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Get Ready to Match the Stars!

I've been approached with the idea of doing some game shows at BayCon this year. It's still in the talking stages, and I need to find all of the props, which are in a bag in a box somewhere, but it's been long enough since we last did the show that maybe the questions won't seem like they're being recycled. I can also throw out the questions that failed badly the last time we did the show.

Match Game questions can fail in different ways. One is if they're simply not funny. Another is if they're too obvious and have only one clear answer. While the contestant is happy if they match all six panelists, you don't really want that to happen very often.

I wonder if hollister2008 might be interested in sponsoring the game shows? We could give stuff to the winners, along with "lovely parting gifts" for the losers, along with plugs for the bid. I did that with the (then) San Francisco in 2002 Worldcon bid back in 1998. Winners got bars of Ghirardelli chocolate, while losers got boxes of Rice-a-Roni.
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