Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Home Sweet Trailer

This is the first weekend that I've actually spent at the Fernley House. The previous weekends here were at the Fernley RV Park. As I mentioned last Sunday, we moved the trailer over to the front of the house, but Lisa needed to wait for the electrician to finish the last piece of work on the RV parking space before she could move it into position.

Here's the RV parking space with the gates open. Lisa has cleared the bushes that were growing up around the space and the patio beyond. (It's not exactly the same angle, but see this photo for a taste of what it was like before Lisa wielded the clippers.)

Here are the hookups. From left to right we have the sewer hookup, the no-freeze water connection, the 50A RV power connection (consisting of a 30A RV plug and a 20A standard dual three-prong outlet), and the old 15A outlets that a previous owner installed. Lisa won't use the 15A outlets because they were installed in non-code conduit and were otherwise under-spec'd. (Somewhat like the Three Stooges film A-Plumbing We Will Go, they confused water pipes with electrical conduit.) Lisa intends to eventually install a new outlet here for telephone and computers. After disconnecting the electricity, she'll use the decommissioned electrical lines to pull a rope through the conduit and use that to run telephone and CAT6 cable through it.

Here's the trailer parked on the front side of the house. Lisa only had to park here for one night, which is good because she didn't have a whole lot of on-board power to run things.

Late Monday afternoon, after the electrician had finished, Lisa backed the trailer into the RV space, hooked up all of the connections, and closed the gates. Everything works, although Lisa now wishes she'd had the various connections installed in slightly different places. It's not critical, but slightly annoying: Lisa now realizes that we should have brought the trailer in when we first moved here and then marked on the concrete where she wanted things. Ideally, the plumbing connections (both water and sewer) would have come up to the right of the old 15A box rather than to the left, and the electrical box could have been further to the left. As it stands, we now have to use longer hoses than Lisa would prefer to make the connections. Still, we now have the trailer in place and a place for Lisa to live with the entire garage (to the left of the trailer in the picture above) full of boxes and the house to work on.

For all that there is a lot of work still to be done, and it may take a couple of years or more to get things the way Lisa wants them, she does say she's feeling much better about things now that she has a home of her own.
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