Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Internet Is In

The Internet Starter Kit arrived at the Fernley House yesterday, and Lisa was able to get the connection working, but not until the installation software totaled one of her laptops by "helpfully" installing lots of annoying add-ons, unwanted toolbars, and similar bumpf on the machine, to the point where she says that she's going to revert it back to an older clone of the drive rather than try and weed it all out. Working with tech support and another laptop, she was able to get online without having to install intrusive semi-spyware disguised as network installation software. When I get up there this weekend, I should be able to help complete the setup by putting in the router that will allow more than just the one machine to be connected to the DSL modem.

The only disappointment was that the connection speed there was about the same as in Mehama and as it is here in Fremont. Given how close we are to the Fernley office, we were expecting something a little faster. Not that our connections in Mehama and Fremont were/are bad, you understand; it's just that we thought it would be even better there.
Tags: fernley, lisa

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