room.
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