Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Last Game

I have a ticket to tonight's Giants-Rockies baseball game, which is the final night game of the season for the Giants. Their season ends tomorrow afternoon, and a few weeks from now, the Giants will no longer be the champions of Major League Baseball.

For a brief fraction of a second as I go through the turnstile, I will be breaking the all-time Giants franchise season attendance record. Of course, the next person after me will also break it, as will everyone else coming in and continuing through yesterday's game, as the Giants surpassed their all-time record (including New York) last night, passing 3.4 million. I hope they'll be able to put some more of that money onto the field next season and find some hitters. Also, I hope Buster Posey returns from his leg and ankle injury in good shape next season. The Giants have great pitching; now they need some run support for those pitchers.
Tags: baseball, giants
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