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Moving Right Along Again

We checked out of the Fernley RV Park this morning, a day earlier than we absolutely had to do so, but it was convenient to do it while Lisa had me around. As it happens, the $50 advance deposit for the electricity was almost perfect, with less than fifty cents left. There was no need for a refund, though, as we also had to refill one of the propane bottles and we could just apply the small balance against that. Good thing I went to the front desk when I did, however, as the only person there who knew how to operate the propane tanks was about to leave for the day. He was considerate enough to loan me their hand truck to move the bottle. Seven-gallon propane bottles are easy enough to carry when empty, but they weigh quite a bit when they are full and I wasn't looking forward to trying to carry it the length of the RV park; fortunately, I didn't have to do so.

After checking out, Lisa moved the trailer over to the Fernley House. She's decided to not park the trailer on the RV space just yet, in case the electrician (who is supposed to be there Monday) needs room to work in the space. The trailer can (more or less) work off-grid for a day or so, although there are certain annoyances (such as not being able to run the A/C fan) with which she can live.

On a whim while heading back west, I got off of I-80 and took Donner Pass Road (old US-40), which isn't the route to take if you're in a hurry, but is certainly scenic. I want to go up there again sometime (in good weather; never in winter) and spend the day poking around the sights. Those of you who have driven I-80 over Donner have seen the concrete snowsheds on the opposite side of the lake from where the Interstate runs. Donner Pass Road snakes up to those snowsheds, which formerly sheltered one of the two tracks of the railroad through the mountains here but that are now abandoned after Southern Pacific (now part of Union Pacific) tore up one of the two tracks in what I think was a pretty shortsighted attempt to save money. (It was tantamount to burning the furniture for winter heat or eating the seed corn.) But anyway, I'm glad I made the trip.

I went first to Sutter to see my mother, who is looking tremendously better, particularly considering that her doctor was suggesting that she was going to die at any minute back in July. She's made some significant lifestyle adjustments that are helping a whole lot. She made a very nice dinner that we enjoyed while we talked over things for a couple of hours before I continued on to the Bay Area, getting back to Fremont about 10 PM.

There's already a nip in the air going over Donner Pass. I think I'd better put the snow chains back in the van when I go to Fernley next week.
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