Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Because You Asked For It

Or at least solarbird did: Lisa has taken some photos of her work in organizing the garage at the Fernley House.

Aside from the portable cart at far left (which Lisa bought at a fixtures sale from a store that was going out of business long ago and which we transported in one of the moving trucks), all of the shelves here are stuff that Lisa bought in the last couple of weeks and assembled in the two-car garage/workshop that comes with the house. In the right rear is the middle seat of my minivan, currently removed to give me more cargo space.

All of these boxes were originally piled in the middle of the garage with aisles between them for access.

When Lisa finished, there was room to park at least one vehicle inside again, and maybe two. Lisa tells me she's moved the Small Orange Pickup inside to make room for the trailer (which we plan to move in the next few days) and to make it easier for her to work on it under cover. Some of her welding kit is visible in the far right.

The garage is partitioned into three sections: the forward section where you can park vehicles, a middle section that we're calling the Workshop, and a dead-end hallway with lots of racks for hanging tools. Lisa put shelves back here as well. Beyond these shelves are the disassembled engine hoists, which we don't plan to reassemble unless we have some need for hoisting engines because they take up a lot more space assembled.

I'm impressed with how organized things are. Lisa has been good (not perfect) about labeling boxes, and having all of the shelves and racks makes it so much easier to keep things neat, so for instance when you need the push broom, you can find it. Once the interior repairs have been done, it will get even neater because she'll be able to unpack some of these boxes and move things into the main house.

Lisa has also trimmed most of the foliage that was overgrowing the property. It's surprising how much was growing considering that this is high desert, but Lisa cut it all back so we aren't attacked by bushes while trying to walk along the sidewalk.
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