Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

From Fernley, Briefly

Lisa called tonight to give me an update. The plumbing/sewer work is almost done. The contractor laid in the electrical-grade conduit that they'll need to put in the 50A service to the trailer pad. (There's an existing non-code 20A outlet located there, but Lisa wants to remove it, pull the electrical cable from it, and use the conduit to run an Ethernet cable, saying that while she doesn't like running electrical lines through dicey rusting conduit, she's less worried about running an Ethernet cable through it.)

Neither Lisa nor our plumbing contractor have been able to get an answer from Fernley Electric, which is a pity since their office is right around the corner from the house. The plumber will contact an electrical contractor in Yerrington (the Lyon county seat) with which he's worked and let us know something next week.

Speaking of internet connections, she tried connecting the DSL modem from Mehama to the lines and called technical support. After working with them, AT&T concluded that the DSL modem we have isn't compatible with our service here, and they'll have to send us hardware after all. Sigh. Hope it works!

According to Lisa, things are coming along as smoothly as can be expected.
Tags: fernley, lisa

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