Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

You Could Have Told Us That

The telephone service at the Fernley House was working when we tested it with Lisa's lineman's phone, although every one of the telephones from Oregon seems to have gotten lost in boxes and thus we couldn't connect a regular phone to the lines. Unfortunately, we never seem to have received the "internet starter kit" with the information we need to set up the DSL. Also, at least as of last week we didn't hear the hiss on the line that indicates that DSL is there waiting for DSL filters so you can use the line for voice as well. We didn't need equipment because Lisa's trailer already has a DSL modem from the service she had in Oregon, but we did need the starter kit so that we could enter the codes to allow us to start using the service.

As of yesterday, nothing had arrived, and I called AT&T this morning to try and figure out why. After an incredible amount of time on hold, I finally got through to at technician who told me that, "They don't send out anything anymore if you don't order the hardware. You just have to call us when you've plugged in the DSL modem and we'll talk you through the configuration over the phone." Well, it would have been nice if they'd told us that when I placed the order in the first place!

I hope that the next time I'm up there (which should be a week from this weekend because I have to work over this weekend to make up for the days I took off earlier this week), I'll be able to get this resolved, because Lisa called last night and said that the wireless card in the one computer she allowed to have a card appears to have stopped working, so she's completely cut off from the internet, meaning among other things that she can't call me on Skype nor stay in contact with her friends on ActiveWorlds.
Tags: fernley, house, internet

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