Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More Vehicle Repairs

I'd left my minivan with my regular mechanic while I was gone, as he was going to install a permanent fix to a bodged-together temporary fix the mechanics in Reno made during my Fernley Van Breakdown. I like my regular mechanic. He does good work, and I can see that his shop is so full that he's not hurting for business so he has no need to 'gin up unnecessary repairs, so I trust him.

While I was waiting for my connecting train in Emeryville, I got a call from my mechanic. While finishing up the work, he found that I have a leaking intake manifold gasket, and he recommends replacing it. Alas, this will bring the total repair costs on the van for this visit to Cory's shop (including what he's already done on other things) close to $1000. But it has to be done, because I need my van.
Tags: van

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